Another chance to win Marmalade Meadows Floss Box

Happy Monday, Friends! I hope you are all well and warm!  Right about now, I am an icicle contemplating a one-way ticket to Florida! :)

Last fall, Aurifil introduced my Marmalade Meadows Floss Collectionat Fall Market.  A few days before Christmas last year, Aurifil featured my new Embroidery Floss collection, Marmalade Meadows, on their blog Auribuzz. Click here to read more if you hadn’t had a chance to do so.


The purchase of the floss collection comes with my pattern instructions (including embroidery) for Marmalade’s Merriment.  If you remember, the embroidery design is based on Miss Baby’s artwork that I had adapted for embroidery.  I do have a funny story associated with that.  I had texted from Fall Market last year a picture of the floss box to Miss Baby at home.  When I checked in with home that night…

Miss Baby:  Urm, Mom, didn’t you tell them I drew the original picture?

Me: Yes?

Miss Baby: Why isn’t my name on the box?

Me:  Well, you see…




Over the next year, I will be releasing more Marmalade the pot belly bunny embroidery designs, as well as different projects you can make using the free download Marmalade’s Merriment embroidery design!  It will be fun.  So, get your floss ready to stitch… You can ask your local quilt shop owners to order the floss collection for you!


Aurifil is hosting another giveaway of Marmalade Meadows on their Instagram feed!  Be sure to check out the details there — just search for “aurifilthread”.


That’s all for now, Friends!  Happy Monday and Happy Week!  I will be back this Wed to catch up with you!  Hugs!!!

Another completed Thread Journey Quilt!!!

Hello Friends, I hope you’ve been well.  I truly apologize for being scarce of late.  Too much going on with work, and too much going on with Miss Baby — so much so that I totally failed to see a scheduling conflict between Miss Baby’s art and music commitments!  My daughter had to remind me the 19th last week was actually  Saturday, and not Friday.  But…. on the upside, I am finished with my major Christmas shopping, and about 75% done with wrapping the presents!  So, if you must know, I have kind of being “one” with Scotch tape and wrapping paper the last couple of days… :)


Jody has actually sent these pictures of her complete Thread Journey quilt a few weeks ago.  I am SO proud of Jody attempting and completing the quilt!  Good job, Jody.  Would you please join me and letting Jody know she did a phenomenal job by leaving a comment for Jody?  Thanks so much…


Jody did an amazing job with her feather quilting, don’t you think?


Instructions to make the Thread Journey quilt, presented in installments, are found in   Though the Quilt-Along is over, you can still make your own Thread Journey quilt following the instructions.

Happy Monday, and Happy Thanksgiving week to you all!

p.s.  Click here you would like to see my version of Thread Journey (version 2).  Incidentally, the first version was photographed being shown by Alex Veronelli during one of his recent lectures – see below.  If you have yet to attend his lectures, you simply have to find out where you can attend one!


image source:

Aurifil’s Embroidery Floss Collection: Marmalade Meadows

Friends, you know I have a passion for handwork. Over the years I have done embroidery, smocking and cross-stitching. I love stitching with my hands, and feeling the needle and threads as the stitches are formed.  I am very excited to share more about Marmalade Meadows, an embroidery floss collection I curated for Aurifil.


Firstly, these Aurifloss colors were selected to be companion threads for Quilting Treasures’ new group Bleecker Street!  I will share more about Bleecker Street fabrics tomorrow.  Spring on Bleecker Street is a collage quilt I designed using the Bleecker Street fabrics that involve a bit of piecing, applique as well as hand embroidery.  The hand embroidery part uses threads from Marmalade Meadows.


The following picture was taken at this past Quilt Market of Spring on Bleecker Street.  Kits and patterns are available via your local quilt shops sometime in November!  Check and ask about the project with your local quilt shops that carry Quilting Treasures fabrics.


And you here how the Marmalade Meadows embroidery floss is at play in the following pictures:





I also designed and stitched a little wallhanging using the Marmalade Meadows embroidery floss, featuring Marmalade, the pot-belly bunny!  This is going to be a free pattern when the thread collection ships in December.



