The “yoyo-ed” invitations

Hello again, Everyone. I am glad you to see you today.

I had gotten these invitations cards made in good ol’ Texas for $0.49:

I wanted to keep the theme of using custom crafted (i.e., homemade) accents on these invitations like I had done for the birth announcements:

So, I came up with the yoyo idea. They were quick to make. I wanted to add some fluffiness to the otherwise merely circular accent, thus the ribbon bows. Then, I layered and sew a button on top of the yoyo/bow assembly. I made sure I caught the ribbon when I sewed the button – that saved me a step from attaching the bow to the yoyo’s:

I attached and centered these lovelies onto the stationery with a piece of double-sided foamy tape. Voila, I now have some personalized invitations to send:

These were so quick and easy to put together! Do try it sometime and add some zing to your invitations. Please note that these invitations will require extra postage because of the bulkiness from the yoyo’s. They cost me $0.64 each. Just so you know… The BEST part of this little project is that only scraps were used to make these accents – I love it when I can use up some of my scraps.

Thank you for stopping by – I hope you have a lovely weekend! I have a busy one. But that means I will have sewing pictures to share with you next week!


13 thoughts on “The “yoyo-ed” invitations

  1. Those are just darling and very clever as well. Love the left overs you used. Happy Birthday to your daughter, wow, a year old already. Does it even seem possible? No probably not. I hope she has a terrific day!

  2. So cute! And I love the ornament done in the pink! I made that one with my little (step)granddaughter when she was here, for her to take home and put on her tree. Wishing your sweet girl a happy 1st! :)

  3. Happy Birthday Gwen for Jan the 11th. Isabella had her birthday 2 days ago and she loves her tricycles that Ya-yah gave her. Love the invitations – Hugs Natima

  4. My goodness Wendy, your blog certainly is a constant source of inspiration! Those invitations are beautiful. And Happy Birthday to sweet Gwen. I bet you can’t believe that she’s a year already!!

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