Cozy Town in McCALL’S QUILTING (July/August 2015) & Giveaway!


Hello Friends, I wanted to share with you my Cozy Town quilt before the next issue of McCall’s Quilting hits the newsstands.  So, here it is…. Cozy Town in the July/August 2015 issue of McCall’s Quilting!


I have always wanted to make the “traditional” house blocks — and I was glad I finally had a chance.  With the neutrals and black, I was able to give my house blocks an “urban” feel.  You will probably find it amusing that the black for the houses is inspired by this Crate & Barrel saltbox house candle thingamajig… It’s one of those things that has a slot in the back where you would place a tea candle, and it would light up the windows.  I didn’t know if it is appropriate to call it a candle holder because it feels much to large to be a candle holder to me…




I used fabrics from Quilting Treasures’ Happy Home collection to make Cozy Town.  You may recall these fabrics I had shown you months ago… However for Cozy Town, I did not use the focal print, but rather only the neutral prints in the collection.


With the fabrics in the same line, I had designed another “row house” quilt, as well as a “hut” table runner that have totally different feels compared to Cozy Town.  Click here for more information.

High Res_1a_version2_colored doors

High Res_runner_42.5 x 24.5

I love them all… but most of all, I feel with using only the neutrals in the line gave my Cozy Town quilt a sophisticated, but yet approachable and very COZY and traditional feel!


Here is a closer look at the house blocks. You will notice that I mirror-imaged the house blocks from row to row to give visual interest to the overall look.


I quilted an allover swirly vine motif, edge to edge on the quilt.  You may click here to view the stitching path of the swirly vine.  Aurifil Mako 50 wt cotton thread was used in the entire quilt – piecing and quilting (top and bobbin thread).  The batting used is Hobbs Tuscany silk batt.




It was such a fun experience for me making this quilt.  It has a very special place in my heart because it draws my heart to my family!  Remember, complete instructions for making this quilt are printed in the July/August 2015 issue of McCall’s Quilting, and this issue is going to be displayed on newsstands till July 27. I just saw it at my ever-so-crowded local grocery store earlier today.  You may also purchase the issue in digital format here. And, exclusive Cozy Town quilt kits may be purchased here.


A big thank you to McCall’s Quilting for the opportunity to contribute.  McCall’s Quilting has also generously sent me two magazine copies as giveaway prizes… leave a comment between now and 7/22/2015, and tell me either the following to enter the giveaway:

1.  what you like about McCall’s Quilting magazine;

2.  whether Cozy Town is a quilt you would likely make;

3.  or, whether the neutral color scheme is your thing.

Thank you so much for stopping by!  Some of you had already written to tell me about the “just out” McCall’s Quilting issue – another great one if I may say so myself…. but meanwhile, check out the July/August 2015 issue first!  You will have plenty of time still to go through the new issue! :)

Hugs to you all, and may a jug full of blessings from ABOVE come your way!



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53 thoughts on “Cozy Town in McCALL’S QUILTING (July/August 2015) & Giveaway!

  1. I love the colors you picked for Cozy Town. It’s just as you described. Elegant, classic and cozy. I would love to make this quilt, but maybe in different colors, to go with my décor. I have blues, mostly.

  2. Too cute! So sweet. I’ve been wanting to make a house quilt and you put one right in front of me!!!! You are certainly an enabler….LOL!!!!

    I have a subscription to McCall’s quilting. I like the magazine for its layouts and homey quilts. I love the neutral colors you used and , yes, I’d certainly make Cozy Town!!!

  3. I would love to make Cozy Town. Yes the black does make it more modern
    I would use the black for the houses and neutral gray, ecru, taupe etc for an even ore modern take.

  4. McCalls is one of my favorite magazines; I love their projects. I dog-ear the projects to revisit and of all the magazines, McCalls has the most ‘ears’. I would like to make your house quilt; I like that you incorporated Irish Chains and I would first try to shop in my stash before I buy more fabric. It is my New Years resolution every year! Thank you, Wendy. You’re my favorite designer!

