Happy Monday, Friends!  I hope you had a lovely Father’s Day weekend.

I am happy to share with you today Fanciful, one of three “real” quilts included in my DVD or online machine quilting class, Machine Quilting Level 2, offered by Annies, with which you can practice the quilting skills you learn from the class presentation.  You will receive complete instructions, as well as full-sized applique templates, on how to construct the quilt top for Fanciful with the purchase of the class.


In constructing Fanciful, I mixed regular cotton quilting fabrics with batiks to see if I would like the effect.  The star blocks and the white and light taupe you see are of regular cotton quilting fabrics, while the rest are batik fabrics.  I have to say I am really pleased with the visual effect of mixing batiks and regular cotton fabrics in the same quilt. And of course, this exclusive project was designed with LOTS of quilting opportunities in mind… thus the vast expanse of negative space!



You will be able to see the quilting close-up in the class presentation toward the conclusion of the class as I walk you through on how I quilted all three of the real quilt projects presented in the class.





If you have been visiting here for a while, you will know that I am an Aurifil addict, specifically for their Mako 50 weight thread, with which I had quilted nearly all my quilts, including Fanciful. The batting used for this quilt is Hobbs Tuscany silk batting.



You may click here for a free preview of the class.  Of course, if you have any questions – you know where to find me. :)  I hope you are having a good summer.


We are traipsing about here and there… while I am attempting to find time to work on some very exciting things for the coming Fall and the coming year.


Thank you for stopping by.  I hope you have a lovely week!

I spotted….

… my quilts at Landauer Publishing‘s booth at Spring Market this past May.  I think something is afoot…

MN Market
Incidentally, Sew in Love {with Fabric} did a really nice feature on Recreating Antique Quilts  (thanks so much!!!).  Click here to read the feature.  Click here to purchase the book.

00 RAQCover

Blog -ThreeQuilts


low rew_Happy Stars Styled

I am planning to re-make Ivory Baltimore in few weeks that will be a little different from the original version. Stay tuned for details.

Thank you for stopping by.  I hope you have a most blessed weekend.


Over The Fence in AUSTRALIAN QUILTERS COMPANION (Issue 73) & Giveaway!


Hello Friends, I hope you had a blessed Memorial Day weekend.  Ours involved a bit of whirlwind traveling.  We are home now, and are back to our normal schedule.

I have been anticipating my copies of the latest Australian Quilters Companion to reach me from Australia… because I am being profiled in the issue – a small fish like myself!  A huge thank you to the editor for the lovely feature!

It felt sort of weird reading about myself in the profile — because in the core I am a private person and always do my best to not stick out.  I don’t even like to look at my own pictures. But at the same time, I also felt like the feature was an effective way for me to connect with my quilting friends.  So I am torn… In this particular article, you will find out one of my “darkest” skeletons in the closet “sewing-wise”… keyword is zippers!


Immediately after the profile in the magazine spread is a feature on my joint-venture project with Lynette AndersonOver the Fence.  The complete pattern instructions are included in the magazine.


[image source: Australian Quilters Companion]

You may recall the fabrics used in this quilt, Lynette Anderson’s Hearts and Flowers fabrics by RJR Fabrics in my Making Valentines quilt.


Lynette and I used the same fabrics in a different way for the pieced and applique Over the Fence quilt.


[image source: Australian Quilters Companion]

The wooden buttons are exclusive to Lynette Anderson, and are available from her store. You may also give Sew Graceful Quilting a call and see if they might carry the buttons if you live in the US.



I had so much fun quilting this quilt, and will let the pictures tell all!







Please allow me to take this opportunity to welcome all the new followers — thank you for following.  For those who are new, I quilt my quilts on a domestic sewing machine made by Bernina (a 640 to be exact).  And I construct and quilt my quilts (exclusively) with Aurifil Mako 50 Cotton threads, and often over Hobbs Tuscany silk batting.





Thank you for suffering through all the pictures, Dear Friends!  I hope you have enjoyed Over The Fence.

You may purchase or subscribe to the magazine in digital format by clicking here.

Should you wish to preview the magazine in person, Australian Quilters Companion graciously sent me an extra copy to be given as a giveaway prize.  Leave a comment here between now and June 3, 2015 to be entered in the giveaway.  Winner will be announced on June 4. This giveaway is only open to US addresses.

