Engineer vs. Artist: Sneak Peeks

Hello Friends, I meant to check in yesterday, but I had an Engineer vs. Artist moment (thus the name of the quilt for now), and the Artist won.  You see, when piecing is involved, I am all engineer because of the precision aspect of things.  Then, when it comes time to decide what to quilt, oftentimes the engineer within me takes over for the efficiency aspect of things, due to project deadlines, and I have to be efficient with what I quilt within the amount of time I have…. but yesterday, the Artist in me won!

I was already late because the piecing took longer – piecing ALWAYS takes longer for me because I am a snail-speed piecer. I knew I had a limited amount of time to quilt the quilt.  I could just quickly quilt an allover motif, and be efficient, or I could go all out and quilt fancy, and really add to the quilt.  The battle raged on fiercely (!), and finally, the Artist won!

I won’t tell you how much sleep I got last night, because I will get in trouble should my Mom check in and read the post. ;) But suffice it to say all those all-nighters I had in engineering school amply prepared for a stint like last night’s!



I was glad the Artist in me won in the quilting department of this quilt.  I really like the result. But the icing on the cake was when Miss Baby came downstairs and saw the quilt this morning… she said, “WOW, Mom…. this quilt is so pretty now (that it’s quilted)!” I guess she wasn’t quite sure about it before, and was too nice to say anything negative.

This quilt is now on its way to the editor.  Whether they would let me officially name the quilt “Engineer vs. Artist” remains to be seen.

Thank you for stopping by!  I need to start on the next few things on my list.  I shall catch up with you later.

p.s.  Through today only, you can still get my book Recreating Antique Quilts at a discount at my publisher’s website. Click here to purchase the book.

00 RAQCover

Wendy vs. Wendy?!

Click here to find out more! :)  Four of my designs made Benartex Fan Favorite Elite Eight – it’s been fun for me to follow which of the designs connect with you all!

2015 bracket EE

This will count as tomorrow’s post.  So, I shall check in with you again on Wednesday!  Hugs to you all! With that, I need to get the car loaded with my quilts to share with some new quilting friends I will be meeting.


Hello Friends,  Happy Monday to you!  I wish you a lovely week ahead.  Very quickly, I want to share with you another free-to-use pattern to start off our week: Flutter B’s designed with Benartex’s Butterfly Effect fabric line.


Click here to view the entire fabric line.

Click here to download the pattern instructions.

I freely admit to you I have a thing for pinwheel blocks.  I love the sense of movement the pinwheel blocks convey! How about you?  Do you or do you not care for pinwheel blocks?

Thanks for stopping by.  I have to get going with my day.  I shall catch up with you later!


[My free to use designs from previous years are listed under “FREE PATTERNS” on the side bar.]

January: A Red Letter Day using Seeing Red (Benartex)

January: Star Struck using Caryl’s Feathers (Benartex)

February: Happy Home House Quilt (Quilting Treasures)

February: Happy Home Runner (Quilting Treasures)

February: Happy Home Throw Quilt (Quilting Treasures)

February: Farmville using Green Farms (Benartex)

February: Zoey’s Flowerbed using Zoey (Benartex)

March: Camp Cozy Quilt (Quilting Treasures)

March: Pretty Little Houses using Tango (Benartex)

March: Ariel (Quilting Treasures)

March: Flutter B’s using Butterfly Effect (Benartex)

2015 National Quilting Day & Giveaway!

Hello Friends — Happy Saturday and Happy National Quilting Day!  Read about National Quilting Day here.


Once upon a time, there was girl who lived in the tropics, in the comfort of home, church, and many relatives.  All her life, she dreamed upon going to England for college… ever since she was five years of age.

starry pursuit6


She worked hard at school… because of the consuming dream of going to England for college.




The day came, she left home to go to college…. but to England, but to the United States.  She was disappointed at the time, but she accepted that it was the path chosen for her.



She finished college with a graduate degree.  She married.  She had a little girl.

Autumn Stars2

Somewhere in her years in the US, she met a most generous and loving lady — who taught this girl how to quilt.



And the rest is history.  Because someone else stepped in, and encouraged, and took the time to teach this girl (who hadn’t really even touched a sewing machine in her life), this girl’s life was changed!




She made many sweet quilting and non-quilting friends along her quilting journey.  She was able to do things not dreamed off in all her dreams of going to England for college…



And she continues to accepts the path chosen for her, by her loving God.



And in a roundabout way, though she sees that she is but a whiff of air passing through this world, she is inspired by the people she meets to make a difference in her small roundabout circle…because someone else had made a difference in her life.


On this National Quilting Day, this is a roundabout way of telling the story of an Asian girl who discovered the joy of quilting, because a loving lady who answered the call to make a difference in the lives of others!  Thank you, Barbara!

And Happy National Quilting Day again, Everyone!!


