2-Cent Tuesday

Hello Friends, it’s Tuesday again! I hope you are well.

I have another magazine featured quilt to share with you today – Split Decisions in Quilts and More Summer 2021 issue. This one is a little bit out of the box as the quilt only uses 3 fabrics. That almost never happens. But do stay tuned, in a few weeks I hope to share with you another quilt that will hopefully make you laugh when compared with Split Decisions.

This quilt uses my triangle tricks that I had share with you in a previous 2-Cent Tuesday post HERE.


I had shared with you I have a hobbit-hole sized sewing room where I cram every thing sewing/quilting-related into the room so they don’t spill to the other areas of the house. So I have a rather small cutting area. Small cutting area means small cutting mat. Small cutting mat means smaller rulers. Two rulers I can’t live without are: 8″ x 8″ square, and 6″ x 12″ rectangle! I find that I can almost cut any pieces with those 2 rulers. Even when I have to cut a strip that is, say, 3″ x 14 1/2″. I would fold my fabric in half, and cut 3″ x 7 1/4″ using my 6″ x 9″ rectangle. My two cents today is to find your favorite rulers, and use them to fit your circumstances!

That’s it from me today. It’s now your turn — what size(s) is/are your favorite rulers?


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2-Cent Tuesday

Hello Friends, I hope your week got off a stupendous start! I am catching up on my rotations of quilt projects this week. Click HERE if you hadn’t read my two cents on UFOs.

I often receive questions about if fat quarters can be substituted for the yardages listed in my patterns. I often use FQs for my for-sale patterns when possible, mainly because I like that the use of FQs is an easy way to make a quilt look more scrappy. The other reason is that FQs are much easier to store than fabric yardages.

If you ever wonder about the feasibility of using FQs in any patterns, my two cents on that are to either:

#1. determine first the pieces needed for a particular fabric as indicated in the pattern. Then, use pencil and paper to map out a cutting strategy, and see if all the pieces can be cut from a FQ (18″ x 21″). The following cutting diagram used in some of my patterns gives an idea what you can do:

#2. You can also tape pieces of paper together to make a rectangle of 18″ x 21″, and cut out the pieces as if you are cutting from fabric. That way, you don’t waste an actual fabric FQ!

Well, those are my two-cents for today! Happy Quilting, and I hope you have a lovely rest of the week.


Here are a few FQ-friendly patterns from my Etsy shop if you are interested. Click HERE to purchase the pattern pdfs.

Stomping Ground:

Basketful of Blessings


Fanciful Floor

Just Kitten Around


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2-Cent Tuesday

Hello Friends, it is 11.30pm my time on Tuesday, and it looks like I made our 2-Cent Tuesday party in the nick of time! I hope you have had a good day. First off, a new magazine feature in the Summer 2021 issue of Primitive Quilts and Projects! So often browns are used as accent fabrics in blocks. I set out to give the various browns the major role in this quilt design.

And here are my two cents for today: I never cut all my block pieces at one time before sewing. AFTER COMPLETING A TEST BLOCK (always do a test block!), I only cut enough pieces to do the number of blocks in one block colorway. That keep things from being too boring and monotonous for me.

For example, in the brown house quilt above — I would cut enough pieces for one light brown colorway, and sew the pieces together to make the blocks. Then, I cut the second round of fabrics – enough to make blocks of a different colorway, and so forth! I find that I keep my concentration better that way and make fewer mistakes.

And those are my 2-cents for today, now it’s your turn! Happy Quilting, my Friends!


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Season to Taste Book Tour

Happy Friday, Friends — I’d bet you didn’t expect to hear from me so soon! Before I go on, I want to thank you for the comments you left on my previous posts. From now on, I will be responding to your comments a little differently: INSTEAD OF RESPONDING TO SOME OF YOU VIA EMAIL, I AM GOING TO BE POSTING MY RESPONSES AFTER YOUR COMMENTS. I may not always respond to each comment, but I do read all your comments.


Today is my turn in Jessica Dayon’s Season to to Taste book tour! If you haven’t heard of this newly released quilting book, you need to check it out. You may have seen Jessica’s work all over the place, because she is an amazing designer! She hosts many quilt-alongs as well. Check out Jessica’s blog HERE.

