More Aurifil Thread Journey Sightings!!!

Hello Friends, I hope you have been well!  I am so excited to share with you additional Thread Journey sightings today!  I love it when you send me pictures of your quilts.

#1.  Miriam’s…

You remember this cool picture of Miriam’s Thread Journey quilt top, right?


Well, Miriam has totally completed her quilt!!!  I feel so honored that she included my name on the quilt label!!!! THANKS, Miriam… I feel like I have arrived, haha!



#2.  Kathy’s…

Meanwhile, Kathy (for whom I am always grateful because she prays for me!) finished constructing her version of Thread Journey.  I love the rich colors Kathy has used.  I actually see her quilt being used during the holidays.


I am always blown away by the thought of how we as quilters are bound by threads as we embark on our individual, and yet interconnecting quilting journey(s) that are seasoned with so many sweet friends!  I know that to be true in my own quilting journey.  I just chatted with a quilting friend today who has quickly become one of my greatest cheerleaders, and that did my heart a lot of good…. to think I probably wouldn’t have met her if we weren’t bound by threads!

With that, I want to thank ALL of you for your friendships.  I actually owe many of you emails.  I feel quite bad about behind on my emails… I am hoping I will be able to crawl out of the pile soon to write you as I have promised.

Thank you for stopping by.  Blessings to all of you!  NOW — I want to hear about the sweet friends you have made in your quilting journey.


9 thoughts on “More Aurifil Thread Journey Sightings!!!

  1. Wendy, you are a blessing to all of us that aspire to learn and make the pretty things you share.
    I have enjoyed reading your blog for so many years.
    This past few weeks I have been reading but not commenting. Mom has been on a roller coaster of struggles and she is now in Hospice.
    I love these projects shared today

  2. Wendy—Thank you for your inspiration throughout this Thread Journey. Without your encouragement on here, by e-mail and Thread Talk tutorials, I would never have attempted free motion quilting. This has been such a fun project. I’m honored that you post my humble quilt.

    Kathy—your quilt is beautiful!!! The colors are so rich. You make me want to do this again with another color scheme… lovely!

    Sharon—thank you for your comments!

    Rosemaryflower—so sorry about your mother. I know that is another journey where we need our friends.

    I’ve met so many quilting friends through the internet in recent years since we finally got broadband and ditched the dial up that was the only thing available for so long. I’m in the middle of nowhere on a farm and isolated from quilting friends… until I got connected! I feel united in a quilting community through the blogs and internet.

    I would also like to thank Aurifil for sponsoring this sew along! Wendy and Yvonne (Quilting Jet Girl) have inspired me and made me a believe in Aurifil thread quality. I purchase it whenever I can now and use it almost exclusively. Thank you!

    • Thank you, Miriam….I took the photo with my phone and wasn’t expecting Wendy to post it! lol….I’ve gotten behind on several of my projects due to my husband’s illness…but I will finish them….Thread Journey is at the top of the list. I can hardly wait to quilt feathers and ferns and birds! I appreciate you and Wendy calling my color choices “rich”…I just called them woodsy and dark. I explained to Wendy that my mom collected birdhouses but never displayed them. When she and dad passed away year before last I brought them home and put them on a wall on my sunporch….this is where my quilt will go. Your quilt is lovely…it, too, makes me want to do another in a lighter, brighter color scheme. Wendy is such an inspiration and such a dear heart….

      • Your colors really appeal to me. I use my cell phone for most of my photos–better resolution than my camera. What a sweet story about your mother. I know you miss her and your dad. I’m so fortunate; my mom will be 98 next month–she’s still making quilts! My daughter collects bird houses, and this quilt may go to her… unless I do another version… perhaps more wall hanging size. I worked entirely from my stash using scraps from other projects. The only piece I had large enough for the borders was that sand color. Best wishes as you quilt the feathers and birds! I’m working on them on another quilt. You are right–Wendy has inspired me so much, and she is a dear!

  3. Every time I see “Ivory Spring” in my email inbox, it brightens my day!! And I come back to Thread Talk all the time!! I owe you an email too–telling you about our new grandson!

  4. I so enjoyed the journey of making this quilt along with you. I am slowly making my way to the quilting process. Still working on the center, but it is progress. I had hoped to bring it with me next weekend as show and share for my quilt retreat. Although it may not be totally quilted it will be going anyway. I will send a photo along when it is done. I love reading your blog and keeping up with baby girl.

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