Thread Talk from my Sewing Machine #38

I caved… I gave in and succumbed to your request to see the schematic of that leaf/petal quilting motif combo!  THANKS EVERYONE, for all your kind words on that motif.  I won’t be able to respond to you personally due to the time crunch I am in right at this moment.  I hope you understand – please know that I truly truly appreciate hearing from you.

It all started with the leaves on one of the fabrics I used for my “Charmed” quilt.  See how cute those leaves are? [ This is another example of using fabrics at as starting point for quilting motifs. Click here to read more.]

I adapted the center using a swirl because I thought I would just start out with something familiar to me — I only have about 6 hours to quilt the entire quilt. So here is my stitching sequence.  I started out with a swirl, up and down to the starting point.

And then, I stitched out a leaf outline around the swirl.

Then I scalloped around the leaf outline.

Here you see the same motif with the leaf outline started from the other side of the swirl bottom.

Then, it’s a matter of filling in with random swirls and vines and what-nots until you feel like swirling with another leaf/petal motif again!  The wonderful, wonderful thing about this motif is that it doesn’t require exact precision on the stitching path.  The general look is a lighthearted one so that you can have one scallop a little wonky, and one scallop a little crooked, and the motif will still come out as charming as can be!  VERY very forgiving!

So I had a few minutes before church to actually sit down and doodle a bit, and I was able to come up with a quilting motif that looks more like the original leaf on the fabric.  This time you would start with the leaf vein before the swirl in the center, and and then just follow the same sequence to complete the motif.

I hope this post gives you more ideas on what to quilt on your precious quilt tops.  Meanwhile, I will work on more adaptations of this leaf/petal motif.  I will let you know if I come up with more ideas.

So I caved, I gave in, I succumbed…. I hope I have delivered as well.

Thanks for stopping by.  Happy Monday, dear Friends!


43 thoughts on “Thread Talk from my Sewing Machine #38

  1. You definitely have delivered! I love this pattern and am thankful to you for your generosity in sharing it. I can’t wait to try it! Thanks!

  2. thank you for these pictures I will be able to print this out for use in the future. When I get enough courage to even try this, lol Beverley Perth Western Australia

  3. Thank you so much for taking the time to draw this out for us. Don’t know how you do so much. Must be “nose to the grindstone”. Don’t forget to occasionally take some time for yourself!

  4. Love it and will be using it along with a flower motif pulled from one of the fabrics in the quilt (brother’s ‘Lake’ quilt). They will compliment each other perfectly…..the “I Spy..At the Lake” quilt is very organic, so this theme is super! Will post soon…..hugs, D

  5. I love this design! Thank you for sharing and teaching. I am anxious to try on a baby quilt with fairies that i am starting to quilt.

  6. Thank you for sharing the mechanics of this quilting pattern, I really like seeing how you draw your inspiration for a shape and then transfer it to thread.

  7. It is just fabulous! I love the carefree design on this motif. I want to give this one a try. Thanks so much for taking time to deliver!

  8. It’s a beautiful motif and I am going to try it next. Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to share with us all!

  9. I really like this and I am going to print this out so I will have the instructions to do this __SOMETIME. Thanks for sharing -always appreciative.

  10. I LOVE THIS!!!! Have been wondering what to quilt on a baby quilt that needs finishing very soon before the mother delivers… LOL This should be easy enough after I practice a bit… Gail

  11. Thank you, thank you, thank you! It’s like a private mini lesson with you. Now I’ll go and grab my dry erase board and practice! Once you understand the progression, it doesn’t seem so daunting!

  12. Thank you so much for sharing how you did this. It looked so difficult and yet once you broke it down it looks doable. Thank you once again.

    • Honestly, how much of an effect, if any, might this new event have on the current state of affairs we are going through today? Very nice website! You really should be thanked way more often than you are. I really liked your write up. We’re truly at the dawn of a new chapter in our history. This is just what I was searching for.

  13. Thank you I am always looking for designs that I can add to my sample book I have a quilt ready to go so will practice this one

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  17. Thank you so much for sharing this design. I am going to use my version of it on a charity quilt for my local church. I hope this is ok with you. I will of course credit you on the label. Many thanks

  18. Thank you!!! I have struggled and struggled to quilt let alone draw leaves! I needed this breakdown to get me over the proverbial hump! Thank you.

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