Accuquilt Blogger Spotlight: Tango with HST’s

Hi Friends,

I am on the latest Accuquilt’s Blogger Spotlight (2012 – Volume 13)!  Click here to read the full article.

Here are some of my quilts that are constructed with HST’s:

1.  Flower Duet

2.  Cascade of Leaves

3.  Christmas Hospitality Runner

4.  Home is where the Quilt is

5.  Country Breeze

6.  April Flowers

7.  Sunshine in my Soul

8.  Dancing Daffodils

9.  Bluebird Ballad

So, what do you think of triangles in quilts or any artwork?  Nosy mind wants to know.

Thanks for stopping by, Dear Friends!  Have a great day!!

17 thoughts on “Accuquilt Blogger Spotlight: Tango with HST’s

  1. Love triangles! They dont always come out perfect, but that is kind of why i like them, they keep me from being able to be perfect. There is only One person who’s creations are perfect, right!
    Love that you share your pics, inspiring and comforting some how. My daughter is traveling on a mission trip as we speak and there is a visa cerfuffle, so it is a bit hard to focus, so i look at pics and read blogs about quilting when my brain cant settle to do much of my own stuff.
    Have a great day!

  2. Wow, didnt notice that they’re all made up of triangles… :) Love the triangles, and love this quilter more! HUGS!

  3. I love them and for most people with time or pain issues, you have to do what will take the least from you. Your work is so enjoyable.

  4. Love HST and really appreciate the techniques we/I use these days to quickly put them together. Years ago, when I was still hand piecing and quilting, the process seemed to take forever but now they can be turned out so easily in multiples!!! Lovely pictures!!!

  5. Okay… I’ve noticed some other quilting bloggers mentioning this Go and Go Baby cutting system. I haven’t seen it used in person — is it really SO much better than rotary cutting with rulers? Do you use it for pretty much everything, or just basics like HSTs in sizes you use often? And which one do you have? I know that you’re frequently racing against the clock to meet publication deadlines, so I’m sure that the time savings are worthwhile for you. What about for more recreational quilters like me? My concerns about the Go cutters are:

    1. Yes, you can cut a lot at once, but you lose the ability to fussy-cut and control pattern placement, right?
    2. The COST!! Is it really worth the investment if you already have basic rotary cutting skills and tools?
    3. I would worry that I would feel restricted by the dies, and that might limit creativity. You know, I would feel like I should be cutting with the Go cutter once I spent so much money on it, so I might not make quilts that call for other sizes/shapes.
    4. Especially with applique shapes — I’m sure those are a pain to cut out, but I wouldn’t want to be using the exact same flower and leaf shapes as every other Go quilter. Can you send in a line drawing of the applique shape you want and order a custom die when you want to create an original applique?
    5. Is this like the BSR, which looks magically effortless in the promotional videos, but actually still takes lots of practice and patience to master? I mean, would my process instantly speed up if I added a Go cutter to my studio, or would I have hours of practice and a couple yards of ruined fabric to work my way through before I got the hang of it?

    By the way, I have noticed that you use low-contrast pieced backgrounds for your applique work, and I LOVE IT. :-)

    Now I’m thinking about how long it took me to cut out all my Drunkard’s Path blocks, how the rulers would slip or the fabric would distort around the bias. I really only fussy-cut the big prints one piece at a time. UGH, this sewing is an expensive, slippery slope. Isn’t it funny how people who don’t sew think that we’re saving so much money? Ha ha ha!

    • Rebecca, I LOVE my Go and Studio cutters. I quilt a LOT so they are worth it for me. Yes, they were expensive, but they are super accurate. I do a lot of charity quilting and have high school kids help with cutting using the Studio fabric cutter and so they can cut up scraps like nobody’s business. I don’t use the applique dies, although I have most of them. I just haven’t learned how to do applique yet, but it is one of my goals. You can find most of the dies on ebay for much less than you would in the stores. I don’t find myself limited by the shapes out there, because there are so many shapes and Accuquilt is always coming out with new ones. Join the Facebook group and ask if anyone is close to you so maybe you can try it out. If you are near me, I’d love to have you come and try out both the Go and Studio so you could see how much fun they are to play with. Yes, you can custom make your own dies for the Studio fabric cutter, not the Go.

  6. Good morning Wendy :-)
    I was reading your article at AccuQuilt last night, and it is awesome! I don’t yet have the system… I am kinda waiting for the Retreat in June and then I will be spending my GC! I can’t wait to learn more about AccuQuilt! Thanks for sharing and inspiring us with all of your quilts – you rock!!

  7. Oh my this is a lot of eye candy! Beautiful quilts. You ask about where I store my dishes…I wonder where you store all your quilts!

  8. Congrats! Love hst’s – haven’t been brave enough to do a whole quilt with them, given my sub-par piecing skills, but may try wonky ones soon!

  9. I love the AccuCut system. I used them for scrapbooking but always had to wait for a workshop so that I could use the instructor’s equipment and dies. Then came AccuQuilt and I had to have it. Magnificent tool! Great for applique projects too. I love your HST trunk show.

  10. Wendy – I would also be iterested in your reply to Rebecca Grace. A go cutter
    is something on a big wish list – you use it so well. Love your work …still :)

  11. How did you get picked to be a spotlight blogger? Did you have to ask, or did they just find you? I love my Accuquilt so much and have so much to say about the product (and blog about it all the time) but can’t seem to figure how to get my blog highlighted.

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