Thread Talk from my Sewing Machine #34

Hi Friends!  I hope you are doing well.   I thought I would share with you a fun quilting motif I recently “discovered”.  I am sure I am not the first person who came up with the idea, so don’t quote me. :)  But here goes.  The inspiration for this motif is none other than the jester’s hat!  See?   I told you it’s going to be fun…

[images from Google Image]

The key in quilting this motif is NEVER echo to move around.  Instead quilt another hat “tentacle” to go places.  See if you can understand what I mean from the following series of images:

Here you can see the motif in action:

I thought this motif is a fun and informal one in that it affords quite a bit of movement that creates a nice texture on a fun fabric.  Do try it out, and let me know what you think!


41 thoughts on “Thread Talk from my Sewing Machine #34

  1. Oh I love your crayons I think I might be able to handle this. I will try it tomorrow I love the look. I think it is time to try it on paper. I am so impatient that I go directly to the fabric, and it does not look great ;) so I will give it a try..

  2. Hey Wendy!!!!
    Love the jester motif and can’t wait to try it……What kind of pens are the ones you used? And did you use them on your material??? Be happy and keep up the beautiful quilting… BJ

  3. I love the “jester hats!” You make it look so easy. I’m looking forward to coming back to all of these Thread Talk posts, one at a time, as I work my way up to them.

    • I’ve been surfing on-line for more than 4 hours today. I really learned a lot because of this. This adventure runs into many challenges, during that time, your world view will change. You appear to know a great deal about this subject. What you have achieved here on your site has had a huge impact on the industry. If you ever started a cult, I would be first in line.

  4. A wonderful quilt motif. Thank you so much, lovely idea. I’m going to use it today on a dust cover I have made for my sewing machine. Thank you Wendy.

  5. What a great design Wendy! I have been trying to think of a design to use in the last border of the quilt I am working on, and this might be the ticket lol. The fabric is a nice cream coloured tapestry, with a very nice design. I think that this would work well, and not take away from the pattern of the fabric. Thanks Wendy! And happy stitching!

  6. I’ve never been able to master this FMQ design, but love it. And, I love how you gave me the ability to visualize it better, by thinking of this Jester’s Hat. I’m looking forward to using your tutorial/insights to give it a try and hopefully master it. Great design.


  7. Thank you so much for sharing, it really helps me visualize how you start and actually continuing on with the design.

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  9. HI there yes you are playing, I have also, well fooling around, with sewing some Embroidery stitches, I wanted to try some things and I just hope it will work for what I want to do and see, however your Jester hat is lovely and will look great, I think all of us should play with different patterns don’t you? love that idea, i feel like goofing off it is hot out,,you take care and have fun goofing off,,lol angeljeanne (jeanne) xoxo

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  11. At first I did not like the Jester’s Hat and thought I would not use it. After practicing for a while it got a little easier and when I needed to quilt a small qult I decided to give it a try. I quilted the entire quilt with the Jester’s Hat and now I love it! It is one of my “go to” designs now. Thanks for sharing this with us.

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