Thank you for stopping by!  I wish you a lovely rest of the week, and shall catch up with you later!


My 2015 Line-up

Editorial Features:

American Patchwork & Quilting 2015 Calendar: Get Happy

American Patchwork & Quilting 2015 Calendar: Migration

Australian Quilters Companion (Issue 73): Over The Fence

Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting (January/February 2015): Sunny Delight

Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting (January/February 2015): Family Dinner

Fons & Porter’s Scrap Quilts (Spring 2015): Stars are Brightly Shining

Fons & Porter’s Easy Quilts (Summer 2015): All In Knots (Cover Quilt)

McCall’s Quilting (March/April 2015): Making Valentines

McCall’s Quilting (July/August 2015): Cozy Town

Quilter’s World (Spring 2015): Zigs and Zags

Quilts and More (Spring 2015): Exclamation Point

Free-to-use Designs:

January: A Red Letter Day using Seeing Red (Benartex)

January: Star Struck using Caryl’s Feathers (Benartex)

February: Happy Home House Quilt (Quilting Treasures)

February: Happy Home Runner (Quilting Treasures)

February: Happy Home Throw Quilt (Quilting Treasures)

February: Farmville using Green Farms (Benartex)

February: Zoey’s Flowerbed using Zoey (Benartex)

March: Camp Cozy Quilt (Quilting Treasures)

March: Pretty Little Houses using Tango (Benartex)

March: Ariel (Quilting Treasures)

March: Flutter B’s using Butterfly Effect (Benartex)

April:  Baby Bunny using Bunny Hop (Benartex)

April: Yuki (Hoffman Fabrics)

April: Shimmering Constellations using Gold Standard (Benartex)

April: Bonjour (Quilting Treasures)

April: Baby Boutique (Quilting Treasures)

May: High Speed Racer using Vroom (Benartex)

May: Flower-Scapes using Blue Paradise / Sundrenched (Benartex)

May: Rusty’s Sleeping Hollow using Rusty & Friends (Benartex)

Australian Quilters Companion #73: Preview

My friend Lynette Anderson alerted me about seeing my name on the cover of the latest issue of Australian Quilters Companion!!  I am so excited I am being PROFILED!


I haven’t received my magazine copy yet.  I was wondering if those of you in Australia, or those of you who subscribe electronically have had a chance to browse through the magazine.  I am curious to hear your thoughts.

Lynette and I also have a quilt featured in the same magazine issue.  More details will be posted in a separate blog post.  Stay tuned.


Image Credit: Australian Quilters Companion

I am very close in wrapping up my pre-Spring Market work.  I’d better get to it… Thank you for stopping by.  I will catch up with you later!   SO, what’s been going on at your end?

Recreating Antique Quilts Project Highlight #2: Re-interpreting Mrs. Miles’ Double Irish Chain with Sawtooth Star Quilt

00 RAQCover

Happy Saturday, Friends.  It’s hard for me to believe the week is over!   This was meant to be posted yesterday, but life and work happened.  Today, I am happy to share with you my Oh, Happy Stars! quilt — it is the cover quilt of my book Recreating Antique Quilts.  A special thank you to Mrs. Miles for inspiring Oh, Happy Stars!

low rew_Happy Stars Styled

My Oh, Happy Stars! is inspired by a Double Irish Chain with Sawtooth Star quilt, made by Mrs. Frank Miles from New Jersey (circa 1840-1850).


You can see that Mrs. Miles’ quilt is much scrappier than my Oh, Happy Stars!  I brightened Oh, Happy Stars! with an extensive use of white.  And I used cream to alternate with the white as ground fabric in the star blocks to give the design a little more depth.  You can see my “scrappy” feel is much more controlled compared to Mrs. Miles!



And to keep the general feel of openness of my quilt, I decided to leave out the swag applique border.  Instead I appliqued a simple bird/swirl at the top right corner of the quilt.  I debated whether to repeat the applique at the bottom left corner of the quilt to balance things out.  In the end, I didn’t because I thought having that applique just on the top right corner keeps things from being too predictable.