Jessica’s book takes you through an entire year of 12 quilts (with complete patterns) according to the seasons. So, it’s a really neat book concept. For my book tour project, I decided to make a mini quilt out of the large leaf block in Jessica’s Gratitude quilt.

I just recently finished a leaf quilt myself, but the way I constructed my leaf blocks was different from the way Jessica constructed hers. So I was intrigued. I followed the steps exactly as prescribed in the instructions. I like the way Jessica made her leaf blocks, especially how to make 4 HST units at one time!

Jessica also hand-embroidered sayings on her large leaf block in the book. I decided to quilt mine instead — because I can quilt much faster than I can do handwork, haha!

I really enjoyed making this mini quilt. I set out with the following goals with this project:

#1. CHECKED! Making a mini red/white solid quilt – for some reason I have never been brave enough to do a red/white solid quilt. So I thought working on a mini first would help me get a feel of things!

#2. CHECKED! Trying a different way to make a familiar block – Jessica’s method is brilliant!

#3. CHECKED! For the last seven years or so, I have been playing with the idea of feathers and letters — and I was able to try it out on this mini quilt! This is the first public sighting of my feathers and letters concept. You will be seeing more feathers & letters from me soon!

I have more technical aspects about this mini quilt to share, but will save that for a different day — because today is Jessica’s day! Would you check out her book HERE?

Till next time — have a great weekend!


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Monday Check-in!

Hello Friends, I hope you had a great weekend. How is it that we are in late January already?

I thought today is a fun day to share a poem Gwen recently wrote of the elephant.

Here goes:

The Elephant

by GKS, Jan 2021

Oh, creature of colossal height!

Oh, creature of such stately might!

Your trunk is like a garden hose

But bigger. And, as for your toes

They are huge! Oh, Mighty One,

When most see you they want to run.

Your trumpeting is louder than

An orchestra. And, having no fan

You slop black mud between your ears

Which takes care of your sweaty fears.

Your tusks! Well, they’re something to see!

For they are made of ivory!

Oh, wonderful! Marvelous to behold!

What a brave creature and bold!

I think we overlook your tail.

You show it off, but to no avail.

So I will help. Oh, lovely tail!

It’s quite thin, quite as thin as a rail.

And your legs! Oh, gracious, they’re like trees!

And just look at those giant knees!

Oh, how could I forget the ears?

With them, one most assuredly hears

Things that us humans do not know

Such as ‘Elephants know their friends from foes!’

Your physique is clumsy, I’m afraid.

It is the truth, it must be said.

However, you can run, if needed.

Your wise advice is quite best heeded

Because of your great memory

And because you are quite, quite free.

And now, my poetry must relent –

Goodbye, my friend, the elephant.

So, how’s your stomp going if you decided to join the fun? Feel free still to jump in anytime. Pat Sloan has the information HERE. Pat’s schedule has 2 more Mondays left after today.

Check out Pat’s Facebook Quilt Along page HERE and see all the different versions of Elephant blocks. Just looking at the fabric choices is most inspiring. Pat Sloan has the information on the quilt along on her blog HERE.

You may purchase the Pattern PDF here. And Fat Quarter Shop has both paper and PDF formats here. I am sewing along and making a second quilt. This is one of my blocks using Woodland Song fabrics by Poppie Cotton.

I want to thank those of you who have purchased my patterns, and supporting my daughter’s college fund! I released two more patterns within the last week. Both are availabe from my Etsy Shop HERE.

Patriot Dream

2. At A Glance — because New Year means new clipboards to keep track of quilt projects.

That’s all for now — I hope you enjoyed Gwen’s little poem, and I will be back tomorrow with my 2-Cent Tuesday!


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Merry Christmas 2020 & Stomping Ground Sewalong

Hello Friends, Merry Christmas to you! I hope you had a blessed one. I know that many of of us weren’t able to do what we usually do for Christmas this year, but I was comforted to know that Christmas is Christmas no matter what I usually do! So this year without our usuals, I was able to focus on the FIRST Christmas, and enjoyed the simple things. My daughter and I even “binge-listened” to Bach’s 6-part Christmas Oratoria in one sitting on the radio, as opposed to, say, watch a group perform live. “Mom, this is really old-fashioned, and I love it!” – said my daughter.