Annie’s has generously sponsored a giveaway of my online class Learn to Machine Quilt class.  Leave a comment between now and March 27, 2015 to enter giveaway.  Winner will be announce on March 30, 2015.


learn to machine quilt

Speaking of machine quilting, stay tuned for some exciting news!

My book 40% off at Landauer’s Spring Sale!!!

Hello Friends, where would I be without many of you being my “eyes” out there?  QuiltShopGal just wrote and informed me that my book Recreating Antique Quilts is on sale at Landauer’s website!!  Click here to purchase the book at $14.97!  Would you help spread the word? 00 RAQCover By the way, if you haven’t stopped by QuiltShopGal’s website, you simply have to.  I count QuiltShopGal an essential voice looking for quilters!  Click here to visit her.  And have fun shopping at Landauer! :)

Book News: Recreating Antique Quilts

Happy Friday, Friends!  I am happy you stopped by.   I received some totally unexpected news earlier this week from Landauer Publishing.  Urm… you see, my book Recreating Antique Quilts made one of the three finalists for the 2015 Independent Book Publishers Association Benjamin Franklin Award, craft & hobby category.  The winner will be announced next month.



WOW!  Little ol’ me?!   I am very excited about the news, but I am also feeling a bit self-conscious announcing it to the world.  But my sister might whack me in the head if I didn’t mention anything… I have to save the story of being whacked in the head by my sister (a younger sister at that!) for another day.

Credit goes to the amazing team at Landauer Publishing, with whom I love to work!  And I am grateful to my God and Savior, without whom I am nothing!

I will have more to share about Recreating Antique Quilts.  Meanwhile, you may read about the book here. Also, Landauer is having sale on my book.  Click here to purchase the book!!!!

Thank you for stopping by!  I hope you have a lovely National Quilting Day Weekend!  Come back tomorrow for a little giveaway I have for you to commemorate the day.  Hugs to you all.

Just to make sure I didn’t miss a “must see” quilt?!

I have been packing… I have been pulling out quilts from my stash for a show-and-tell appearance at the Stafford Piecemakers Quilt Guild next Monday.  I am excited to meet more local quilters where I live.  Feel free to drop by!


I am also packing some goodies to share with quilters!


So, just to make sure I bring all the quilts I am supposed to bring — do you have a favorite quilt of mine that you think I just HAVE TO share with the ladies on Monday evening?  Click here for the list of quilts I have available to share.  Please let me hear from you!!!


Winter is supposed to return where we live… I am not excited about that!  I am going to try to venture out just for a bit today to take pictures of a few recent magazine quilts.  Wish me some sunshine and warmth, would you?  Thanks for stopping by!  I shall catch up with you tomorrow, hopefully.


Hello Friends,  I have another free-to-use pattern to share with you today.  This one is a bed quilt I designed for Quilting Treasures using their newly released line Ariel, which features floral prints that are fresh and sweet!

High Res_Quilt

Click here to view the entire fabric range.

Click here to download the pattern instructions.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my Ariel bed quilt.  Curious mind wants to know when the last time was you made a bed quilt.

Thank you for stopping by.  I shall catch up with you later.  Have a lovely rest of your day!


[My free to use designs from previous years are listed under “FREE PATTERNS” on the side bar.]

January: A Red Letter Day using Seeing Red (Benartex)

January: Star Struck using Caryl’s Feathers (Benartex)

February: Happy Home House Quilt (Quilting Treasures)

February: Happy Home Runner (Quilting Treasures)

February: Happy Home Throw Quilt (Quilting Treasures)

February: Farmville using Green Farms (Benartex)

February: Zoey’s Flowerbed using Zoey (Benartex)

March: Camp Cozy Quilt (Quilting Treasures)

March: Pretty Little Houses using Tango (Benartex)

March: Ariel (Quilting Treasures)

Counting My Blessings: Sneak Peek

Hello Friends, Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  I managed to find a green hair bow for Miss Baby that totally mis-matches her uniform for school this morning.  But a girl has to have a touch of green for St. Patrick’s Day!

Even though I am struggling to keep up with my schedules, I am counting my blessings!


And when I count my blessings, I count you many times over!  Thank you again for your encouragement — please know that I am very appreciative.  I’d better get back to work.  Have a most lovely day, Dear Friends!

p.s.  Please know that if you have emailed me within the last two weeks and haven’t heard back from me, I am most certainly not ignoring you!  I am ever so slowly digging my way through my exploded inbox – that feels more like a 30ft sinkhole!

p.s.s. Have you voted in the latest round of March Madness at Sew in Love {with Fabric}? Click here to go vote if you haven’t.  Seven  of my designs made the last 16.

My McCall’s Designs, YOUR Quilts!

Happy Monday, Dear Friends.  I hope you had a good weekend, and your week has gotten off a good start!   I am certainly enjoying the sun and slightly warmer weather where we are.