Appplique seems to be confined within certain borders or areas in traditional applique quilt.  I kind of bent that unspoken rule a little bit by letting my applique “spill” over to the pieced portion of the quilt to keep things a bit more interesting.

star & bird COB copy

Quilting on Oh, Happy Stars!, done with Aurifil Mako 50 thread over Hobbs Tuscany Silk batting, is a mix of allover quilting, and dense quilting in the outer border of the quilt.  I did not want the quilting to dominate in the quilt center star blocks.  I wanted the colors of the star to jump out – so I quilted my Jester’s Hat allover quilting in the quilt center…


… and I left the fancier quilting for the white outer border.




The quilt design appears busy with all the different colors, and with the dense quilting in the white outer border, I felt like a little rest for the eye and contrast to the dense quilting was in order — so, I quilted straight line 1/4″ apart in portions of the outer border in order to achieve the rest and contrast effect.


A huge huge thank you goes to the editorial team at Landauer Publishing.  The editorial team work hard in making Recreating Antique Quilts happen, and to reflect my personality! I have heard comments about the book being very “me” — and I couldn’t agree more. You will get full sized templates — color-coded so that you know exactly what piece goes where when you are doing the applique placement.  I really like how the applique templates are presented.


Oh, Happy Stars! is a stash-busting project.

#1.  You can easily use the scraps in your stash.  Those squares are small, but you can easily increase the size if you wish to.

#2.  I also meant Oh, Happy Stars! to be a friendship quilt in that the scrappy look of the design is conducive for a block exchange among quilting friends.  Using a specific theme or color for the block exchange would be fun: Christmas, Floral, Spring, Batik etc — and how about the ugliest fabric in each quilter’s stash?!

#3.  My quilt finishes at 45″ square.  But the final size can easily be increased by increasing the block size or number of blocks.

#4.  That bird/swirl applique — if you like it but aren’t really wanting to do the piecing required for the quilt. How about just using the bird/swirl applique on a strip pieced vertical banner?


Thank you for stopping by.  I hope you have liked Oh, Happy Stars!  There was very little doubt that Oh, Happy Stars would be the cover quilt from the very beginning.   Looking at the projects of the book, which would you have picked to be cover quilt? And if you have further ideas on how to use the design, I would love to hear them!

Projects At-A-Glance

Projects At-A-Glance

I will also take this opportunity to announce a blog hop for Recreating Antique Quilts next Tuesday.  So, be sure to come back for details.

blog hop button

Happy a fanta-bulous weekend, Dear Friends!


Click here to read about all things Recreating Antique Quilts.

Autumn Comfort: Sneak Peek

Hello Friends, here is peek of another finished project!


I have traditionally used quite a bit of neutral (white, cream and gray) in my designs for contrast. For Autumn Comfort, I experimented with not using any white or cream at all!  I have to say it’s nice to get out of one’s box and do something totally different and expected — because the result was (in this case) unexpectedly pleasing as well!

I also experimented with my Sand Dunes background quilting to go with feather quilting in this project.  More about that tomorrow — so remember to come back for a seriously overdue Thread Talk post!

So, what are you working on today?  Thanks for stopping by.  I shall catch up with you later. Ciao!

Recreating Antique Quilts Project Highlight #1: Re-interpreting a DAR Baltimore Quilt

Hello Friends, I hope you are well!  I have been working hard to resist the temptation to just dig a hole in the ground and hibernate until the weather gets a little warmer.  It’s been bitterly cold where I am.  I think I am just a wimp when it comes to weather.

One of my Recreating Antique Quilts projects that has been warmly received is Ivory Baltimore.

My quilty inspirations of this little 17″ x 21″ banner consist traditional French red/white monochromatic needlework sampler and the Quaker medallion sampler.  You would often see stitchery of red on cream or white in French monochromatic samplers, such as the one I had stitched years ago.

So in the case of Ivory Baltimore, I reversed the colors, and have my cream applique shapes stitched onto a red and coral background.  The applique is adapted from a DAR Baltimore Album quilt. A picture of the original quilt is included in the book.


Drawing from antique Quaker samplers, where sometimes only the “half” motifs were stitched on the outside perimeter of the samplers, I took one of the blocks in the original DAR and only appliqued half of the block on the left side of the banner.  (I so need to get this sampler completed!)

Thus the “half” Baltimore album block in Ivory Baltimore.