I quilted the wallhanging with Aurifil’s Mako 50 wt cotton.  When quilting around embroidered motif, I like to quilt densely so that the embroidery will pop!



I like that the Aurifil’s embroidery floss is wound on a charming wooden spool.  Some have asked if I feel a difference between Aurifloss and skeined floss.  One major thing I notice is that, with the other threads produced by Aurifil, the Aurifloss is very low on lint.  That allows me to have very crisp stitches.  [As to why Aurifil’s threads are low lint, you will have to attend Alex Veronelli’s thread lectures to find out — really worth your while if there is one offered in your area.  It is free to attend.]

So, here are the spools you will get in my Marmalade Meadows collection.  Even though they scream vibes of spring, I am actually working on a Christmas scene featuring Marmalade the pot-belly bunny!  Stay tuned for details. :)


Again, the collection ships this December to shops.  You may place an order for the collection with any shops that carries Aurifil products.  I know will have it.  If it’s not listed on the website, just shoot them an email, and they will take care of you!

Thanks so much for stopping by.  Till next time!

My Turn: Windham Fabrics FIRST BLUSH Blog Hop & Giveaway!


Hello Friends, here it is — my turn sharing my First Blush hop project — Softie’s Posies.  But first, a bit of background story on Softie. My favorite book (absolute favorite) from growing up is the Enchanted Wood/Faraway Tree trilogy written by a British author Enid Blyton!  The same trilogy has become extra special because I can trace Miss Baby reading independently to this very trilogy!  I started reading a chapter a day to her when she was about 5.  The story was so captivating that she asked for more.  I told her if she wanted more, she could read for herself the following chapters to find out what happened in the story.  And so she did!!!  And since then, she has been a most avid and self-motivated reader with a huge appetite of learning.  I have even caught her reading WHILE practicing her violin!!! Needless to say, we have quite a few Enid Blyton’s books at our house.


I had shown you a little sneaky peek of Softie the Squirrel at his dress fitting.  He wanted a red jacket, and so, I tried my best to come up with a fashionable one for him.  Well you see, in the Enchanted Wood/Faraway Tree stories, there is a squirrel who wears an old red jacket who waits at the foot of the Faraway Tree to retrieve the cushions used by the riders of a “slippery slip” within the tree.  And after many adventures, he finally had a new red jacket for himself.  Miss Baby and I always had a soft spot for that squirrel, and she named him Softie!


I thought Windham’s First Blush fabrics would be perfect to make a little “story” quilt for Softie!

Photo credit: Grey Dogwood Studio

Softie liked the check jacket and red solid sleeve.  In the end, he also requested a red pocket to go with his jacket to store his acorns.  I used the applique method mentioned here and here.


Then, I took one of the floral prints, and did fusible broiderie perse with the individual floral sprigs.  Instead of falling leaves, we have falling autumn blossoms!


With that, and the borders, we have this!


Here is the close-up showing the quilting — feathers and cinnamon rolls!  Notice I used a light pink to quilt on the white in the quilt center.  I have become a firm believer in subtle contrast quilting so that I can use the other pretty shades of threads out there. Click here to learn more about my favorite subtle shades of Aurifil threads.



I hope you have liked Softie’s Posies.  Some of you might ask for the pattern… well, there’s no pattern for this for now.  It might be part of something bigger.  I am not sure yet, but it is definitely a possibility!


First Blush fabrics are shipping this month.  You can purchase the fabrics here.

Now, the giveaway!  For each day of the hop, Windham Fabrics will give away a fat quarter bundle of the collection. along with a coordinating small thread box of First Blush from Aurifil for each stop of the blog tour.  Leave a comment between now and next Tuesday, and I will pick a winner each for the fabrics and threads.  Winners will be announced by the end of next week.


