Thread Talk from My Sewing Machine #3

Quilters have expressed to me they just don’t know “what” to quilt on their quilt tops when they try to free-motion quilt. I always tell them to start looking at their fabrics!

Some fabrics have “built-in” quilting motifs in the print designs if looked at closely. These fabrics are simply womderful for quilters to practice following the line and more importantly, moving the quilt sandwich with confidence while quilting with the feed dog down. Look on the fabrics for:

1. A repeated pattern that would make a nice overall texture:

2. Floral Designs that are suitable for outline quilting:

[These fabrics are current as of this posting – “Summer Solstice” by RJR Fabrics]

3. Just some cool designs:

4. Focal points that can be used to start a motif – here I used the circles as centers of flowers:

[Fabrics are current as of this posting – “Tweet Tweet” by Moda]

Here are some current fabrics that you might be interested to use in your quilts if you want to spend some one-to-one quality time with free-motion quilting. No marking or designing required.

1. Moda’s Fandango – just follow the general scallop outline, and you will have a wonderful texture!  Go ahead and quit along the outline for the wedges too, if you feel like being adventurous!

2. Moda’s Wee Woodland – a rough outline quilting would be cute around these daisies!

3. RJR’s Garden Club – quilting on the jagged outline would give a unique look:

4. Benartex’s Garden Song: Quilting on those circles will make your quilt pop, I think!

5. Henry Glass’ Noah’s Journey – this print would be great to practice on some McTavishing:

I hope this gives you an idea what fabrics would make for great free-motion quilting projects. Get some of these cool fabrics and some YLI Silk 100 threads, jump into your quilting suit, and start quilting – NOW! :)


18 thoughts on “Thread Talk from My Sewing Machine #3

  1. I love that concept of quilting in a way that goes along with the design.

    We were cleaning out our shed this weekend, and I found a pillow I had done in the quilting class I took. It was an off-white on off-white floral design. The fabric was pilling a little bit, but I am hoping I can remake the pillow. I was excited to see it!

  2. Thanks for the pointers! I’m thinking of outlining the flowers on my outer borders. Its a Kaffe Fassett print, so there’s a lot to look at. Introducing an additional pattern might actually detract from the beautiful fabric. So doing an outline pattern would be perfect. Thanks again!

  3. Love this idea and can hardly wait to give it a try. Love being inspired by your work. Thanks for Sharing~

    Quiltingly Yours,

  4. This is EXCELLENT! If you keep posting great content like this on this on your blog, soon I’m going to have a whole binder full of printouts to refer to, my very own Wendy Quilting Book!

    One question, though — what’s McTavishing?? Is this a new quiltburger at McDonalds? :-)

  5. You hit the nail on the head, “How do I quilt this completed top?” is often the big question. I often use this same idea, taking a cue from the fabric.
    Another one if I’m truely stumped is to dig out all my older quilting mags and start looking at the pictures for inspiration.

  6. wow…i need this tip…i have a doubt…how can you manage the stitch length …mine is going smal at place and sometime it is big…is it because of your practice…or is there any tip..

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  10. YES follow a palsy of many of the materials you showed or mentioned and you will love all that you do, it is too FUN! take care HUGS Jeanne xox

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