I am always happy to see quilts made with my designs.

1.  Making Valentines in McCall’s Quilting (March/April 2015)


Diana from Georgia made my Making Valentines quilt for her cousin.  Diana calls her quilt Heart to Heart — I love that name!!!  I love seeing the pink and red accents in Diana’s Heart to Heart. Diana’s quilt is quilted by Carrie Rebeiz.



2.  Owl Be Your Friend  in McCall’s Quick Quilts (August/September 2014)

High Res_Owl be your Friend

Marty from California made a space themed quilt for a little boy name Shepard.   I feel so honored because my last name is Sheppard!  Marty adapted the quilt to fit Shep’s double bed.

Shep quilt a 3-7-15

3.  Spiral Squared in McCall’s Quilting (January/February 2014)


Kathy from Wisconsin made Spiral Squared in all grays for her daughter-in-law Carrie to hang above Carrie’s fireplace.  You know how I love gray!!!


Thank you, ladies, for being willing to share the quilts you make using my designs.  And a BIG thank you to the editorial team at McCall’s Quilting for the opportunities to contribute – it’s been an absolutely joy for me to work with the wonderful people at McCall’s!

Have a great week, everyone!


Click here, and here to see quilts made with my designs featured in McCall’s Quilting.

Recap: Recreating Antique Quilts blog hop #2

Happy Thursday, Friends!  I hope you are well.  Thank you again for visiting.  I hope you have had a chance to visit the blogs participating in the second hop for Recreating Antique Quilts.  Click here if you would like to see the projects made in the first hop for Recreating Antique Quilts.

blog hop button

A huge thank you to a few special friends to participated in the hop.  Again, you will see the concept of versatility playing out in that a couple of the projects were made using totally different techniques.  Let’s take a look at the projects, shall we?

1.  Kay gave my Patches & Crosses runner a very warm and sweet up-do!  Click here to see more pictures of Kay’s runner.

Patches & Crosses, Recreating Antique Quilts

Patches & Crosses, Recreating Antique Quilts


2.  Doreen gave my Ivory Baltimore a wholecloth makeover!  If you are into machine quilting, you will enjoy seeing Doreen’s rendition.

Ivory Baltimore, Recreating Antique Quilts

Ivory Baltimore, Recreating Antique Quilts


3.  Lisa is a a cool quilter.  You simply have to see the coolness element she added to her project based on my Stars and Snowflakes table topper project.

Stars and Snowflakes, Recreating Antique Quilts

Stars and Snowflakes, Recreating Antique Quilts

center close-up

4.  The very amazing Karen added a wooly touch to my Ivory Baltimore banner.  Her wooly flowers look amazing.

Ivory Baltimore, Recreating Antique Quilts

Ivory Baltimore, Recreating Antique Quilts


I am heartened, encouraged and inspired to see such talents within my little quilting circle! If you haven’t stopped by these ladies’ blogs to take a look at their work, I hope you will do that soon!  I think there’s still time to enter your name in giveaways of a copy of my book on the respective blogs.

Thank you again, all of you, for your encouragement and support!  I count myself blessed.  Have a lovely rest of your day. :)

March Madness FUN 2015!

Hello Friends, you may remember my Movement in Squares pattern won Benartex’s Fan Favorite last year from their March Madness event.

K movementinsquares with ribbon

Well, it’s time for 2015 March Madness again… a few of my designs made the first round of selection, and Benartex is asking quilters to select their top 3 for the next round of 16.  I will show you in the following the ones I designed that made the first initial round.

So far, I have shared about these designs on this blog.  Click on quilt names to download the free to use patterns.

A Red Letter Day

Design 1a_57.25 x 72.75_high res


High Res_4d_42.5 x 56.5

Pretty Little Houses

Design 1d_51 x 60_solid blue1_high res

Sew Lovely

High Res_4b_61 x 61


High Res_3b_73 x 73


High Res_Sunny Days

Zoey’s Flowerbed

High Res_Design 3_Rework 5

And the next few designs are ones I haven’t shared with you, but made the initial round.  I will post about each of them in the very near future.

Baby Bunny

High Res_3b1_boy

High Res_3b1_girl

Carry On

High Res_Design 1a_52 x 58

Christine’s Rose Garden

High Res_Design 1_Rework 4

Flutter B’s


So, those are the designs (by yours truly) that made the first round.  Would you head on over here to vote your top three among the entire list?  I don’t want you to vote on what you think are the best three designs, not just mine. Designing is NEVER about me.  When I design a quilt, it is about being able to do the fabrics justice, and to be able to come up with a design that pleases and connects with quilters.  So, may the best design win!

I am turning off comments for this post.  But feel free to email me if you have something to tell me. :)

Thank you, FRIENDS!  I hope you have loads of fun judging all the quilt designs. :)  Hugs to you all.