In case you haven’t seen the schedule:

October 10 – Chris Dodsley, Made by Chrissie D
October 11 – Sinta at Pink Pincushion
October 12 –  Fat Quarter Shop
October 13- Windham/Two Blondes and a Sewing Machine
October 14- Jennie at Clover and Violet
October 15- Aurifil- Erin Sampson
October 16- Tina Egner
October 17 – Pretty By Hand
October 18 – Allison Harris
October 19 – Erin Cox
October 20 – Angie Wilson Gnome Angel
October 21 – Debbie at happy little cottage
October 22 – Heidi Staples
October 23 – Leanne Elliott
October 24- Greg Jones Grey Dogwood Studio – me!
October 25- Wendy Sheppard Ivory Spring
October 26 – Stephanie Lynn Denton
October 27 – Lisa Ruble

Happy Monday, and what to expect…

Hello Friends, I hope you had a great weekend.  My life has gone by like a blurry whirlwind of late!  I am leaving for Market in four days, and I still a little bit to get done before I can leave… thus the whirlwind!  I am going to give you a few heads up’s on things upcoming!

TOMORROW – my turn on Windham’s First Blush BLOG HOP and GIVEAWAY!  Check back on my blog tomorrow sometime in the early afternoon for the post.  It all depends on when I get my pictures taken of my project. I live dangerously, I know…. not by choice, mind you.  I used to have all my clothes and shoes laid out for an entire week.  Now, I kind of just jump into what’s available! :o)


For now, all I can show you is the “dress-fitting” shot of Softie the Squirrel.


FRIDAY, OCTOBER 28, 2016 at Houston Fall Quilt Market: Schoolhouse

I will be presenting my next book at Schoolhouse (Room 352A from 2:50-3:05pm) on…. on…. yes, domestic machine quilting!  Many of you have written to ask about having my Thread Talk posts compiled into a book, and yes, it’s finally in the process of happening.  I cannot be more excited about it.  So, if you are going to be at Market, or know someone who will be, and want to hear my humble 2 cents as a happenstance quilter.  You know where to find me! The following project is one of the projects I will be showing…. love this one!


SATURDAY (October 29, 2016) – MONDAY (October 31, 2016) at Houston Fall Market: Extension of Me… I actually don’t know what designs of mine that have been made into display samples.  But do check out the booths: RJR Fabrics, Hoffman Fabrics, Windham Fabrics and Quilting Treasures.

I know for sure you will see my quilty shenanigans at the booths Quilting Treasures and Aurifil using the following fabrics and threads.  These Bleecker Street fabrics are amazing, and you have to check out the quilts I have designed with them at Quilting Treasures booth (#2422).  These fabrics ship in November 2016.


See those embroidery floss?  I am happy to announce to you the release of Marmalade Meadows, an embroidery floss I curated for Aurifil.  These same floss are also supporting floss for Quilting Treasures’ Bleecker Street fabrics. Marmalade Meadows will ship in December 2016, and I will be sharing supporting projects starting shipping time.


You will want to check out Marmalade’s Merriment, stitched with Marmalade’s Meadows embroidery floss, at Aurifil’s booth (#1924).


SATURDAY, OCTOBER 29, 2016 (4-5pm) and SUNDAY, OCTOBER 30, 2016 (9:30-10:30am) at Houston Fall Market: LIVE MACHINE QUILTING DEMO at Landauer Publishing’s Booth (#646). At least that’s the plan, and I will do my best…. or you will get to see my flop at the machine!  I will also have my Thread Journey quilt for your close-up inspection.  Come by, and I will be happy to answer any questions you might have!



That’s it for now, Friends.  I going to fly for now… see you back here sometime tomorrow!  Have a great week!

Aurifil Thread Journey: Wrapping up – almost!

Happy Thursday, Friends!  To be honest, I am not ready for this week to end because I have quite a few things I would like to check off my list before the weekend is upon us… be that as it may, Aurifil’s blog (click here) is updated with another Thread Journey post!  You will see my notes on the following pictures…




My daughter’s violin teacher always admonishes her to not play sloppy — and I have challenged myself to not quilt sloppy on my Thread Journey quilt.  I have learned much through making this quilt…. it’s been therapeutic in many ways!  Anyway, click here to read up on Thread Journey’s latest!  If you have followed along the journey, you know I have sunk A LOT of thread into it… :)


Thank you for stopping by.  I will leave you with a Miss Baby quote when she was a little miffed from not getting any sympathy from me regarding a gnat that’s been flying around… (what I can say, I grew up in the tropics!).

