Happy National Quilting Day!

I would be remiss not to wish you all a very Happy National Quilting Day!


Coxcomb Berries4

Are you doing anything special to celebrate?  I think I am going to brave the weekend fabric and head to Jo-Ann to buy a pair of new Gingher scissors!  And of course, I will be at my sewing machine finishing up a quilt, and hopefully start a new one.

Quilty hugs to you all.  Here is to not just a happy, but a productive National Quilting Day.  See you again Monday!

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20 thoughts on “Happy National Quilting Day!

    PD I love reading your posts and seeing your quits.All the best.

  2. Lucky me. I get to celebrate National Quilt Day on my birthday. You could show the back of Woodland Parade as a whole cloth quilt. It is so pretty by itself. Of course the top is beautiful also.

  3. Love the seeing the quilting on the back of the quilt!! I quilted most of the day yesterday, and will again today!! Oh, happy days!!

  4. Happy happy National Quilting Day! I am moving furniture to get ready for the painters on Monday. Have a great fabulous day.

  5. And the same to you. Thank you for your inspiration on colours, trying something different, and of course domestic machine quilting.

  6. WOW – your quilting is so beautiful! Happy National Quilting Day to you too – now I’m off to watch your class again and go practice my free motion!

  7. Well, I finally finished up that Dresden plate quilt today, photographed it and blogged it so it’s ready to ship out to my niece on Monday morning. That’s a pretty good way to celebrate National Quilting Day, with a FINISH, don’t you think? Now I’m itching to start my next project as soon as I get home from church tomorrow!

  8. And happy National Quilting Day to you too, Wendy!!! I celebrated the day by attending the 12th Annual Sewing and Quilting Exp at our local Technical College. It gets better every year with a judged quilt show, workshops, classes and wonderful vendors from around the area. Then I watched free videos of The Quilt Show with Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson!!!! It was a learning weekend!!!

  9. We were 14 women at a winterized golf resort for a quilting retreat fir 4 days. So much fun, food and laughs. We watched quilting videos and celebrated National Quilting Day with gusto. Thank you for all your motivation throughout the year.
    Love and hugs from Canada.

  10. My day started spending a couple of hours teaching conversational English to a young woman from Palestine, then some time in the gardening then I think jamming my DVD player as I tried to burn the HandiQuilter January/February/March webinars so could use them on a laptop. Well, that’s to get fixed on another day, but shows I have been thinking about quilting.

  11. Wow, gorgeous photos! I love that National Quilting Day it around – or on – my birthday! How appropriate! Hey, I saw your lovely face in my newest Fons&Porter mag last night! o:)

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