I used Aurifil Mako 50 cotton thread for everything – piecing, buttonhole stitching around the applique shapes, and quilting (of course!).  I cannot stress enough how much I love using Aurifil threads – my machine loves it, I love it, and my finished projects love it!  The batting I used is Hobbs Tuscany Wool batting because I really wanted my feathers to show around the applique shapes.  Of course, I quilt 99.99% of my quilts with batting made by Hobbs because much is considered before they bring something to the market.


Of course, I will be working with some ladies in making Ivory Baltimore in Rogers, Arkansas. Click here for contact information to see if spots are still available for the class.  One thing I can tell you is that Dan and Rhonda and I are working hard to get things all ready for a really fun time in April with the participants!  Click here if you haven’t read about how Dan bailed me out from trouble two weeks ago.  Anyway, since my public appearances are very limited due to my family obligations, I do hope to see some of you at the event!

Ivory Baltimore is a versatile project.  I would love to see you recreate antique quilts your way!

1.  You can easily just take the urn block and repeat it for 9 blocks for a nice sized wall hanging. How about alternative the color scheme for the blocks – cream applique on red background fabric, and red applique on cream background fabric.

2.  You can just as easily mirror image the half block to make it a whole block and use just that for another banner.

3.  How about using other colors… cream on gray background, orange on a black background, cream on mocha background!

4.  How about repeat the urn block three or four times horizontally for a table runner project?

5.  Now, the templates in the book are printed at 100% to reflect the final size of the book project. But you can easily enlarge the urn block and use that to make pillow shams to dress up your bed!


Thank you for stopping by!  Tell me what your thoughts are regarding Ivory Baltimore. Meanwhile, you can read all about the book here.  It’s time for me to crawl back in bed go back to work. Tootles for now.

2014 Recap Part 6: Quilting Treasures

Hello Friends – I wanted to be finished with my recaps before next Monday!  So, here I am.  I was told that some of you weren’t able to leave comments on my post yesterday.  I do apologize, but I can’t figure out what the problem was for the life of me.  I am hoping whatever it was, it “fixed itself”, and you will be able leave comments without any problems.

Another company that I had the pleasure (absolute pleasure!) working with in 2014 was Quilting Treasures.  You will probably know Quilting Treasures from their novelty themed fabrics, and you would be right.

I designed a 2014 BOM quilt Plain & Fancy for Quilting Treasures.  I started the quilt myself, but I fell woefully behind due to time constraint.   I would love to hear from you if you are working on the quilt!

BOM_Alternate_High Res

BOM_Applique_High Res

Then, I used the same fabrics in Plain & Fancy to make my Calico Trail quilt for my book Recreating Antique Quilts.

flat shots COB copy

Blog -ThreeQuilts

Teething Rings was featured in Fons and Porter’s Easy Quilts (Summer 2014).  The pattern is also a “Quilts for Kids” pattern.


Test are mainly free to use designs to showcase and feature various Quilting Treasures fabric lines:

January: Petals & Matrix 5 Coloways – be sure to click on the quilt names to see all the 5 colorways!

Design 1c_51 x 57_High Res

February: Verde Quilt 

High Res_Verde Quilt

February: Verde Runner

Verde Runner_high res_22 x 50

March: Hot Topic

High Res_Hot Topic quilt with binding
April: Fun with Frosty Quilt & Runner

High Res_Quilt

High Res_Runner

April: First Thanksgiving Wallhanging, Runner & Placemat

High Res_Wallhanging

High Res_Runner

High Res_Placemat

June: Monster Mash

High Res_Boy Quilt

High Res_Girl Quilt

June: Learning is Fun

Final Image_high res

August: Hot Little Dish Wallhanging/Table Topper & Runner & Placemat

high res_wallhanging

high res_placemat1_23485Shigh res_placemat2

high res_runner

October: Expressions of Faith Sofa Quilt

High Res_sofa quilt_58 x 72

October: Expressions of Faith Runner

High Res_runner_45.25 x 20.5

October: Expressions of Faith Infant Boy & Girl Quilts

High Res_Infant Boy_36.5 x 36.5

High Res_Infant Girl_36.5 x 36.5

With those quilts, we are finished with our 2014 recaps.  I highlighted all my 2014 projects as a way to thank my readers for their encouragement and support throughout the year!  You wouldn’t believe how often what you wrote in your comments/emails this past year was exactly what I needed at that point in time.  Being a stay/work at home Mom and wife, I do not feel isolated because of YOU! So thank you, again!

