Thread Talk from My Sewing Machine #47


It is true you can find quilting inspiration EVERYWHERE, ha!  Just look at the image below.  It’s taken from this morning after we had another round of snow.IMG_4982

It’s Diane Gaudynski’s Apple Core motif that I found at the bottom of my shoes this morning!!!  The following images are the apple core motif I had quilted on Marabella, one of my quilts made in 2010 — which seems a lifetime ago.



See what I mean about inspiration being everywhere?!  Thanks for stopping by.  I wish you a very Happy Monday and Happy Week!



14 thoughts on “Thread Talk from My Sewing Machine #47

  1. Love the footprint but wish it was in sand, don’t you LOL. Miss Baby wounld’t have been able to make a snowman but a sand castle.
    It is snowing again here so sick of wind frost and snow. Where is Spring?

  2. Yup, we are having another snow storm as well. Winter isn’t quite ready to give up. Although, the snow was really pretty with big, fat, fluffy flakes.

    Miss Baby’s snowman is really cute……..hmmm… idea for a snowman quilt?

  3. Enough snow! Seriously you are a prolific quilter and your work is just exquisite. How ever do you get so much done!?! Wow!

  4. I totally did that this week too. I was in an airplane from Portland to Dallas, and seeing the world all subdivided and geometric made me want to make a quilt out of the design! I also received some inspiration from the pattern on the chairs. It’s crazy how that happens!

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