Thread Talk from my Sewing Machine #40

Happy Friday, Friends!  I hope you have had a good week.  I want to thank you all for chiming in on quilting ideas for this image I had shown you earlier this week.   I enjoyed reading creative quilting ideas.

A quick recap on the quilting area:  it is rectangular, measuring 4.5″ (width) and 5.5″ (length) with a 1.5″ square in the middle.  So, while 4.5″ x 5.5″ sounds rather large, the “white” area is really not that large after it’s being “intruded” by that square in the center.

[Before I begin showing you the options I considered — please please note that I am learning with everyone else.  I have expressed to many of your privately, and I will do so publicly… I do NOT (ever!) consider myself some kind of expert or diva.   The quilting options I consider are always restricted by the fact that most of the time I only have about 5-6 hours to quilt a quilt due to magazine deadlines.  So, what I end up quilting and what I would love to quilt on a quilt are often different!  For that reason, I often feel like a “dollar store” free-motion quilter.]

With that in mind, here is option 1 – classic geometric with fillers giving the area the illusion of a separate pinwheel block in the background.

Option 2 – a fun free-motion echoing around the square with straight lines and circles.

Option 3 – dishes were used to mark the arcs for a floral motif, highlighted by McTavishing.  [Hey!  I have to somehow justify all those dishes I have are “essential” to quilting besides their intended purposes!]

Option 4 – geometrical lines are used to give the illusion of a paper-pieced block.

Option 5 – A free-handed floral motif radiating from the center of the square.

Now I will share with you how my little brain synapses processed those options.

#1: Quite a bit of marking, and the pebbles will take a bit of time to quilt

#2: No marking required (yay!), but since it is rectangular, it will be hard to make sure the echoes around the square to evenly fill the rectangular quilting area.  The schematic showed that toward the top, there is a gap.  Would be perfect for a square quilting area, but not rectangular.

#3.  Love this, but the marking will require some time.

#4.  Love, love, love this – how I wish I had six months to quilt this quilt, and not just 6 hours!

#5.  Definitely a viable candidate as there is no marking involved, and the symmetry issue isn’t too much of a concern. But might not go with the general feel of the quilt.  Unfortunately, I can’t show you the entire quilt for now.  I will though, soon enough!

The suspense is over — this is what I ended up doing… a spineless feather wreath to fit the rectangular area. My first attempt at quilting rectangular feather wreaths turned out to be more than satisfactory in the visual effect department.   [You can click here to read about how I free-hand my feather wreaths.]  Quilting went really quick, and with minimal marking.  I used a wine glass to draw a symmetrical boundary around the square so that I know where to start and end my feathers.  That was the only marking I had to do.  The feathers were all free-handed.

I hope this post gives you a glimpse of what goes on behind-the-scenes where Ivory Spring quilts are concerned!  So much of what I do at this point in my life is directly related to time management… and I do sometimes look forward to the day I can finally spend 6 months quilting a quilt!  But until then, my world is constantly whirling at top speed.

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you have a lovely weekend ahead of you.  I will see you again on Monday.

p.s.  Can you believe we are at #40 for my Thread Talk posts?!  WOW!!  How time flies…


20 thoughts on “Thread Talk from my Sewing Machine #40

  1. Thank you for giving us insite into how you come up with solutions for quilting areas . That is the hardest part for me. I have finished tops several years old that I just put away because I didn’t know how to quilt them. This really helped.

  2. What a creative mind you have. I loved all of your options but have to confess that the feathers would have been my choice. I certainly understand your comments on time restraints. I don’t have the same as you but it takes so much time to learn a new q.pattern (sketching, doodling) that I am often tempted to do a familiar pattern. Feathers are my favorite. Jackie

  3. I LOVE what you did here – and would love to see one where you do have the time to get really fancy, your drawings really intrigue me! But I think this was the perfect option given your time constraints.

  4. Thanks for showing us how you come up with solutions for your quilting areas. You have given me idea and things to think about that have never occurred to me before. This is a great post and I’m looking forward to seeing the entire quilt!

  5. I use loads of bowls, platters, plates and glasses for marking too! You need a lot so you can find the one that’s just the right size! Out of interest, what do you mark with? I like your summary of how you elmiminated the options – I often work in a similar way.

  6. Well now I know why I don’t do a good job at free motion… I had no patience when it comes to marking a quilt.. I also would not know where to start lol.. And drawing forget about that.. I so admire what you do, and you do it so well on a domestic machine. Can you imagine the possibilities on a mid arm or long arm. Hugs

  7. I enjoyed that. I hadn’t thought about the time constraints with quilting due to deadlines, but I can see how that would make a difference with what you can do. But no matter how much time you have your quilts all turn out beautifully.

  8. Feathers are definitely your “thing”….beautifully executed and so adaptable to all spaces (at least when YOU do them…hehe!). #4 is a motif that would translate well, also (time consuming but so much fun!!). Looking forward to the big reveal!!!

  9. thanks for that I followed along, but didn’t have an idea in my head. I love all of the ideas that people came up w. like you I love the #4. But like you said it is a time management think. and you do feathers really REALLY well. when time is in the picture, go w what you know.

  10. Wendy, if you’re the Dollar Store quilter, then I’m the toothless quilter selling seafood out of the back of a pickup truck behind the 7-11. That’s all I have to say about that!

    Your rectangular feather wreath looks fabulous, but I’m so intriqued by the other options. If you ever have time to revisit them, even just as samples, I’d love to see how some of those would look quilted out, especially #1 and #4!

  11. I love what you cam up with, like you say time was not on your side, but some of the quicker jobs look the best!
    I always think you do a fabulous job & you DON”T have a big ego to boot!
    happy quilting!
    I really like #1

  12. Option#4 was definitely my favorite too. I do like the way you quilted the feathers around it.
    A bigger version of pebbles might have worked too with Option#1. Instead of marking to speed things up you could have choose free-form pebbles.

    Feathers are not still my comfort zone. Need to work on that FMQ more to get there.

  13. Got your note. Am on vacation until mid October, visiting my grand babies, but will when I get back. I like the idea of practicing or trying out different designs by making a couple extra blocks and experimenting before quilting on the actual quilt.

  14. Wendy, I’ve been reading your lovely, helpful posts for far too long without saying how much I enjoy them. Thank you for helping to de-mystify such designs as feathers for me. One day I’d love to be able to quilt these as well as you!

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