Another completed Thread Journey Quilt!!!

Hello Friends, I hope you’ve been well.  I truly apologize for being scarce of late.  Too much going on with work, and too much going on with Miss Baby — so much so that I totally failed to see a scheduling conflict between Miss Baby’s art and music commitments!  My daughter had to remind me the 19th last week was actually  Saturday, and not Friday.  But…. on the upside, I am finished with my major Christmas shopping, and about 75% done with wrapping the presents!  So, if you must know, I have kind of being “one” with Scotch tape and wrapping paper the last couple of days… :)


Jody has actually sent these pictures of her complete Thread Journey quilt a few weeks ago.  I am SO proud of Jody attempting and completing the quilt!  Good job, Jody.  Would you please join me and letting Jody know she did a phenomenal job by leaving a comment for Jody?  Thanks so much…


Jody did an amazing job with her feather quilting, don’t you think?


Instructions to make the Thread Journey quilt, presented in installments, are found in   Though the Quilt-Along is over, you can still make your own Thread Journey quilt following the instructions.

Happy Monday, and Happy Thanksgiving week to you all!

p.s.  Click here you would like to see my version of Thread Journey (version 2).  Incidentally, the first version was photographed being shown by Alex Veronelli during one of his recent lectures – see below.  If you have yet to attend his lectures, you simply have to find out where you can attend one!


image source:

13 thoughts on “Another completed Thread Journey Quilt!!!

  1. Ha ha. Love your posts. Sometimes spell check is a good thing, other times not.
    I think on your first word of this post you perhaps meant hello? Yes? Ha ha. I’m not offended at all. You are way too busy.

  2. Jody’s Thread Journey is a beauty!! Lucky you, Wendy, to be so ready for Christmas. Being in WI for Thanksgiving, the bulk of my Christmas preparation will finally begin upon returning to TN. How I would love to see an Aurifil thread presentation!!

  3. Great job, Jody! Your feathers are amazing, and I love your fabric selections on Thread Journey. So bright and cheerful and the border print is just lovely!

    Wendy, I’m impressed that you’re so far along on your holiday shopping and wrapping :)

  4. Woohoo! Way to rock this project Jody (hhh). Everything about it is fantastic – especially those feathers! You go girl!
    Many thanks to YOU Wendy for the fantastic Quilt Along!

  5. Jody, you did a wonderful job with the color choices, the piecing AND the quilting! Isn’t it fun to quilt along with Wendy?

  6. I’m impressed you’ve not only gotten so much of your shopping done, but the wrapping, too! We’ve made a dent in the former and not started yet on the latter. I’ve been making some ornaments for my little grandson – his parents are putting a mini tree in his room. Fun!

    Jody did a beautiful job!

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