Spice Garden in THE QUILTER (August/September 2011)

My Spice Garden quilt is officially featured in the latest issue of The Quilter

This quilt combines pieced and applique blocks to make a secondary design of spinning stars. Can you spot them?

I designed this quilt with using only three fabrics – a mottled beige, a leaf print and the dominant floral print. The fabrics are from Blank Quilting‘s Mayu and Illusions collections. For the record, I absolutely love that print. Nonetheless, the fabrics used for this design are easily swappable depending on what you have in your stash that you need to use up.  Of course for quilters, we never really need to use up those fabrics in our stash.  They are for other projects. :)

For those who might be gravitated toward a sunnier colorway, I re-worked the quilt design using the bright floral fabric swatch from the same collection:

The floral print fabric was also used in the flower applique. Since I did not fuzzy cut the prints, each flower in the applique blocks took on its own personality.  I love that effect!

Quilting is an allover swirl design, quilted even on the applique motifs. I used my usual ingredients: Aurifil Mako 50 over Hobbs Tuscany Silk Batt.  Kits to replicate this quilt are sold at www.quakertownquilts.com.

The quilt is now on its way to another editor’s desk.  If it is returned to me early enough, I will be using this quilt in my autumn decorations. The rich hues of  the fabric print remind me of a golden autumn afternoon.

Curious mind wants to know if you have any work-in-progress autumn-ish projects.  They don’t have to be quilty.  If so, please feel free to share.   Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you have a lovely day!

29 thoughts on “Spice Garden in THE QUILTER (August/September 2011)

  1. Wendy, it is so hard to believe that it is already July. Wasn’t it just Christmas?? I have one fall ufo quilt top that I am hoping to add borders and finish up for this year. Fall will be here before you know it!

  2. That’s a beautiful quilt – I love how the swirls enhance the flowers!! I have fabrics purchased & a pattern picked out for a fall table runner – it’s purple, orange & deep green. Not my usual colors, but they seemed to all go together well. We’ll see if it gets done before next year!

  3. Lovely quilt…. and don’t we wish for fall weather? I am not doing fall things right now. I’m working on a Red/white/blue Arkansas Crossroads quilt on the sewing maching and a winter quilt with hand embroidery on it.

  4. How ironic that I’m having a hard time keeping up with my email, and have to make sure I find yours in the bunch (a top priority !). I don’t have time to get to my email to see what you’ve spent 100 hours working on—too funny. Love the idea of an autumn quilt—it’s so beautiful here in New England in the fall. Must get to quilting when I can finish the job list–hoping that happens this year ! :-)

  5. The quilt is beautiful. I see the stars, but more importantly, I see a wonderful lattice for the flowers to “climb” on.

  6. Absolutely stunning Wendy! Generally purchase the mag anyway…now ill for sure. Love the fabrics…said no more purchases til I use more of my stash…but it is calling me (in the autumn shades). Don’t have any autumn projects on the go. Maybe in September.

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  13. can this pattern Spice Garden be converted to a 12 1/2 inch block and can I buy the pattern somewhere other than from the magazine it is featured in?

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  15. I could not stop from leaving a comment. You should really be thanked for your work way more than you are. So thank you! You are totally right on with this. This blog has some different viewpoints when compared to the other blogs I have read. I definitely enjoy your work! This blog looks just like my old blog.

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