Visions of Azure: Sneak Peek / Thread Talk from My Sewing Machine #55


Happy Monday, Friends!  I hope your week got off a great start.  I look forward to visiting your blogs to see what you have going on this week.  I was able to finish off a quilt to send off before the weekend… here is a sneak peek of Visions of Azure:


Oftentimes, my planned quilting scheme doesn’t work out when the actual quilting starts… and such was the case with Visions of Azure.  I had planned to quilt formal feathers.  But in the end, I decided that I needed an airy feel for the spinner blocks, and the feathers would end up making the overall look too stuffy.   The new quilting scheme turned out to be a fun way to quilt spinner blocks,  and I share with you the schematic in the following.

Starting from the spinner center, I quilt a curve to about the mid-way of the long side of a parallelogram, and then round off with a tip at the top of the parallelogram, before curving back down to about the mid-way of the long side of the parallelogram – at the other side, before curving back down to the spinner center.  I then echo once.


Then, it’s a matter of filling in with fillers like tendrils, swirls etc.


See what I mean about the airy feel when quilting my spinner blocks this way?

I look forward to be able to show you the quilt in its entirety.  Stay tuned for details.  Hugs to you all, and have a very lovely week.


19 thoughts on “Visions of Azure: Sneak Peek / Thread Talk from My Sewing Machine #55

  1. I love the way it turned out! On the quilt I just finished, I had plans and ideas of how I wanted it to look when it was done…but things didn’t work out and all of the quilting changed to something that fit better, or quilted better, or looked better. It’s one of those quilts that had a personality to it and it shone through, I guess!

  2. You achieved a beautiful ‘feel’. The tendrils/’ribbons’ have so much versatility and seem to pair well with so many motifs (including feathers, when they ‘work’!). Can’t wait to see the total picture!! Each quilt really has a special persona that, sometimes, speaks quite loudly its preferences!!!!!!! Hugs…..SSAB

  3. What a great idea Wendy – this quilting has a nice fun, spring has sprung feel! Maybe is will help to chase away some of this cold and snow lol

  4. Hi!!!! I love your colors and your quilting!!!! Beautiful!!!! hugs carla

    never let fear stop you from dancing on the moon


  5. The sneak-peek looks very attractive. As always I love your quilting, its just beautiful. Nothing wrong with not sticking with the plan when the outcome is so beautiful!

  6. Love the azure on the white! that alone sells springtime. the airy quilting pushes it even more into blue skies and soft warm breezes. Just lovely. Looking forward to seeing the whole quilt, too, one day. Keep warm! what’s another arctic blast among friends?!

  7. Can’t wait to see this one! Love the rich color of blue paired with the white. And I love spinners. They are my favorite ;) Your quilting motif has achieved that light and airy look! Think I might “borrow” it. Thanks so much for sharing Wendy (((hugs)))

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