Tuesday Tidbits & Thread Talk From My Sewing Machine #68

Hello Friends – we had snow yesterday, and now the snow should be melting away.  I saw SUN — SUN is good!!! Yesterday, I chatted with Pat Sloan about precuts… did you hear it?  If you missed it and still want to brave listening to me, the link to the podcast is here.  A shout out to Pat for having me!

American Patchwork Quilting Pocast episode 294 Wendy Sheppard

You may read more about my Creative New Quilts & Projects book here.  The book page will be updated as I post more information about the book.  Something exciting is afoot as well regarding my book.  So, stay tuned!

AND — between now and Friday this week, my publisher is offering 20% off the cover price of the book.  Click HERE to purchase your copy, or HERE if you prefer it as a pdf download!



And I am happy to announce the winner of my Learn to Machine Quilt online class giveaway from two Fridays ago.  The winner is: AnnD (#22).  I have written you an email as well.  Someone at Annie’s will be in touch with you regarding the setup of your class!  Thank you all for entering!


NOW — A bit of Thread Talk!  Have you ever been in a situation where you can’t quite see the markings from your fabric marker because the ink is either the same color as your fabric, or that the fabric is too dark, and as a result your markings aren’t quite showing up?  That happened to me in my most recently completed quilt.  My blue fabric marker markings didn’t show on the blue fabrics in my quilt.  I rarely mark when I quilt because I am a bit lazy, but I had to mark for this particular quilt because I was doing all straight line quilting.  And I chose the intersection all happening on/near my blue blocks…  (because I have a knack of making more work for myself).  SO, instead of going over the markings with a white marker, I used a VERY thin ruler (mine is less than or very close to 1 mm thick) to guide while I straigut-line-quilted on the blue/dark blocks.  Worked like a charm!!!  Try it, you might like it.  [For this particular quilt, I wasn’t doing uniform 45-degree cross-hatching, so, I couldn’t get by with using the ruler to do all the quilting.  But I was happy #1.  I didn’t have to re-mark on the spots I couldn’t quite see, and #2.  The ruler-guided straight line quilting gave me STRAIGHT lines!]


Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you were able to add yet another little trick to your quilting tool box!  Till next time.


4 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits & Thread Talk From My Sewing Machine #68

  1. I could just see me sewing right through that ruler lol! Glad to see that it worked for you! I tried to use a quilting ruler and found out how uncoordinated I am! (((hugs))) to you and Ms. G!

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