Miss B:  When I have a husband and kids, I am going to have 14 fly swatters lying about!!!

Thread Journey Part 5 — We are still quilting!


Hello Friends, we are still quilting!  I will again let the pictures tell the story today.  So far, I have logged 30 hours quilting this quilt… sounds crazy, doesn’t it? :)









These colors from my Subtle Strings collection were used to quilt the Ohio Star border.  Click here to read more about Subtle Strings.


Click here to find out how to quilt the motifs I have quilted on the Ohio Star border, as well as other options you could try to quilt your own Thread Journey Quilt!

That’s all for now – another busy day over here.  I’ve got to run for now!  Take care, and have a lovely rest of your day. Hugs to you all!

p.s.  By the way, did you know today is National Mail Order Catalog Day?!  Perfect time to order something from your favorite quilting catalog!!! :o)

Thread Journey Part 4 – we are starting to quilt!!!


Hello Friends, HAPPY HAPPY Thursday!  I hope you are doing well.  This was what you saw last of my Thread Journey quilt a few weeks ago…



I am happy to share with you pictures of the quilted quilt center!!!  I will just let the pictures do most of the talking today.









Click here to read more about the quilting process, posted on Auribuzz (Aurifil’s blog).  Be sure to read my deepest/darkest quilty thought at the end.  Don’t worry, it has a happy ending!

Before I key-off, I thought you might enjoy a bit of Miss Baby anecdote.  We were walking back from camp…

Me: When we get home, you will need to help me out by doing your Math work on your own.  I have a lot of get done today, and I am a bit stressed out.

Miss Baby:  Sure.  I will do that.  It’s a good thing you are used to it.

Me: Used to what?

Miss Baby: Stress!

Me:  Oh…. (so much for trying to get some sympathy from my own offspring!) :oP

Thanks for stopping by – I hope you have a fanta-bulously stupendous day!!!!

MY TURN: The Aurifil DOM 2016 Block #7



Hello and Happy Friday, Friends!  It is an exciting day at Ivory Spring because… today is the day my Aurifil Designer of the Month block is released!!!


Click here to find out more about my block done in the blue colorway to go with this year’s blue/white theme!  You might also learn a couple of deep dark secrets about me you haven’t yet known. :)  And, more importantly, you just have to make and share a block to be entered in the giveaway of a whole box of Aurifil large spool threads!!!  A really generous gesture by Aurifil!  Details are mentioned on Auribuzz.

block 7


Meanwhile, here is the block I made for myself using Windham Fabrics’ Blush & Blooms fabrics.  I added two primitive birds onto the block.  Because of the fabric choice, the block ended up taking on a “Shabby Chic” primitive look! :)


You may recall seeing the same bird being embroidered in my Block #5.  I enlarged the bird for this month’s block.



I used the yellow in my Subtle Strings thread collection to buttonhole stitch around the pink birds to give a bit of contrast.



You can add the bird to your block too if you would like.  Click here to download the bird applique template.  Use the image below for placement guide for the birds.  Just think of the quilting possibilities in th negative area.  I know I certainly am for my block. :)


I am so glad my spring dishes came out to play.



Thanks so much for stopping by.  I hope you are still sewing along?  If not, there’s no better time than now to join in the fun. I have thoroughly enjoyed making all the DOM blocks, so I imagine you would too.

Have a great weekend!


So, below are Blocks #1-6.  You have seen Block #7 today.  I am now ready for Block #8!

Block #1

Block #2


Block #3


Block #4


Block #5


Block #6


More Thread Journey sightings & Part 2!

Hello Friends, the Thread Journey quilt center pictures are still trickling in — and I am loving all the pictures you have sent!

Here is Jody’s version:



Here is Deb’s version:


Here is Ruth’s version – Ruth creatively turned part of the original design into a pillow!  Brilliant!


Thank you, Ladies, for sharing the pictures!  Keep those pictures coming!!

