Aurifil’s Embroidery Floss Collection: Marmalade Meadows

Friends, you know I have a passion for handwork. Over the years I have done embroidery, smocking and cross-stitching. I love stitching with my hands, and feeling the needle and threads as the stitches are formed.  I am very excited to share more about Marmalade Meadows, an embroidery floss collection I curated for Aurifil.


Firstly, these Aurifloss colors were selected to be companion threads for Quilting Treasures’ new group Bleecker Street!  I will share more about Bleecker Street fabrics tomorrow.  Spring on Bleecker Street is a collage quilt I designed using the Bleecker Street fabrics that involve a bit of piecing, applique as well as hand embroidery.  The hand embroidery part uses threads from Marmalade Meadows.


The following picture was taken at this past Quilt Market of Spring on Bleecker Street.  Kits and patterns are available via your local quilt shops sometime in November!  Check and ask about the project with your local quilt shops that carry Quilting Treasures fabrics.


And you here how the Marmalade Meadows embroidery floss is at play in the following pictures:





I also designed and stitched a little wallhanging using the Marmalade Meadows embroidery floss, featuring Marmalade, the pot-belly bunny!  This is going to be a free pattern when the thread collection ships in December.



I quilted the wallhanging with Aurifil’s Mako 50 wt cotton.  When quilting around embroidered motif, I like to quilt densely so that the embroidery will pop!



I like that the Aurifil’s embroidery floss is wound on a charming wooden spool.  Some have asked if I feel a difference between Aurifloss and skeined floss.  One major thing I notice is that, with the other threads produced by Aurifil, the Aurifloss is very low on lint.  That allows me to have very crisp stitches.  [As to why Aurifil’s threads are low lint, you will have to attend Alex Veronelli’s thread lectures to find out — really worth your while if there is one offered in your area.  It is free to attend.]

So, here are the spools you will get in my Marmalade Meadows collection.  Even though they scream vibes of spring, I am actually working on a Christmas scene featuring Marmalade the pot-belly bunny!  Stay tuned for details. :)


Again, the collection ships this December to shops.  You may place an order for the collection with any shops that carries Aurifil products.  I know will have it.  If it’s not listed on the website, just shoot them an email, and they will take care of you!

Thanks so much for stopping by.  Till next time!

13 thoughts on “Aurifil’s Embroidery Floss Collection: Marmalade Meadows

  1. Your quilt is so sweet and would make a lovely heirloom for a treasured girl. The aurifil floss has a beautiful sheen. I hope to find some and experience embroidery using it. Wonderful inspiration!

  2. Hello Wendy! My life is slowly returning to normal after my Daughter’s wedding this past month. I tried to stop by as often as I could, yet, I know that there was a lot of great posts that I missed out on. I think Spring on Bleeker Street is a spectacular quilt full of lovely colors and such brilliant designs. Applique and hand embroidery go together so perfectly, I always stop a moment and thank both of my Grandmothers for teaching me the basic stitches in hand embroidery, it is a treasure that I hold very dear. I will be talking with our local fabric stores and make sure it is available at one at least. I really look forward to hearing and seeing more about this entire project. Thank you for sharing all of the information and inspiring me to practice on some of my applique skills. Have a fantastic creative day!

  3. Oh My, I love, love, love the Marmalade collection of beautiful Auriful floss. My favorite kind of colors!!! The chubby bunny is just too cute. The fabrics that you used are perfect. I think that I like it all!!

  4. The colors of Marmalade Meadows fabrics and threads are beautiful. I should get back to some of my handwork; I’ve got a bunch of ufo’s. I’ll be watching for the wall hanging pattern. It’s adorable. I so admire your designs and color choices, Wendy!

  5. Love these new embroidery threads. My question…do you double or triple these threads like you do regular embroidery floss to stitch certain designs? My other question is do the threads straighten out or does it stayed curled because of coming pd a spool?

  6. Spring can’t get here soon enough! The marmalade collection is in my happy colors. Can’t wait for the stores to get them.

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