I also wanted to highlight the professionalism exemplified by the people with whom I work! Trust me, I am not the only one working lots — these ladies in the quilting industry work lots too!  I have forged many strong relationships with the people with whom I work, and I have learned a lot from them.

I like that the quilting world is truly a community.  Quilters have supported livelihood of different families by purchasing books, fabrics, books, and notions etc.  I, for one, am grateful that I have been given the opportunity to work at home in order to raise Miss Baby in her formative years.   So in this new year, beyond continuing to support financially those who work in the quilting industry, perhaps we could all be mindful to drop a kind word of encouragement and gratitude to:

Quilt magazine editors, Quilt guild leaders, Quilt shop owners, Quilt designers, Fabric designers, Fabric company representatives, Quilting teachers, Quilting friends, and…. often the unsung heroes… Pattern proof readers and sewing machine technicians!

Here’s to a happy and exciting 2015 for us all!


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2014 Recap Part 5: Benartex

Hello Friends, Happy Friday to you!  I hope you have had a lovely week.  2014 was a hugely Benartex-y year for me!   It’s always fun to design with Benartex’s fabrics — because you see, Benartex and I also go way back (just like The Quilter magazine).

One of my earliest designs that remains a favorite is my Pieceful Garden quilt.  The quilt used Benartex’s Family Tree fabrics in the quilt top construction.  The quilt was originally published in 2008 in The Quilter, and then in 2010 in UK’s Popular Patchwork.  And ever since then, I have designed with many many Benartex fabric lines! THANK YOU, Team Benartex!

It was most exciting to be able to use Benartex’s fabrics for my book projects in Recreating Antique Quilts.

00 RAQCover

1.  Garden Lattice & Priscilla’s Garden Party


2.  Gingkos on Prince Street Pillow


3.  Ivory Baltimore

Just in 2014… my magazine features using Benartex’s fabrics are as follow:

1.  Stardom, using Concerto fabrics, in Annie’s Row Quilts


2.  Solar Star, using Palm Springs fabrics, in Annie’s Dazzling Diamond Quilts


3.  Urban Oasis, using Urban Oasis fabrics, in Quilter’s World Spring 2014


4.  Hole in the Wall, using multiple Benartex lines, in Generation Q May/June 2014

Gramercy Park Redo3


5.  Spiral Squared, using Zest fabrics, in McCall’s Quilting January/February 2014


6.  Owl Be Your Friend, using Forest Friend-sy fabrics, in McCall’s Quick Quilts (July/August 2014)


7.  Boxing Day, using Home for the Holidays fabrics, in The Quilter December 2013/January 2014

boxing day

8.  Tulip Trail, using Palm Springs fabrics, in The Quilter April/May 2014


9.  All Squared Up, using Dwellings fabrics, in The Quilter April/May 2014


10.  Garden View, using Ambrosia fabrics, in The Quilter June/July 2014


11.  Song of Praise Pillow, using Rainbow Bright Balis fabrics, The Quilter August/September 2014


12.  Hoppity Hop, using Leap Frog, in Fons and Porter’s Easy Quilts Winter 2014

hoppity hop

And let’s not forget the free-to-use designs I did for 2014… I will not show you images of all the quilt designs.  If you want to see what the quilt looks like, simply click on the quilt names.  Click on the quilt names to download pattern instructions.

January: Everything’s Coming Up Rosey using English Rosey 

High Res_1a

January: View on Lexington using Gramercy 

Design 4c_43x53_sunshine inner border_high res

January: Midori’s Place using Gramercy

Design 2a_58 x 75

March: Poseidon’s Adventure using Neptune’s Dream

Design 2d_58 x 68.5_redo_High Res

March: Wild Kingdom using Sew Rousseau 
March: My Cozy Sweater using Palm Springs
May: Sprinkled Sweets using Shadows/Paintbox
May: Party Poppers using Shadows/Paintbox
May: Dino Craze using 10,000 B.C.

Design 4f_redo1_57 x 70_high res

August: Lovey Buggy using Luvbugs 

High Res_Quilt_2e

August: Sweet Hearts using Luv Bugs

August: Pagoda Paradise using Little Harajuku  – My all time favorite!!

