Thread Talk from my Sewing Machine #35

Some of you had written and asked me to share the schematic of the allover floral motif I quilted on my Cottage Chic Christmas quilt (publish pending):

Of course I am more than happy to share… here is the basic makeup of the motif.

You will notice that I don’t go straight into forming my petals after I start with my curly-Q.  I add a little curly nubby thingie before going for a serious petal.  The reason I do is because I feel like after I quilt the nubby, I have a better handle on moving on to the petal.  I also find it adds a bit of interest to the overall look.

So, you start building up clusters of floral motif…

And you keep quilting until you fill up a designated space, and find out there is spot that is glaringly empty.   What to do?

Just start again and quilt the motif to fill up the space (shown in orange).  I find that I do have to do that from time to time — I would miss a spot when doing free-hand and unmarked quilting, due to the poor visibility resulted from quilting with a domestic machine.

See?  It’s pretty easy peasy, right?  I hope this makes sense to you.  Thanks for stopping by – happy quilting, dear Friends!


23 thoughts on “Thread Talk from my Sewing Machine #35

  1. Thanks for this lesson. I had not asked to the tutorial, but I am glad you shared. I don’t know what I like more about the quilt, the quilting or the colors.

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  3. So glad you did this for us–I am going to try to print this out for a copy. Thanks again for your help and sharing all you quilting tips for us.

  4. Wendy: I did have luck printing this out so I can now practice and learn this technique!! Thanks so much, again.

  5. I love that you shared how to do this. I cant wait to try it on a charity quilt. Thanks so much. I can’t wait for more.

  6. Your Thread Talks amaze me, and I’m certain when I find the time to try them out on something other than paper & pen, will actually make me a better quilter, too! ;-)

  7. I really enjoy your blog. The posts are interesting, easy to reader, and full of surprises. You absolutely amaze me with your level of productivity. I wish I could accomplish a quarter of what you do, but chronic illness makes it a little more difficult for me. I would love to see a picture of you at your machine, machine quilting a top. When you say a domestic machine surely you do not mean a standard size. (?) Thanks for the great posts.

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