Woodland Parade: Final Sneak Peeks

Hello Friends, yesterday was the first normal day for me.  I think I am finally getting the upper hand on my cold.  So, as you probably guessed, it was “frantic working” for me as far as how my day went yesterday.

I did get Woodland Parade completed a few days ago.  Here is a quilted sneak peek for you.  You can see that I have also quilted the quilt with a feather stitch from my machine in addition to the straight lines.


My favorite part of the quilt is actually the back.  Once in a while I do find myself liking the quilt more than the front – not too often, but that does happen! :)  I guess I am just in love with that birch tree print fabric!


If you have missed my previous posts mentioning the name of this fabric collection.  It is Yay Day by Birch.  The fabrics should be available sometime in April.

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you enjoyed the sneak peeks.  Until next time.


4 thoughts on “Woodland Parade: Final Sneak Peeks

  1. I am using straight line quilting more and more. It has such a ‘clean’ fresh appearance when all completed. I am doing another QOV and will be doing simple straight lines in the stars and paisley swirls edge to edge. The straight lines take some of the “fussiness” out of all the paisley curviness. that I really like. I really like that backing fabric, also! Glad you’re “on the mend”!

  2. It is good to hear that your cold is getting better. I love the special little stitches on my machine and like to use them every now and then when I do straight lines. I like the back of your quilt as well.

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