High Res_4f_74 x 80

October: At the Pond using Leap Frog

November: Sunshine using Sunny Days 

High Res_Sunny Days

November: Sew Lovely using Made With Love 

High Res_4b_61 x 61

And in 2014, Movement in Squares won the Benartex Fan Favorite!


When I look back the year 2014, I see friendship, support and encouragement from so many of you!  I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart .  When I look at these quilts, I remember the fun I had in 2014 working with the great people at Benartex, and I know 2015 will be another great year for Benartex!

Have a great weekend, Dear Friends!


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2014 Recap Part 3: The Quilter

Hello Friends, thank you for stopping by again.  It’s always lovely to have you visit!  2014 was certainly an exciting and happening year at the Ivory Spring household.  Yet, it also meant a rather sad one for me… because a publication that frequently featured my designs was longer as of August 2014.  You see, the reason The Quilter was so special to me is that it was the magazine that featured many of my early designs.  You can see the exhaustive list here.  A very special issue for me was their May 2009 issue where it made mention of the birth of Miss Baby.  Miss Baby is turning 6 this year — how time has flown by!

I was happy that I was able to contribute to The Quilter right up till the very end of the publication in 2014.

1.  Farm Crossing (December 2013/January 2014)


2.  Boxing Day (December 2013/January 2014)


3.  Tulip Trail (April/May 2014)


4.  All Squared Up (April/May 2014)


5.  Garden View (June/July 2014)


6.  Song of Praise (August/September 2014)


So, might you have a favorite among my featured projects in The Quilter?  Also, if you are a former subscriber of The Quilter — are you experiencing withdrawal?

I cannot leave today without mentioning the former editor of The Quilter, Laurette Koserowski. I credit Laurette for mentoring me on the design aspect of quilting, from the best use of fabrics to writing pattern instructions.  Over the years, she grew to be more than just an editor to me.  She became a mentor, a dear and sweet friend who always had a minute to chat about things that are not about the magazine quilts. She always had time to share snippets of her life experiences with me, and asked how my little family was doing etc.  Laurette and I remain in touch even though we no long work with each other, and I count her a sweet blessing in my life.


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2014 Recap Part 2: Overseas jaunts

Happy Monday, Friends!  I hope you have had a good weekend!  How is the month of January treating you so far? Right now, I can tell you it is cold where I am.  Very cold for this girl raised in the tropics!

We shall start off the week with another 2014 recap at Ivory Spring.  Last year saw a few overseas jaunts for my quilts and designs, namely in the UK’s Popular Patchwork and Australia’s Quilters Companion.

1.  Mending Fences (UK Popular Patchwork, April 2014)



2.  A Mother’s Love  (UK, Popular Patchwork, September 2014)

low res_POD3

3.  Yuletide Snowflakes (UK, Popular Patchwork, December 2014)


4.  Christmas Wreath Runner (UK Popular Patchwork, December 2014)

christmas wreath runner

5.  Stars Aligned (Australian Quilters Companion, July/August 2014)

Design 1h_67.5 x 79.5

6.  Pocketful of Daisies Welcome Banner (Australian Quilters Companion, November/December 2014)


In many ways, my overseas features have been very Lynette Anderson-ish except for the Christmas Wreath runner. Lynette is a sweet friend, and an exceptional artist!  I enjoyed working with her tremendously on various projects and features in 2014, including Mending Fences, and Pocketful of Daisies Welcome Banner.  Lynette wrote a sweet blog post about our collaborations and friendship here.

It was wonderful to be able to connect with my overseas quilting friends through publications local to them.  I have a couple of upcoming features already lined up for 2015, but am hopeful I will have a few more.

SO — curious mind wants to know which overseas feature (in today’s post) is your favorite.  DO TELL!

Did you miss 2014 Recap Part 1?  Click here to catch up. :)

Thanks for stopping by.   I have to get back to work!!   I hope this New Year brings you joy and adventures, and here’s to another year of sweet friendship, support and encouragement

Pocketful of Daisies Welcome Banner in Australian Quilters Companion (Issue 70)


Happy Monday!  I hope you are well.  We are in Thanksgiving / gotta get stuff done mode at Ivory Spring household!  I just made three batches of cookies this evening…


You have seen A Mother’s Love banner that is made with RJR’s Pocketful of Daisies fabrics by Lynette Anderson. Click here if you are interested in reading more about A Mother’s Love.

low res_POD3

I am happy to share with you another Pocketful of Daisies banner project featured in the latest issue (Issue 70) of Australian Quilters Companion.  This banner is designed for that tight and narrow little spot we all have in our house that just needs a bit of something to dress up — meet Pocketful of Daisies Welcome Banner.