Watching the wildlife that come through our yard is always special.

Earlier in December, my daughter hosted a Christmas party for her American Heritage Girls troop. My oven was working almost 24-7 for several days there while I dried orange slices while my daughter was in school. The orange slices were then used to decorate the centerpieces. I ended up with tree upon tree after the party. What you see aren’t all. I ended up scattering the rest throughout the entire house.

During the hectic craziness leading up to Christmas, I had a red and cream quilt published in the Feb 2021 issue of American Patchwork & Quilting. This quilt has the most half-square-triangle units I have EVER made that go into one quilt – 936 of them! The quilt isn’t hard – just lots of repetitive parts! I had to say the whole process was made really fun because of the pretty fabrics I used. For this quilt, I used La Rouge Rose fabrics by Moda.

And if you subscribe to Pat Sloan’s blog or YouTube channel, you know TODAY is the day! Today starts the sewalong Pat Sloan is doing with my Stomping Ground pattern! Here is a screen shot from Pat’s blog post dated December 21, 2020. Click here for her YouTube episode on how to cut pieces for an elephant with a 10″ layer cake square.

Here are pictures of the quilt I had made before. This version is made with Pat’s Morrison Park fabrics.

Here are a few more color options if you want to join the sewalong but aren’t sure about what fabrics to use:

I am making this quilt the second time with Woodland Songbirds by Poppie Cotton! These fabrics are really sweet. Look me up on Instagram later to see my blocks. My handle is ivory_spring.

Well, where to get the pattern?

From my Etsy shop (pdf download): click HERE.

From Fat Quarter Shop (pdf download): click HERE.

From Fat Quarter Shop (paper format): clikc HERE.

And that is it — Ready, set, stomp for the New Year! Blessings to you all. I shall check in with you after the New Year!


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Answers to a few questions…

Hello Friends, I hope your week got off a lovely start!  I am still chugging along at my end tending to the different irons in the fire!  First off, the second round of flowering has begun on my rose bushes.  Due to the heat, the flowers aren’t as pink as in the early spring.  And they don’t last as long either.


I actually tracked the “life” of a rose on my Instagram stories a couple of weeks ago, trying to see how long it took for a bud to mature into a flower.   With the growing conditions in my reason, I say it’s about 14-18 days.  I never thought it would be that long.



Every week I receive emails from quilters asking where they can purchase stand-alone patterns for kits they see in catalogs like Keepsake Quilting.   Most of the time these patterns are not available as stand-alone for sale patterns because they are exclusive collaborations among all the parties involved in offering a design as kits .  The only way to get the pattern is to purchase the kits.  I have also learned that Keepsake Quilting almost never re-kit a project after their kits sell out.

So if you like a kit you see, it’s probably best to purchase it while it is still available.  Click HERE to check out the kits that I have designed for Keepsake Quilting.  

I thought I would share with you the newest kits available that I had designed with the Walnut Creek fabrics by Windham Fabrics.

Walnut Creek

The first one is Homestead.  Click HERE to purchase the kit.  Remember the house blocks I had shared with you a few weeks ago?  The design is offered as quilt kits using the Walnut Creek fabrics.

Recolorr4_60 x 72

The second one is Plum Creek.  Click HERE to purchase the kit.

Recolor1_Larissa_93 x 93


Receiving frequent requests for my stand-alone patterns is a big determing factor for the launch of my own pattern line in December 2019.  I want to thank those of you who have purchased the patterns.  I am appreciative of your support.  Please know that my editors and myself work really hard to make each of these pattern happen!

Click HERE to see the current offerings.  More will be added within the few weeks.  

All my patterns are non-fabric specific, and oftentimes precuts friendly.  And chances are I am sewing my quilts right along with you!

What if you really like the version(s) of my quilts I have shown in my fabric choices?  Email me, and I am more than happy to share with you names of fabric lines, and pertinent details.

Please also let your quilt shops know that copies of paper pattern are offered exclusively to them.  They just need to email me for details.

