Warm Blessings in Quilter’s World (December 2012)

Hello Friends, warm blessings to you all no matter in which hemisphere you live in the form of a newly featured quilt “Warm Blessings”  (in the December 2012 issue of Quilter’s World).  I have had the words of “Count Your Blessings” ringing in my mind all day, and my heart is filled with thankfulness.

[image source: Quilter’s World]

I designed this quilt for my piecing friends – those who LOVE to piece.  Although I am not passionate about piecing, I do appreciate the mosaic effect that emerges from sewing together small patches.  This particular quilt was also designed in response to a call for the theme “Nine-patch Variations” by Quilter’s World.  You can see the 9-patches peeking at you here and there from the design, and because of the way the blocks are colored, a secondary “braided” effect is also visible.

The quilt was made using Benartex’s Rustling Leaves — this collection has really beautiful autumn fabrics that are warm and rich in colors.

Here are a few shots with some fall-colored things – an orange purse (my very fashionable sister assures me it’s completely okay to walk around with an orange purse), a few pumpkins, and one of Miss Baby’s homemade autumn cards that we have mailed out to friends.

Quilting was done with an allover Jester’s Hat motif using Aurifil Mako 50 Cotton threads over Hobbs Tuscany Silk Batt. You can see from some of the shots I had used a variegated thread.

I want to briefly highlight the glass pumpkin you see in the pictures.  I had recently discovered glass artist Luke Adams, and I am telling you…. he makes some really amazing decorative pumpkins!  Click here to see his offerings.

I hope you have enjoyed my Warm Blessings quilt showing a nine-patch variation theme.  I am interested to hear what you think of it.

Thank you for stopping by.  May the rest of your week be filled with many blessings.


21 thoughts on “Warm Blessings in Quilter’s World (December 2012)

  1. REALLY like this pattern!! I absolutely love piecing…it’s really my favorite part of the process! I can envision this in some wonderful bright batiks also!

  2. Absolutly love the pieced quilt! When I first saw it I was thinking How did she do that???? I also love the galss pumpkin. So very Cute.

  3. What a pretty quilt. A friend wants me to make her a quilt and didn’t know what she wanted. I sent her a link to this and she loves it! You don’t happen to have a kit for it? I know-wishful thinking-but in case she wants to go that route everything would be there.

  4. AMAZING! Wendy, you have outdone it this time. The quilt, the simplicity of the quilting, the colors, the displays, and all! I just can’t stop looking. Checking out the glass pumpkin too. Sis’s birthday is 10/31. She always gets a pumpkin from me. Keep it up.

  5. I love it! I would never put orange and red together, much less next to each other, but darned if they don’t look GREAT! I’m also a big fan of those secondary patterns and would love to know how you made that happen!

  6. Ooh! I love the warmth of the design and colors. Headed to quilt retreat tomorrow. Wish you could join us. We have such a fun marathon/time. ;)

  7. Those colors are amazing and it always fascinates me how the secondary pattern can emerge……sometimes quite unexpectedly! Those glass pumpkins are awesome! I wish I had storage room for some of the beautiful seasonal pieces that are out there! Will have to take a look at that issue (and just when I had promised NOT to purchase any more mags!!!!). That quilting pattern works so well with such a variety of quilt patterns….must get to practicing…..soon! Hugs, Doreen

  8. I love the quilt and admire you for all this piecing. I have pieced a crazy quilt table topper/ wall hanging and it drove me crazy. I am not sure I would enjoy piecing a queen size quilt just yet. I still love the appliqué ones. Have a blessed weekend.

  9. It’s really pretty. I love the secondary design, and the quilting. Thanks for designing such lovely quilts, and sharing your ideas.

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