Image Source: Australian Quilters Companion

This banner project is another collaboration with the beloved Lynette Anderson.  Here you see Lynette’s signature adorable bird!


Image Source: Australian Quilters Companion

The magazine copies are already on Newsstands.  Click here to purchase digital version of the magazine at a very good price.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing this cute sweet banner!  Thank you for stopping by.  I appreciate your sweet friendships.


My 2014 lineup to date — click on project names for more information on individual projects.

Editorial features:

American Patchwork & Quilting (Calendar 2015): Get Happy

American Patchwork & Quilting (Calendar 2015): Migration

Annie’s Row Quilt Book (March 2014): Stardom

Annie’s Dazzling Diamond Quilts Book (May 2014): Solar Star

Australian Quilters Companion (Issue 68): Stars Aligned

Australian Quilters Companion (Issue 70): Pocketful of Daisies Welcome Banner

Fons & Porter Table Toppers Book (September 2014): Silver Maple

Fons & Porter’s Easy Quilts (Summer 2014): Teething Rings

Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting (January/February 2014): Hurry Home

Fons & Porter’s Easy Quilts (Winter 2014): Hoppity Hop

Generation Q (May/June 2014): Hole in the Wall

McCall’s Quick Quilts (August/September 2014): Owl Be Your Friend

McCall’s Quilting (January/February 2014): Spiral Squared

McCall’s Quilting (July/August 2014): Bird Watching

Popular Patchwork, UK (April 2014): Mending Fences

Popular Patchwork, UK (September 2014): A Mother’s Love

Popular Patchwork, UK (December 2014): Christmas Wreath Runner

Popular Patchwork, UK (December 2014): Yuletide Snowflakes

Quilt Trends (Winter 2014): Enchanted Forest

Quilt Trends (Winter 2014): Urban Stars

Quilter’s World (Spring 2014): Urban Oasis

Quilter’s World (Summer 2014): Starry Repetitions

Landauer Publishing’s Recreating Antique Quilts (October 2014)

The Quilter (December 2013/January 2014): Farm Crossing

The Quilter (December 2013/January 2014): Boxing Day

The Quilter (April/May 2014): All Squared Up

The Quilter (April/May 2014): Tulip Trail

The Quilter (June/July 2014): Garden View

The Quilter (August/September 2014): Song of Praise

Free to use designs / PDF download:

January: Midori’s Place using Gramercy by Benartex

January: View on Lexington using Gramercy by Benartex

January: Everything’s Coming Up Rosey using English Rosey by Benartex

February: Verde (Quilt) by Quilting Treasures

February: Verde (Banner/Runner) by Quilting Treasures

March: Hot Topic by Quilting Treasures

March: Poseidon’s Adventure using Neptune’s Dream by Benartex

March: My Cozy Sweater using Palm Springs by Benartex

March: Wild Kingdom using Sew Rousseau by Benartex

April: Fun with Frosty (Quilt & Runner) by Quilting Treasures

April: The First Thanksgiving (Quilt & Runner & Placemat) by Quilting Treasures

May: Party Poppers using Paintbox/Shadows by Benartex

May: Sprinkled Sweets using Paintbox/Shadows by Benartex

May: Dino Craze using 10,000 B.C. by Benartex

June: Monster Mash by Quilting Treasures

June: Santa’s Sleigh using Starry Night by RJR Fabrics

June: Learning is Fun by Quilting Treasures

August: Lovey Buggy using Luv Bugs by Benartex

August: Hot Little Dish (Wallhanging/Table Topper & Runner & Placemat) by Quilting Treasures

August: Sweet Hearts using Luv Bugs by Benartex

August: Pagoda Paradise using Little Harajuku by Benartex

October: At the Pond using Leap Frog by Benartex

October: Expressions of Faith (Sofa Quilt) by Quilting Treasures

October: Expressions of Faith (Tablerunner) by Quilting Treasures

October: Expressions of Faith (Infant Quilts) by Quilting Treasures

November: Sunshine using Sunny Days/Sunny Bonnet Susie by Benartex