Precuts Friendly_FQ_Elliptical

This is one I am working on.  It is actually a log cabin quilt.  In case you missed it, I had blogged about it here.  Pattern is available here.  And here is my latest progress picture.  A quarter of the blocks are made!

Apricot & Ash2

Meanwhile, I am working on these blocks…. details coming soon!

Just Need Shortcake1

Morrison Park1

That’s all for now, Friends.  I am burning midnight oil trying to get a huge quilt completed…. This quilt has more than 850 HST units!  I am crazy, but I have thoroughly enjoyed it.

Take care, and may the bluebird of happiness fly up your nose!


Till next time!


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The last day of Christmas in July…


This is my Christmas quilt, featured in the Autumn 2019 issue of Quilter’s World — on newsstands now!  Complete pattern is in the magazine.

The fabrics I used are Hello My Deer from Michael Miller Fabrics.  These prints are adorable, and they really highlight traditional red and green Christmas colors!

These blocks are incredibly easy to make!

A few tricks:

#1.  We will be dealing with some small pieces to construct this block — as small as 1″ x 1″ squares for the sew and flip method at the bottom corners of stocking cuff.  I like to starch-press to stiffen my small pieces.  That way they won’t be wonky when sewn, and you get a nice crisp seam!

#2.  Time saving tip:  the C and G pieces in the instructions can actually be combined and cut as (1) 2″ x 6″ piece.  That’s what I did here.

To show you how the design is versatile from whimsical to traditional, here is the quilt in traditional floral fabrics:

And here is a version with non-Christmas themed cat fabrics!

I hope you will have making your own Stockings are hung!

One final thought… For an additional personalized touch, how about adding names of your family on the stocking cuffs?

And with that, let me be the first to wish you a Merry Christmas this year!

My stop — Splendid Sampler 2 Quilt Along

Hello Friends!  I hope you who are in the northern hemisphere are keeping yourself safe and warm!  It’s amazing to hear some of the wind chills experienced by some in the country!  Anyhow, I hope you have had a great week.  I got home on Sunday night, and jumped straight back to work the next day in my quest to check off things on my long list.

Cover art

Many of you have joined in the fun Splendid Sampler quilt along, hosted by Pat Sloan and Jane Davidson!  You probably already know of the reprise in Splendid Sampler 2.  I am so excited to share with you that I am one of the Splendid Sampler designers!!

#1.  Click here if you haven’t known about Splendid Sampler 2 to read more about it.

#2.  Click here If you would like to order the Splendid Sampler 2 book that has instructions and templates included in this quilt along,

And TODAY is my turn to share about my Snail and Pail block!  This block is what you’d see in the book.

This original block is inspired by Miss Baby’s beloved watering can she has had for years.  And here is the block I made for my Splendid Sampler quilt.  This quilt is actually for Miss Baby, thus the monogrammed G on the watering can.

I used the embroidery floss from Miss Baby’s Spool-en-dids floss collection to add the embroidery on the block.  Click here if you would like to read about the collection.  You may purchase the collection here.

Have you seen some of the other Splendid Sampler 2 blocks I have made for the quilt?  I have documented all the blocks on my Instragram account under ivory_spring.  Follow me on Instagram to follow along my Splendid Sampler 2 progress. Fabrics are Uppercase Vol.2 by Windham Fabrics.  Click here to view fabrics.

Back to Snail and Pail… I also used the design to make a 10″ x 10″ mini quilt!  I am using it to show that you can place the snail WHEREVER you wish!  Fabrics are Forest Gifts by Michael Miller. Click here to view fabrics.

This picture shows the quilting I did over Hobbs Tuscany Wool batting.  I taught machine quilting all week last week at Road to CA — I was more then ready to do some quilting myself after I got home.

A quick note on the blanket stitches I do around my fusible applique shapes.  I like the buttonhole/blanket stitches small.  You may read more about how I do the stitching here.


Does this Quilt-Along look fun to you?  It is SUPER FUN — trust me!  I like, with the book, that I am able to make the blocks at my own pace.  And the blocks are so versatile I can easily add my own spin to them.  AND the best part is that I am able to see what others have made their blocks on social media sites.  If you haven’t joined, you know you want to!!!


