Sweet Shoppe in SIMPLE QUILTS & SEWING (Winter 2012)

Hello Friends, I showed you this sneak peek a few months ago…

Now I can show you the quilt in its entirety!  Here it is… tadah!!

[Image Source: Simple Quilts & Sewing]

My Sweet Shoppe quilt is my first ever quilt being featured by Simple Quilts & Sewing by QUILT magazine.  Needless to say, I am more than excited.  Let’s walk in the Sweet Shoppe a bit and sample the different flavors, shall we?  The good thing is the sugar sweetness featured today is completely calorie-free!

Let’s start with my favorite — Belgian dark chocolate with raspberry bits in the swirl.

And then, we have here the espresso delight.

I call this the caramel coffee bean sensation.

And here is strawberry creme-filled white chocolate.

Here are a few fruity-flavored fusions.   Try saying that really quick three times. ;)

And the last one we have here in our sampler is New England peppermint.

The fabrics I used in the quilt are from RJR’s The Sweet Scoop (design by Dan Morris) and Crazy for Dots and Stripes collection.  Click on the mentioned fabric lines to see the full range of fabrics in the collections.  Honestly, how could anyone not love those fabrics? ;)

You will notice that my candies take on a bit of a dimensional look — that’s because I actually stuffed my candies before fusing the circles shut.

I used bows tied from ribbons to add a bit of something to the finished candies.

Quilting was kept simple for the whimsical feel of the quilt.  As always, quilting was done using Aurifil Mako 50 Cotton threads over Hobbs Tuscany Silk batting.  You can see my Jester’s Hat quilting motif in the border.

You may email Bear Paw Quilts & More at bearpawquilts@sti.net (Phone number 559-683-7397) if you wish to purchase the quilt kit.  Price is $47.50 for quilt top and binding.

I hope you enjoyed our little visit to the Sweet Shoppe together.

Have a sweet-alicious day!

39 thoughts on “Sweet Shoppe in SIMPLE QUILTS & SEWING (Winter 2012)

    • This post definitely has all of the info and facts I wanted. I just can’t say thanks enough times for what has been done here. Your page really made me think about things. Listen to your gut then back it up with some facts and data.

  1. Wendy, you have outdone yourself yet again! I LOVE the ribbons, the frills, the trapunto effect on the candies… Please tell me that you digitized the applique for the inside swirl on the candies and that’s how you got that skinny little spiral piece blanket stitched so perfectly? If not, what’s your secret?

    You know, this would be a fun quilt to do with Halloween fabrics, too, and then it would be Trick or Treat candy! Congratulations on yet another inspiring quilt!

  2. And just when I have completed “shoveling out” my sewing room (yesterday) and absolutely SWORE to DH that I would NOT be purchasing any more mags and I would be allowing my subscriptions to run out…..why, you ask??? I think you can guess—-I won’t live long enough to use all the fab patterns contained in the mags I have now!! (Sorry for shouting!) Having said that, I will consider it a ‘must’ to just “check” out this latest special interest edition!!! Sigh………My intentions were strong but (alas) the will is weak!!

  3. Wendy! What a special quilt! You used the fabrics to perfection! Or, should I say “confection?” It is unique and special, good enough to eat!

  4. Amazing job Wendy.
    The best parts of creating the art for fabrics is seeing the incredible, creative projects that talented people like yourself use them in.
    Keep up the great work.

    Dan Morris
    Dan Morris Design
    RJR FAbrics

  5. About the candies – very sweet – thank you a lot for share whit us. Here in Brazil, for this kind of surprise, we call – tchan, tchan, tchan …. Congratulations.
    Where/how I can purchase only de pattern? If you have, I prefer the donwloadeble version.
    Unfortunately I can not buy the kit because the hight importation tax.

  6. I was reading about your designs on SewCalGal so decided to visit your blog. This quilt is so beautiful. It’s so cheerful. I’ll look for that Simple Quilts issue.

  7. WOW! Congrats, Wendy, and this is PRECIOUS. SO are you. Loved the picture and the quote in the mag. I’m so very proud of you. You amaze me always.

    Love you,

    Sheila :-)

  8. I LOVE IT!!! She is just the most darling of little quilts and oh so sweet. I always read what you write before I open the pictures. I was so surprised at how I reacted. Love the swirls, the stuffing, the gathered ends with the ribbons topping it all off. You did a great “challenge” project! The fabrics worked so well together. I was happy to see that the fabric designer loved what you accomplished, too.
    donna j from kansas

  9. What a fun and delicious little quilt Wendy!!! I can’t believe how talented you are :*) You just keep dishing out one gorgeous quilt after another! I picked up the Quilting for Christmas issue yesterday with the Midwinter Night pillow in it – I’m excited about making up those cute cardinals. Several of my friends are going out to buy the issue too after I showed them the pictures :*)

    SewCalGal did a great blog post on you & your quilts today too. You go girl!!!!

  10. I sure have a sweet tooth and this is adorable. I love it!! I have a list so long on quilts that I want to do but this looks so much fun!! I may have to try to find this magazine. Have a wonderful weekend. Carol

  11. OMG. What a fab little quilt. I love it. Got to have a go at one next. As ever you are an inspiration. Keep up the food work.

  12. I tried to purchase the kit but couldn’t click through to the link on Bear Paw Quilts & More Link. Is there a new link for the kits or are they sold out? I LOVE the quilt! VERY, VERY cute!

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