  5. I would most definitely make the Little House quilt – I love house quilts and the color way is great. I also am a faithful McCall’s Quilting Magazine as well as McCall’s Quick Quilts. Great magazines.

  6. I just posted a comment and saw where my email addy was incorrect so hopefully that comment won’t be selected. I would most definitely make the Little house quilt. I Love house quilts and the color way is great. I also am a faithful McCall’s Quilting Magazine as well as McCall’s Quick Quilts. Great Magazines.

  7. Love house blocks of any design. I am currently making a triple braid quilt using neutrals and love the look.

  8. I like the neutral colors and yes I would make it. Would be a great House Warming present for someone’s first home.

  9. Oh, my goodness, it’s gorgeous! I work a lot with neutrals and just love what they’ve done for this quilt! Makes me want to run right out and buy the magazine! I’d like to thank you for the link to your swirly design, too. So timely for me, as I’ve prepped a small quilt to practice the swirly design on today! I fell asleep last night doodling it over and over again in my mind! I want to get it just right so I can tackle a bigger quilt with confidence. Thanks!

  10. I love those stark black houses with the lovely neutrals. Very striking, and I can totally see myself making one of these, for a DIL who likes “modern” much more than the traditional patterns/colors I generally use.

  11. I like the row house quilt – it reminds me of living and working in the city and passing all those beautiful brownstones. I would certainly make the cozy town quilt – it evokes just the opposite feelings than the row house, the small town home feel that I grew up in.. . the two phases of my life! Color schemes just speak to me, sometimes they are soft and comforting and neutral other times you want something with more color and pop. I rarely stay in the same color scheme for too long! Love love love your work!

  12. Love the house quilt it is so fresh looking and gives a sense of family within the little homes. I have always loved McCalls Quilt magazine it has been around for years and since I am a McCalls fan of their sewing patterns, when I started quilting it made sense for me to purchase their magazine. I have had several subscriptions over the years, and have kept a few of my favorites. Now I buy magazines when I feel I need inspiration. Bunny

  13. Yes, Cozy Town is a quilt I would like to make! I already had a quilt pattern in mind to make and hang on my dining room wall…however…I am going to choose the Cozy Town pattern instead. It will look great to use black for the houses, add in my own color scheme, and a dash of neutral for a little twist. Now to finish up a few projects so I can get started! I also give away quilt magazines from time to time, but keep my McCalls!

  14. I prefer the ‘row house’ quilt because I like bright vibrant colors. I especially like the focal print and need to look for that. I subscribed to McCall’s Quilting for many years but retirement means cutting back, so now I peek at copies other quilters bring to our group meetings. Your quilting is always inspiring and I wonder how you are able to keep the pattern so uniform over the whole quilt.

  15. I have never thought I would like to make the house quilt block, but this quilt has changed my mind. I really would like to make this with the diagonal rows of houses and the blocks in between. I think the neutral color scheme is wonderful.

  16. A house quilt is definitely on my someday “to do” list. The black houses are very stylish but a touch too contemporary for me. I am thinking red houses on a neutral background. Oooooh, contemplating is making me feel the urge to begin right now. I enjoy my subscription to McCall’s magazine. Looking forward to more inspiration from you, Wendy, in the issues. (Please take my name out of the drawing as I already have the magazine.). Have a good rest of the week.

  17. I love McCalls magazine – the patterns are very easy to follow – I would make a table runner with the houses they are too cute – maybe even decorate the houses for the different holidays – way cute – I like neutral colors but sometimes I add a pop color.

  18. The neutral color scheme keeps it traditional and yet modern with the tans and grays. Love it!

  19. Beautiful quilt! I will make that pattern but not with the neutrals. That’s not because I dislike them; I think it is a fantastic combination, but my home is all neutral. The things that bring color to my décor are the quilts, throw pillows and other accessories. That’s how I change the color scheme when I want. I like the row house quilt and the focal fabric of this line with all the houses. I haven’t seen it in the quilt shops around me yet but will buy it online soon if I don’t see it arrive on the shelves soon. As for the magazine, I always find at least two projects I cannot make fast enough. Never had a problem following the directions provided–which is saying a lot because I am typically not great with reading directions.

