My two cents: Template Piecing

Some of you had asked for tips in piecing the stars I showed you yesterday.  Honestly, I am a bit embarrassed to share my tips because I am really not a piecing expert…

First, I stiffen my fabrics with which I would cut following the templates.   To achieve the stiffening, I press and spray starch my fabrics.  That seems to prevent the fabrics from shifting when I am cutting.  Be sure you cut your pieces accurately.

Then, with a ruler and fine tip pen, I mark the 1/4″ seam allowance at key spots on the fabric pieces.

When it comes to pinning, those markings help me pin the top and bottom pieces accurately by making sure my pin goes through the intersection point that I have drawn on both the top and bottom pieces, as shown in the following pictures.  Please note that the pin should go through the layers perpendicular to the fabrics.

There you have it, my friends… nothing too fancy.  Now, I want you piecing experts out there to share your thoughts on accurate piecing.  I definitely need help in the piecing department.

Time for me to make dinner – I shall say good bye for now!  Enjoy the rest of your day.


12 thoughts on “My two cents: Template Piecing

  1. I dear friend of mine told me about spray starch several years ago and it really does help alot.. Thanks for sharing how you developed your idea. I think I may borrow it next time I’m piecing!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the quilt so far. The fabrics are just beautiful!!!

  2. Wonderful tips! I just found your blog and am so happy I did :) I first found it by checking out information on the Frixion pens!

    Anyway, I spray starch my fabrics too for piecing. It has helped so much.

    Your blocks are truly a delight!


  3. to stiffen the fabric is a great idea. I have the same question as Melissa.
    Your piecing looks more than perfect to me. Thanks for your helpful tipps.


  4. Given how wonky some of the angles are, I would have thought you paper pieced them. Given you did it the old-fashioned way, I say you should give yourself 2 pats on the back and declare yourself a mighty fine piece–er !

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