Have you seen the Aurikid SPOOL-EN-DIDS thread box?

Good morning, Friends!  I have shared with you last year that Miss Baby was selected by Aurifil to be one of their first batch of Aurkids in an initiative to pass down the love of needle and thread to the next and upcoming generation.  Have you see Miss Baby’s Spool-en-dids collection?  This is a collection of 6-ply cotton embroidery floss (Aurifloss) produced by Aurifil.  If you have liked Aurifil’s signature 50wt threads, you WILL love these floss for your handwork.  You know the part of very little  lint on any of their sewing threads?  Same is true with the floss.  I know the reason behind the little lint on Aurifil’s threads, but I will let Alex Veronelli tell you if he ever stops by your area to do a free lecture.  It is worth going!  ANYWAY, with the floss, your hand worked stitches will look much more crisp and defined with the little lint on the threads.

If you have heard me share about my daughter, you will know that my daughter very often has her own mind on things.  She took it upon herself to name the colors she selected to go into her embroidery floss collection.

From left to right:  Billy Brown, Ribby Red, Papita Peach, Oscar Orange, Yodel Yellow, Grouchy Green, GWENDOLYN GREEN (!), Bobby Blue, Polly Purple, Petunia Pink

Here are some pictures of how the colors have been used.

And the latest… a tutorial is coming SOON as soon as I get the green light with the people at higher places. :-)

One thing I really like about the AURIKIDS program is that each child is asked to select a charity to support with the proceeds from the thread sales.  Miss Baby was so excited receiving her first royalty check two weeks ago! :)  She has selected Samaritan’s Purse as her charity of choice, specifically in their medical missions effort.  And the rest, she decided to save for college.

If you haven’t heard of Samaritan’s Purse, check out their amazing work, in the name and with the love of Christ, here.

SO, if you have purchased the Spool-en-dids collection, Miss Baby and I want to THANK YOU for contributing to Miss Baby’s college fund, as well as supporting the work of Samaritans Purse. :)

#1.  YOU MAY PURCHASE THE COLLECTION FROM Donna — email her:  followthatthread@yahoo.com



Remember I had shared with you a few weeks ago Miss Baby and I both entered our respective pieces in shows?

My Thread Journey quilt was juried into the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival?  Mine didn’t win anything.  Totally fine.  Miss Baby entered her stitched pieced in the 55th Woodlawn Needlework Show.  We are really excited her ABC Des Maisons won a first place blue ribbon!  We spent a day last week at Woodlawn House in Alexandria, VA admiring the entries, and was really glad my husband was able to meet us for lunch there for some precious family time together.

[For those who like historical tidbits:  The land where Woodlawn sits was part of Mount Vernon.  It was gifted in 1799 to Nelly Custis, Martha Washington’s niece, upon her marriage to General Washington’s nephew, Lawrence Lewis.  Woodlawn is historic site within the framework of  the National Historic Trust for Preservation.  The annual Needlework Show is a fundraiser toward the specific preservation of Woodlawn.  And if you don’t know Nelly Custis, she was brought to Mount Vernon, along with brother George Washington Parke Custis, to be raised by the Washingtons after Martha’s son (John) died in Yorktown, VA shortly after the Surrender at Yorktown.  George Washington Parke Custis built the Arlington House, where it stands still today on the hill at the Arlington National Cemetery.  So there…. all the intertwining threads of history which I love to unwind.]

Image result for Woodlawn house

We are gearing up for more stitching fun at our house.  Miss Baby recently finished her first machine pieced quilt if you are following my Instagram feed.  We are getting ready to have her quilt the quilt herself… and moving on to her next quilt — if she ever gets her academic work and music practices done with time to spare before bedtime!  We are EXCITED!!!


17 thoughts on “Have you seen the Aurikid SPOOL-EN-DIDS thread box?

  1. Congratulations Miss Baby……I can see a great future for you following in your mother’s footsteps and becoming a great quilt designer (and quilter). ❤️

  2. Great job, Gwen and thanks for sharing, Wendy. I LOVE the Gwendolyn Green! I am working with my grand nieces this weekend on sewing. We are having a “sew” day. Don’t know about them, but I am excited!

  3. Wow, way to go Miss Baby. Congratulations on your win. It is very pretty. Love the colors of floss and the names you picked out.

  4. What a beautiful thread collection and I love the names Miss Baby assigned to each spool. Way cool that she won a first for her stitchery and your entire family was able to make a fun outing to see it on exhibit. Oh how, I would have loved to have seen it in person too! But I do appreciate you sharing insights with all of us.

  5. Wow, marvellous to see the inspiration and progress. Well done young lady on your award for your beautiful work. I love the anmes you have given to your threads.

  6. Congratulations Miss B! Your Alphabet Stitchery is so lovely! I wish you the best in all you do to make your way in this world a beautiful and successful journey! Learning and trying new things, ideas and of course interests make our journey so much more pleasant and filled with those beautiful smiles! Congratulations also on your quilt project! I hope that you share it with us also!

  7. Wow! What an accomplished young lady Miss B. is already! I love the color names she picked out, and congratulations to her for winning the blue ribbon and for having her own thread collection!

  8. Having had the pleasure of following Miss Baby (and her lovely mother) for over 2 years now, my prediction is that it won’t be long before Miss Baby is designing her own patterns. She definitely inherited her mother’s artistic talent. Won’t be long!

  9. Love everything in this post! Congratulations to Gwen! Love the names she picked and love the charity she chose, too. Beautiful work…

  10. Miss Baby you are very talented and creative and your parents have taught you the value of finishing and perseverance! And you have a beautiful piece of cross-stitch, a first place ribbon, and your very own thread collection to show for it!!!! You can be very proud of all that you’ve done 😀😀👍👍👍

  11. Hurray for Miss Baby!! A ribbon was well deserved. Every year Samaritan’s Purse does Operation Christmas Child, where I pack a shoebox with items for a needy child to get for Christmas. I have been doing this for a number of years and am glad that Miss Baby has selected this as her charity.

  12. Congratulations Miss Baby! Your first place ribbon is quite an honor. You are also becoming quite the young business woman with your own thread line. Well done.

  13. Wendy, you blew me away with your designs. Now, Miss Baby comes along with her creations and takes me away with her whirlwind. Awesome!!

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