  20. HELLO, I love your quilt! I’m warming up to all these new neutral fabric lines>really like the look! I’d like to make the house quilt like yours! Thanks for sharing!

  21. Wow! I love house quilts. I am currently working on the first ‘happy home’ collection quilt you designed. Now I will have one that coordinates, but has a completely different feel

  22. I’m in love with the low volume background on the first quilt! I’d love to make it with some really cool batiks I have. The houses are just stinkin’ cute on the quilts too!

  23. I like McCall’s for the patterns styles they have. Not too advanced and a variety of styles. Your quilt is very nice. I do like the houses around the square best. As always – great work!

  24. Love your quilt and the neutral tones. Yes, I would make this quilt. Just received my copy of McCall’s yesterday and they always have great patterns, tips and inspiration.

  25. I think using the neutral colour scheme in this range adds to this quilt pattern and would love to do the same-even though I usually use really bright colours!

  26. I love it. Very Chic. You have a unique take on the house construction. I have never noticed one like that before. Four of us were fabric shopping yesterday and two of the ladies were shopping for subtle gray and soft pink with a touch of green for their quilts. It all looked so lovely it made me want to do one. I would not be doing a big quilt like yours at this time but might incorporate the house into a wall hanging. I love the quilting as usual. When will you be doing a book on machine quilting?

  27. I enjoy reading McCalls Quilting magazine for the beautiful quilt patterns that they offer. The July/August issue is one of my favorites! Love the inspiration and color palettes!

  28. I love your Cozy Town quilt and would like to make it in the neutral shades. i’d also love to win the magazine.

  29. I love the traditional feel of this one and the “low volume” color palette is so soothing and, as you stated, cozy. A total contrast from all the primary colors in the “Super Hero” quilts I’m just now finishing up!! Your designs (and your exquisite quilting!) always make for a gorgeous finish!!!!!!

  30. Hi Wendy, I just saw your quilt,Twilight Trellis In McCalls Magazine! Congratulations! It is so beautiful! I love all your quilts! Thank you so much for sharing your talent with the world!!! Kat Ewers

    Kat, sent from my iPhone


  31. McCalls is one of my favourite quilting magazines. Their projects are always doable and have a homey, cozy, cuddle up feel. Congratulations on having Cozy Town published in McCalls. I love the neutrals you used. Thanks for sharing and offering a giveaway.

  32. The neutral colors would be a perfect match for my newly re-modeled livingroom! I’m working on a quilt now done in neutral browns and beiges and really like the look.

  33. I like neutrals a lot – but the combination of neutrals with the other colors isn’t quite my favorite.

  34. Neutrals are definitely my thing. Love your quilt and congratulations for it being featured x

  35. I’d definitely make a house quilt-yours are quite lovely-fresh and modern.
    Mc Call’s magazine is my favorite because their patterns are very clear and easy to follow!

  36. Love the Cozy Town quilt and the colors are sophisticated and lovely. If I was to make a quilt for me I would probably choose the more colorful row house quilt.

  37. Oh my goodness…so excited to see that pattern out…loved it when you gave us a sneak peak! Definitely want to make this and I love your muted colorway!

  38. The neutral color theme is just my thing! I am currently in the middle of making a neutral/ low-volume table runner for my hutch. I added pieces of my mom’s old hankies and that’s the only bright color in it. I’ve never worked with so many neutrals, but I really like it and I love your quilt too! McCall’s quilting magazine always has a stunning selection of quilts, both modern and traditional that give me inspiration.

  39. Cozy Town speaks to my heart. I’ve always loved houses in quilts and this one is adorable. I love the muted colors with a little zing in the square blocks.

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