Thread Talk from my Sewing Machine #21

Good day, my Friends!  I want to thank you all for the kind words you have left regarding my Spice Garden quilt!  Some of you made mention of the quilting.  I will try to de-code the swirly vine motif for you today.

With any new quilting motif you want to try out, first you get out your pencil and paper.  On the paper, start with a swirl.

Then you add more swirls and vine tendrils as you go along.  The numbers show how one swirl cluster moves to the next.  You can see coming off of #2, I move my swirls to the right to start filling up the space in the right with #3, 4 and 5.  Then I  came back down with #6 to start filling up the space below the original clusters.

There is really not much regularity with this motif – you pretty much go wherever you want and start building and adding your swirls and tendrils to fill your quilting area.

The key is to keep the swirls and tendrils evenly distributed.

There you have it, Friends.  This allover quilting motif is a fast one to do, and it fills up a quilting area quite easily and quickly!  Do let me know how you like if you decide to give it a try!

Thanks for stopping by.  Happy Quilting! :)


24 thoughts on “Thread Talk from my Sewing Machine #21

  1. Thanks, Wendy! Your motif looks fairly simple, though it seems there’s lots of traveling – three times in some places. For me, traveling is challenging, especially when stitches don’t hit exactly on top of one another, or when the stitches lope off to one side or another and don’t swirl “prettily.” Your stitches are beautiful.

    • I really had no idea any of this was going on before visiting this website. I must say, I really like what you’ve done here. Might there be any well researched papers on this subject or any closely related topics? I really do not know very much on this topic but I will keep coming back to this blog so I can learn all I can.

  2. You certainly demystify your quilting patterns with the sketches. Thanks for taking the time to demonstrate!!

  3. Your swirls are so graceful …they look easier than making feathers. I’m going to give them a try on my quilt sandwich that I practice on. Plus I’ll have that sample to remember when I have a quilt ready to finish. Thanks for sharing! Enjoy your day. ;-) Debby

  4. Thank you for sharing Wendy. I think this is a fabulous filler and I’ll definitely keep it in my ideas folder. Your quilt looks fabulous by the way!

  5. As usual, I’m always inspired with the way you share your talents and skills. Always helps many of us grab pencil and paper and try what you can do with your eyes closed! Thanks so much for being so generous. I’m off to practice!

  6. Too pretty for words! You make it look & sound sooooo easy & doable!! This one looks much easier than feathers tho, so maybe I will give this a go!!! Thanks for breaking it down & giving us encouragement!

  7. I have been gone to NM for several days and I so look forward to your blog–I have got to try this swirl. I simply love it. I visited 1 quilting shop in Taos and got so motivate and 1 in Albuquerque that I just can’t wait to get started on Friday. I haven’t done any projects in a while so I have got to get started and I am ready!!!

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  11. I sure enjoyed your editorial I will be trying this, I’m a beginner on long arm and I want to be very efficient someday in free motion quilting.

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