For those who are participating in the Quilt Along, and have actually make the blocks — comment to enter the giveaway of a copy of my book below.  Make sure you indicate in your comment that you have actually make the block(s).  I am interested to know which is your favorite block so far!  This giveaway relies on the honor system — again, ONLY open to Splendid Sampler 2 participants!


I will announce the winner next Thursday (Feb 7, 2019).

That’s all for now, my quilting friends!  Chat with you again soon!

p.s.  I came across a fun article on beginning quilting that would make a great resource for any quilts.  Check it out here.

Back to blog-land just for a little bit…

A Day In Life

Happy Summer, my dear Friends!  I hope you have been well!  One reverberating question that has been playing in my mind is where the time has gone!  It seemed like it was yesterday I picked Miss Baby from school on the last day of her school year back in May, and now we are way into the month of July!

I have really enjoyed having Miss Baby home this summer although she claims I work her harder than her teacher at school! Haha!  I think she is probably right, but I am certainly not keeping score.

Miss Baby is ever inquisitive and happy to go along with my impulsive outings.  We were at a lavender farm where shortly after this picture was taken, my partner-in-crime left me out in the field cutting lavender sprigs while she enjoyed herself in the shade of the farmhouse porch.

Lavender is the thing on Miss Baby’s bed at the moment.  She even made herself a pillowcase because she thought the one I had out for her was too bland!

A Day in Quilt Life

Quiltingwise, I have kept a demanding pace.  But I am not complaining.

A couple of weeks ago, the great and gracious Pat Sloan had me on her podcast!  It was so much fun chatting a little with her about machine quilting, and stitching with Miss Baby.  If you missed the show, you can listen to the show here.

Besides being excited to see my magazine quilts being published,

Rainbow Room in Quilty (July/August 2018)

Playground Plaza in Fons and Porter Easy Quilts Fall 2018 (click here for kits)

I have been doing a bit of hand applique for my Celebrating Mary Brown quilt.  I am using only Lynette Anderson fabrics for this quilt.

I am also a designer included in the Splendid Sampler 2 this year!!  Are you sewing along with the Splendid Sampler since its launch about a month ago? It is a great sew-along especially if you want to challenge yourself to new skills and techniques.  Here is a picture of my Block #3.  Follow me on Instagram (handle: ivory_spring) to see my other blocks.  Due to time constraint, I haven’t been able to update my blog as often as I would like, but if you need anything from me, just send me a direct message to me via Instagram.  I normally respond much quicker on Instagram.

That’s all for now, My Friends!  I would love to hear from you what you’ve been up to this summer.

p.s.  I have MORE fabric boxes to give away — if you can even believe it!!  But it is what it is, haha.  I will post on the giveaway soon!

Long time no chat!!!

Hello Friends, looong time no chat!  I hope you have been well…. and spring has sprung!


If I don’t see another clump of monkey grass for the rest of my life, it would be too soon!  I don’t mean any offense at all to those of you who love monkey grass.  We are in the process of redoing part of our front garden, and that involved having digging up and digging up and digging up existing monkey grass!  I thought it was just going to be an afternoon to get the front garden on the path of living out my vision.  But it turned out to be a much bigger deal, and I am still not finished.  Part of what’s in place of the monkey grass are some new rose bushes.  So far so good — I check for new growth every morning, and keeping my fingers crossed!

Spring is my favorite season.  What is yours?


I have quite a few new designs out.  You might have seen this one on the cover of Keepsake Quilting catalog.  Sweet Berry Farm is my design, and I was so excited it made cover on the catalog.  I actually wasn’t aware of it making cover until my sweet quilting teacher Barbara texted me about it!  This is an exclusive design with Keepsake Quilting.  You may purchase the kit or pattern here and here.  The fun thing about the blocks is that I used Ohio Star units to be the strawberry stems!

Then, I have my Sleeping Cat kit offered through Hancocks of Paducah.  You may purchase the kit here.

And the latest release is my quick and easy Basket Toss quilt!  I love this quilt for its simplicity.  I can’t decide for now whether to use this on my bed or the guest bed.  Complete instructions are in McCall’s Quick Quilts June/July 2018 issue, and kits are available here.

