Long time no chat!!!

Hello Friends, looong time no chat!  I hope you have been well…. and spring has sprung!


If I don’t see another clump of monkey grass for the rest of my life, it would be too soon!  I don’t mean any offense at all to those of you who love monkey grass.  We are in the process of redoing part of our front garden, and that involved having digging up and digging up and digging up existing monkey grass!  I thought it was just going to be an afternoon to get the front garden on the path of living out my vision.  But it turned out to be a much bigger deal, and I am still not finished.  Part of what’s in place of the monkey grass are some new rose bushes.  So far so good — I check for new growth every morning, and keeping my fingers crossed!

Spring is my favorite season.  What is yours?


I have quite a few new designs out.  You might have seen this one on the cover of Keepsake Quilting catalog.  Sweet Berry Farm is my design, and I was so excited it made cover on the catalog.  I actually wasn’t aware of it making cover until my sweet quilting teacher Barbara texted me about it!  This is an exclusive design with Keepsake Quilting.  You may purchase the kit or pattern here and here.  The fun thing about the blocks is that I used Ohio Star units to be the strawberry stems!

Then, I have my Sleeping Cat kit offered through Hancocks of Paducah.  You may purchase the kit here.

And the latest release is my quick and easy Basket Toss quilt!  I love this quilt for its simplicity.  I can’t decide for now whether to use this on my bed or the guest bed.  Complete instructions are in McCall’s Quick Quilts June/July 2018 issue, and kits are available here.

Miss Baby’s Stitching Shenanigans

You remember the confetti handstitching Miss Baby learned to do through the monogram pillow ornament I posted here?  Well, there is a method to my madness…. the confetti stitching was meant to prepare Miss Baby for more structure stitching.

So from this random stitching…

to this…

We are beyond the moon happy a magazine in Australia, Handmade, feature Gwedolyn’s stitching story to celebrate her first thread collection, Spool-en-dids.  She had to answer a questionnaire in order for the story to be written.


Though I have been silent on my blog, things have been happening at my end.  Between home and mother responsibilities, and the regular things I do all things quilting, here are some upcoming exciting happenings.

Next week — I start my 2018 travels.  I will be speaking at Flying Geese Guild in Maryland on May 21.  Public is welcome to attend with an admission.  I will be bringing goodies!

Then, I will be in Tennessee later this summer/early Fall.

It’s to Berne, Indiana I go…. because I will be filming a new machine quilting video class!  Click here if you haven’t known about my existing classes.  I have some step-out samples from previous classes I found the other day that I will be giving away soon!  Stay tuned.  I am also arranging an event with a local guild while I am in IN.  I will share more once I have more details.

I will be home just in time to head to Houston for Fall Market.  Some fun things are being cooked up that I can’t share yet….

AND — I just found out I will be teaching 5 different classes at Road to CA in Jan 2019.  So I hope to see some of you there!

And with that, I need to get going with my day to squeeze in work before I pick up my precious cargo from school.

If all goes well, I will be posting my no scraps left behind giveaway winners tomorrow.  So, I hope you will come back!  Tootles for now.

18 thoughts on “Long time no chat!!!

  1. As always, you are one busy lady!! Now maybe you will either gain a “helper” or are you in the mode of “help-her” Lots of excitement and congratulations to both of you!! 👏🏼, two very deserving sewists! Our Guild in TN is really looking forward to your visit in September!! 😊😊. Your message resonates with a giant smile 😆.

  2. Just saw the basket quilt in the magazine. Lovely!! So glad to hear the latest on your stitching apprentice! I wish you were coming to Wisconsin to teach!! So glad you are posting on your blog again!!

  3. Your daughter is precious! Can you even imagine how far she will go in the stitching world starting so young. My home state is Indiana, I wish I could be there then. My Bernina dealer is in Rogers, Arkansas but I live in Broken Arrow. Yes I travel 2 hours to see Dan. Have a blessed day!

  4. Well, it’s no wonder you’ve been too busy to blog! But it has been worth the wait! I simply love your strawberry quilt, how clever! Congratulation to your daughter’s accomplishments! Already published, and only 8!

  5. I love the Sleeping Cat quilt! Gwendolyn is doing such a great job with her stitching. You have been – and will be – quite busy! Where are you heading in TN? It would be such fun it you were coming to Knoxville!

  6. Hi Wendy!! I am so happy to hear from you and all of this lovely news from Miss Baby!! I am glad to hear life is busy and good at your house!
    Here, I am always busy too. daddy, hubby grand babies (by the end of the year I will have 4!!!) and sewing

  7. So good to see you post again. I know between quilting and mothering, you life is a whirlwind. I had planted monkey grass…liroipe…in my border years ago and then decide to eradicate it. That’s a big ha ha as I’m still having sprigs pop up. Love your strawberry quilt. Red and green always makes me happy. Good for Gwendolyn!! A great accomplishment for her to showcase her talent! Hoping for a trip to Rogers next week and a drive by to say hi to Dan and Rhonda.

  8. Wow…you’re going to be at Road? How exciting! It does sound like you have a busy schedule. I always enjoy seeing your work in my magazines, etc. So glad that you have Miss G also following in your footsteps. It will be fun to follow stitching career. Enjoy your travels, my friend.

  9. You are one busy quilter! How nice that you get to enjoy and share at these events. Keep me posted on the Road to California one. Maybe I will be visiting family then and can finagle something to meet up with you, Lord willing.

  10. Wendy, your schedule makes my head explode 🤯 Kudos to you for making it all work. I LOVE the 🍓 quilt, and will have to get online and order that one 😍. And I had to laugh at myself as I read about Miss G’s down under fame. I’m so struggling with getting a couple of words embroidered on a table topper. There is nothing easy about what she does and good for you for breaking her lessons into manageable pieces. Does she take commission work yet??? 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Stay well, and enjoy your yourself with your family!

  11. I love the strawberry quilt — will definitely have to make a smaller version to celebrate our local Strawberry Festival. Your daughter is a doll — Good Luck with your travels. Looking forward to your new online class – I’ve taken two!

  12. You’re gonna be one busy girl. I like the Ohio star as the stem on sweet berries. Too cute.Look at Gwendolyn go.

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