WINNERS & Quilty Sweetness

Hi Friends,  I hope you are doing well!

Things are happening at a crazy pace, but I do want to let you know I have picked the winners for the giveaways.  Congrats to all the winners – please email me your mailing address.  Thank you ALL for playing along!

The winners for my Quilts and More giveaway are:

Laurie Walton (comment #1)

Denise Briggs (comment #74)


The winners for my American Patchwork & Quilting giveaway are:

Michelle Browning (comment #4)

Deborah (comment #79)


The winner for Marie Bostwick’s Ties that Bind giveaway is:

Sandy from St. Louis (Sandy should already be taken care of)


And now a bit of quilty sweetness…  I have always maintained that quilters are one of the sweetest groups of people.  The generosity quilters show to others (loved ones and strangers alike) is simply astounding!  Chris, a regular reader, happened to have an extra copy of Quilts and More she informed me she would be more than happy to give away.  She left her comment about how the extra copy came about:

“Have a funny story to tell. Wednesday was my day to go to town, we live 30 miles away so its somewhat of a big deal and usually a day long thing. I had several things on my list and had gotten several things done when I decided to go to Books a Million to get a magazine or two before I ate dinner and finished the one or two other things I needed. I had forgotten what magazine you had mentioned to be looking for with your newest article on applique, and thought if I can’t find it I’ll go back later to get one. So I found the two magazines I wanted, one was American Patchwork&Quilting and the other was Quilts&More(!!!). I proceeded to go for my favorite food , Lebanese hummus and grilled chicken kabobs. While eating I found your article, couldn’t believe how lucky I was to find the magazine! Had picked the just the right ones!!!
After dinner, I decided I needed some new shoes. When I got out of the car and closed the LOCKED door, I realized I didn’t have the keys. My husband was at work and didn’t want him to have leave to bring me a key so I called my daughter and asked for help. Told her I would go through the shoe store and then walk over to the Books a Million store to wait for her.
So I knew I was going to have at least an hour’s wait for her to go and see her Dad and get the key from him, then come to the bookstore. So I thought I’ll find another quilting magazine to look at because the other two were locked in the car! Had completely forgotten what the titles were of the first two magazines, so I looked through the magazines for my second purchase(guess what magazine I picked?). Quilts and More!”

Ellen of Hawaii, also a regular reader, had written me it was hard for her to find Quilts and More in her corner of the world.  I alerted Chris about Ellen — and Chris generously mailed her extra copy to Ellen!  I just thought that was such a sweet gesture!  Thank you Chris, and thank you quilters for all the sweet kindness you have shown others!  May you be blessed for blessings others.  We definitely need more sweet little gestures in our world, don’t we?

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8 thoughts on “WINNERS & Quilty Sweetness

  1. Ivoryspring, thank you for sharing that wonderful story. I agree that quilters seem to be the nicest, most generous people in the world. At a recent quilt class, my table-mate said she had visited a quilt shop for the first time and found some fabric that she had been looking for. When she got to the counter to pay, she realized that she didn’t have her wallet or checkbook. No problem! The quilt shop owner let her take her “purchases” and mail a check for payment.

  2. Congrats to the winners!
    What a sweet story, try here in NZ, the American magazines are hard to find you have to subscribe & even then we are guaranteed our copy!
    Just to let Chris know somehow once I locked BOTH sets of keys in our car! :-/

  3. Congrats to all! The quilting community, indeed, is a special one. A more giving, tender hearted group would be very difficult to find! Am humbled to be part of it! Thanks for the wonderful post, Wendy….blessings, D

  4. I think it’s not just quilters but all who enjoy doing things with their hands. I’m part of a wonderful group of sewers, quilters, knitters and crocheters who make baby items for the preemie intensive care units in our area. Some are making beautiful burial gowns from donated wedding dresses, so that parents have just lost a baby don’t have to worry about finding something for their baby to be buried in. Those who are knitting/crocheting making caps that would hardly fit your fist! They are the ones who are blessing. When at the end of our meeting, at you look down the long tables of several hundred items that have been made, each item is made with a prayer for the baby and the families, that is what part of the sewing community is all about.Knowing that each item will be used by some baby, is just heartbreaking but at the same time a blessing because we know we are doing what God would have to us to. We just want to help if we can! Sorry of the long message but I couldn’t help writing it! Chris

  5. Wendy, The kindness of your followers is because of the wonderful gifts that you share and your pictures and talents. I feel like you are right next door.
    You are a very gifted and talented young lady and I feel honored just to get to share in your beautiful work. Thanks for all you do and the inspiration to get things done under pressure and still be sweet and kind!

  6. …and this is ellen from Hawaii with a great big ‘mahalo’ to Chris and Wendy. I cannot begin to tell you how many times I have bought the same magazine twice–sometimes thrice! That’s not all–I have subscribed to the same magazine twice! Not to mention that magazine subscriptions take anywhere from two to four weeks to arrive in Hawaii–it’s pony expressed to the West Coast and then put on the first canoe heading to Hawaii. I kid you not. And locking keys in the car? Has anyone ever locked keys in the car with the car running?

    It’s a long story, and I apologize for it. I have lots more I can tell but my best story of all are about the quilters on this remote area of the island and how generous they are. Our group, in just the past seven years, have raised more than $150,000 for the only hospital within a 130-mile stretch. It is so heartwarming to be with quilters. I am so honored to to know Wendy and Chris.

    My sincerest Aloha to all quilters worldwide.

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