Miss Baby’s Stitching Shenanigans

You remember the confetti handstitching Miss Baby learned to do through the monogram pillow ornament I posted here?  Well, there is a method to my madness…. the confetti stitching was meant to prepare Miss Baby for more structure stitching.

So from this random stitching…

to this…

We are beyond the moon happy a magazine in Australia, Handmade, feature Gwedolyn’s stitching story to celebrate her first thread collection, Spool-en-dids.  She had to answer a questionnaire in order for the story to be written.


Though I have been silent on my blog, things have been happening at my end.  Between home and mother responsibilities, and the regular things I do all things quilting, here are some upcoming exciting happenings.

Next week — I start my 2018 travels.  I will be speaking at Flying Geese Guild in Maryland on May 21.  Public is welcome to attend with an admission.  I will be bringing goodies!

Then, I will be in Tennessee later this summer/early Fall.

It’s to Berne, Indiana I go…. because I will be filming a new machine quilting video class!  Click here if you haven’t known about my existing classes.  I have some step-out samples from previous classes I found the other day that I will be giving away soon!  Stay tuned.  I am also arranging an event with a local guild while I am in IN.  I will share more once I have more details.

I will be home just in time to head to Houston for Fall Market.  Some fun things are being cooked up that I can’t share yet….

AND — I just found out I will be teaching 5 different classes at Road to CA in Jan 2019.  So I hope to see some of you there!

And with that, I need to get going with my day to squeeze in work before I pick up my precious cargo from school.

If all goes well, I will be posting my no scraps left behind giveaway winners tomorrow.  So, I hope you will come back!  Tootles for now.



Quiltmaker May/June 2018

Friends, I hope you have been well!  Are you ready for spring?  I know I am… but the forecast says that we are supposed to have snow this Saturday, and possibly next Monday!  YIKES!!!  With the weather forecast as it is, I think I am going to just stay HOME TO ROOST this weekend (bad pun alert!).  My Home to Roost quilt is featured in the latest issue of Quiltmaker.

quilt-home-to-roost-flatThis is an easy project that I actually designed as a teaching project that can be used to teach beginning quilters to quilt, covering the basic piecing skills in making the different blocks in the quilt.  Because my quilting teacher Barbara was ever so patient with me when she taught me how to quilt (I am forever grateful to her!), a guiding principle in my quilt designs is that I always design something that is appealing enough to entice a non-quilter to take up quilting. :)  You can read more about my design process here.

In the same issue, you will also read a story about my stitching journey with Miss Baby!  It is my hope that my story will inspire many to pass on the love and joy of needle and thread to the next generation, whether with your own children, grandchildren, relatives or even in a school or church or community setting!

This issue is on newsstands now – pick up your copy today!

And of course, if you are looking for kids-friendly colors, do check out Miss Baby’s Spool-en-dids colors!  You can read more about her embroidery floss collection here.

If you have a stitching with kids story — either from your childhood on how you learned to stitch, or projects you are working right now with your daughters or granddaughters, I would LOVE to hear from you!



Well, you are the best for helping me de-stash!  Trust me, my husband and daughter are really grateful too!  Here are the winners from the last round of giveaways.

Box #1:  Dortha

Box #2:  Marge Prewitt

Box #3: Tanya

Box #4:  Mary S.

I have emailed the winners, with information on getting the boxes sent to you!

THANK YOU ALL FOR PLAYING ALONG….. but I have MORE to give away, see below!



So…. I am needing to work on guest room #2, and guess what I found?!  MORE FABRICS — please don’t judge, haha!  I have three more boxes to share!  If you are interested, please leave a comment and indicate which box.  I am only mailing these boxes to US addresses, and you will have to be willing to pay the shipping cost of $17.

Box #1.  Thimbleberries and mystery yardages.

Box #2.  Usable scrap pieces.

Box #3.  Usable scrap pieces + yardages.


Alrightie – Friends, that’s all I have for now.  I hope you are keeping busy, sewing and stitching!  Hugs to you all, and till next time.  Trust me, I have MORE to give away. :)