And… part 2 of the installment is up on Aurifil’s blog today.  Click here for the next steps!



Have fun, and Happy Quilting!  Hugs to you all.

FREE PATTERN: Charleston

Happy Monday, dear Friends!  I hope you all had a great Father’s Day weekend.  I have to be honest, mine was a bit weird because it’s the first one my own father is no longer on this side of heaven.  There was a sense of loss as I went through the day, but yet, I was comforted to know he is in heaven.   Heaven has become so much more personal to me because my Dad is there.


We did have a blessed time celebrating the day with an amazing father  whom Miss Baby absolutely adores!


And here we are, another new week!

I am so glad to receive a picture of Miriam sent me of the quilt center of her Thread Journey Quilt.  Let’s just say Miriam didn’t waste ANY time!!! :)  If you haven’t heard about my Thready Journey Quilt Along, click here for information.  And the instructions to make the quilt center are posted here.


Thread Journey Quilt Along with Wendy Sheppard - 15

Miriam’s — SO very gorgeous, don’t you think?!!!!


You can join in the fun.  And I do hope you will keep working on the project.  I am working on a big giveaway for those who complete the project in a couple of months.

I also have a free pattern to share with you — for my floral-loving friends!  Be sure to check out a new floral line, Charlestonreleased by Quilting Treasures.  The following is a free to use pattern I had design to highlight the Charleston fabrics.

High Res_2c_Pink Focal_59  x 71

Click here to view the fabrics.  

Click here to download the free to use pattern.

You may also purchase the kits here.

That’s all for now, Dear Friends.  I have a date with my sewing machine tonight…. more piecing to do on my current quilt.  Have a great week!


My 2016 Line-up

Note:  You may click here for the exhaustive list of my published work.

Editorial Features:

American Patchwork & Quilting 2016 Calendar: In Your Corner

Australian Quilters Companion: Little House on the Hill

Fons and Porter Love of Quilting (March/April 2016): Constellation of Stars

Fons and Porter Easy Quilts (Summer 2016): Estelle

Fons and Porter Scrap Quilts (Summer 2016): Pinwheel Parade

McCall’s Quick Quilts (December 2015/January 2016): Rows of Roses

McCall’s Quick Quilts (February/March 2016): Early Birds

McCall’s Quilting (January/February 2016): Sherbet Stars

Quiltmaker (May/June 2016): Lavender Love

Quiltmaker (July/August 2016): Dawnstar

Quilters Newsletter (April/May 2016): Tartan Links

Quilts and More (Summer 2016): Tutu Cute


Free-to-use Designs:

January: Heads Up Crib Quilt & Playmat (Quilting Treasures)

January: Big Love using Go Big or Go Home (Windham Fabrics)

January: Star Dust using Brittany (Benartex)

January: Wish You Were Here (Hoffman Fabrics)

January: Farfalle using Whisper (Windham Fabrics)

January: Tulips Quilt using Flower Pedals (Windham Fabrics)

Thread Journey Quilt Along Part 1 & Other News


Dear Friends, today is THE day!!!! Go on over to Aurifil blog today for the first step in making my Thread Journey Quilt by clicking here.

The original Thread Journey quilt was made mainly with batiks.  You can see my version 2 is made with Windham’s solids and fabrics from their other basic lines.

Thread Journey Quilt Along with Wendy Sheppard - 15

A point I want to stress is I hope this quilt will bring much quilty joy in your own quilting/thread journey.  And remember… it is your quilt!  You can change and spice things up anyway you would like.  I think the following quote from Elizabeth Bennet in BBC’s Pride & Prejudice said it best, “Maria, this is your trunk; these are your gowns. You may arrange them in any way you wish. (whisper) Lady Catherine will never know.” :)


Meanwhile, the new Aurifil’s Designer of the Month block for June just released yesterday. Click here for the details on how to make Block #6!

Aurifil 2016 Design Team June Jacquelynne Steves collage

And that’s all the excitement I can handle for the day!  I have to get back to that green/red quilt that has many pieces. I still have quite a few blocks to go. :(

Have a lovely day!!!