Thread Talk from my Sewing Machine #9

Good day, my bloggy Friends! I hope you are doing well.

I call the following exercise in free-motion quilting the “tango with me” practice. It is when you try to repeat a previously stitched a free-handed quilting motif, as shown below… I had quilted the loopies on the white sashing strip on the left, and then, sought to repeat as closely as I could on the right strip – all free-handed without prior marking.

This exercise helps you gain more control on moving your quilt sandwich under the machine so that you can quilt exactly where you want your needle to quilt. Besides the pleasing visual effect, once you mastered it, you will find yourself a more confidence quilter at your domestic sewing machine. :)

I am off to piecing a new quilt top. Meanwhile, I hope you have fun tangoing with your needle and thread. Till tomorrow!


13 thoughts on “Thread Talk from my Sewing Machine #9

  1. I love this quilt and would love to see a pattern or the full quilt sometime. Your quilting is inspirational and looks like some fun designs to play with!

  2. That sounds like a good practice exercise. I’m going to give it a try. BTW – looking forward to seeing this entire quilt. What I can see is super cute!

  3. thank you so much wendy for all the tips…i wanted to learn free motion quilting..will get back to you when i get stuck at some place…

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