Different Looks: Sneak Peak #1

Friends, I hope you are doing well, and looking forward to the weekend. We don’t have anything planned as of yet, but might take Miss Baby to see the “barties”, or “bunner-flies” as how the word has evolved in the last week. :)

Meanwhile, I have been working on a technique piece. Haven’t had time to take pictures – will definitely show more next week! I am showing you a sneak peek of the back.

What are you doing this weekend? I hope you have a safe weekend. Blessings to you and yours!

13 thoughts on “Different Looks: Sneak Peak #1

  1. Planning to make some progress on a quilt top, its supposed to be stormy so I’m happy to be stuck inside :) Thanks for sharing your awesome photos, we can really learn from your posts and get the confidence to give it a go ourselves

  2. Lovely Wendy, and I really like your vines from your last post – hope you have fun seeing the butterflies! We’re going to the beach this weekend, yay!

  3. I love an unplanned weekend! I know you will make the most of it.

    Those feathers are looking beautiful. I can’t wait to see the flip side.

  4. I love the bunnerflies–so cute–what littleones say. You should do Miss Baby a small quilt/doll quilt of butterflies to always remind her of what she use to call bunnerfliers when she gets old as I am 60ish! I can’t wait to see the end project that you are working on–I just love the feathering!! I am determind to do that-well, practice anyway.
    Nothing planned for the weekend as of yet. Since we just got back from a 5 day trip we may have to stay in with the hot and humid weather we have come back to in AZ.

  5. Such neat stitches…bunnerflies is so cute! You may be surprised how some of the early words become phrases you revisit for years to come ~

  6. I love “bunner-flies” too, and just love how small children interpret things and words…. I absolutely love your quilting and enjoy your blog… My best friend had her last chemo treatment yesterday and we are going to her place at Myrtle Beach for a week to celebrate and rest… God is Good!!

  7. Love the quilting!! Shows so nicely on solid fabrics. Do you use a stitch regulator, the stitches are so even!! ~Mary
    Enjoying the weekend with friends & church – trying to keep cool here in the sweltering heat of southern California this week!

  8. I wish I could acquire your feather talent by osmosis; but I know, I know–practice, practice, practice.

    We hope to make it to the cultural festival at Volcanoes National Park–if it warms up and doesn’t rain! But I’d enjoy watching the bunner-flies too. Have a nice weekend.

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