My Turn: Windham Fabrics FIRST BLUSH Blog Hop & Giveaway!


Hello Friends, here it is — my turn sharing my First Blush hop project — Softie’s Posies.  But first, a bit of background story on Softie. My favorite book (absolute favorite) from growing up is the Enchanted Wood/Faraway Tree trilogy written by a British author Enid Blyton!  The same trilogy has become extra special because I can trace Miss Baby reading independently to this very trilogy!  I started reading a chapter a day to her when she was about 5.  The story was so captivating that she asked for more.  I told her if she wanted more, she could read for herself the following chapters to find out what happened in the story.  And so she did!!!  And since then, she has been a most avid and self-motivated reader with a huge appetite of learning.  I have even caught her reading WHILE practicing her violin!!! Needless to say, we have quite a few Enid Blyton’s books at our house.


I had shown you a little sneaky peek of Softie the Squirrel at his dress fitting.  He wanted a red jacket, and so, I tried my best to come up with a fashionable one for him.  Well you see, in the Enchanted Wood/Faraway Tree stories, there is a squirrel who wears an old red jacket who waits at the foot of the Faraway Tree to retrieve the cushions used by the riders of a “slippery slip” within the tree.  And after many adventures, he finally had a new red jacket for himself.  Miss Baby and I always had a soft spot for that squirrel, and she named him Softie!


I thought Windham’s First Blush fabrics would be perfect to make a little “story” quilt for Softie!

Photo credit: Grey Dogwood Studio

Softie liked the check jacket and red solid sleeve.  In the end, he also requested a red pocket to go with his jacket to store his acorns.  I used the applique method mentioned here and here.


Then, I took one of the floral prints, and did fusible broiderie perse with the individual floral sprigs.  Instead of falling leaves, we have falling autumn blossoms!


With that, and the borders, we have this!


Here is the close-up showing the quilting — feathers and cinnamon rolls!  Notice I used a light pink to quilt on the white in the quilt center.  I have become a firm believer in subtle contrast quilting so that I can use the other pretty shades of threads out there. Click here to learn more about my favorite subtle shades of Aurifil threads.



I hope you have liked Softie’s Posies.  Some of you might ask for the pattern… well, there’s no pattern for this for now.  It might be part of something bigger.  I am not sure yet, but it is definitely a possibility!


First Blush fabrics are shipping this month.  You can purchase the fabrics here.

Now, the giveaway!  For each day of the hop, Windham Fabrics will give away a fat quarter bundle of the collection. along with a coordinating small thread box of First Blush from Aurifil for each stop of the blog tour.  Leave a comment between now and next Tuesday, and I will pick a winner each for the fabrics and threads.  Winners will be announced by the end of next week.


In case you haven’t seen the schedule:

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October 11 – Sinta at Pink Pincushion
October 12 –  Fat Quarter Shop
October 13- Windham/Two Blondes and a Sewing Machine
October 14- Jennie at Clover and Violet
October 15- Aurifil- Erin Sampson
October 16- Tina Egner
October 17 – Pretty By Hand
October 18 – Allison Harris
October 19 – Erin Cox
October 20 – Angie Wilson Gnome Angel
October 21 – Debbie at happy little cottage
October 22 – Heidi Staples
October 23 – Leanne Elliott
October 24- Greg Jones Grey Dogwood Studio – me!
October 25- Wendy Sheppard Ivory Spring
October 26 – Stephanie Lynn Denton
October 27 – Lisa Ruble

209 thoughts on “My Turn: Windham Fabrics FIRST BLUSH Blog Hop & Giveaway!

  1. Such a darling motifs. Lots of ways the applique on top of the squirrel could be customized for the person who will receive the quilt. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Wow fabulous giveaway! I had never thought of using a light shade of color to do quilting on a light background. Definitely gives it a completely different look. Your quilting is fabulous–just makes the quilt!

  3. You made a beautiful variation with swirl, so typical for you. Love it.
    martisovitsd (at) central (dot) edu

  4. Your squirrel is so adorable. It will be fun to see if you add other “friends” to this. Thanks for the inspiration. Love the non-fat cinnamon rolls. Lol

  5. Oh my gosh I love your quilt. When you shared a sneak peek of the cute squirrel it certainly caught my attention, but I’m now absolutely in love. Wonderful overall design, beautiful fabrics and thread, absolutely stunning quilting. Total #CreativeGoodness.


  6. That is the most adorable quilt! Squirrels are so much fun to watch – we have quite a few on our roof garden, so the squirrel in the jacket really appeals to me! Those fabrics are fabulous as is the thread collection.


  7. so cute Wendy. I love the fabric so much. You made such an adorable mini
    thank you for sharing your skills and creativity

  8. You are so inspirational. I love the project, and the quilting is simply stunning. Thank you for sharing, and being part of the hop.

  9. Love this little wall hanging and always enjoy your Miss Baby stories! I sure wish I could get my grandchildren off their social media and into reading!

  10. The tiny pocket on Softie’s outfit just tops it! So adorable!! I’d love to win the fabric so I could try one myself, but I know the stitching won’t be on par with your! Lovely!! Smileycrafts at G mail ;-)

  11. WENDY, the little Mini is so cute>love the ‘lil appliques! Thanks for sharing on your Blog! Thanks too, to You+Auril+Windham !

  12. Wendy—I was transported to my own violin experiences… I, too, propped my books on my music stand while pretending to practice my violin. While Mom was at work, I also propped books on my music stand and placed it in front of the ironing board when I was ironing all the starched items in the bag in the refrigerator. I wish I had known then that peroxide works for taking out scorch marks!!! I would get to a good part in my book and forget to move or lift the iron! I definitely became a more voracious reader and a lousy violinist!

    I never came across the Enid Blyton books in our libraries (San Francisco and our town in Kansas after we moved)… must look them up!

    I love your Softie wall hanging, and of course that marvelous quilting! First Blush is a delightful collection of fabrics. What fun to spin stories and make a quilt with a child!!! I did that YEARS ago with my grandson and a kitty on a quilt.

    Thank you for a sweet trip down memory lane! I enjoy all your posts, but this is special!

  13. I can’t believe I never found her books as a kid! I would have read all of them. I loved mysteries, adventure, biographies, sports, friends… I read everything I could find.

  14. Such pretty fabrics, and what an adorable quilt! I love the cinnamon rolls. Do you make them by simply backtracking over the stitching line when you get to the center, or do you do something different?

  15. What a sweet story about Softie and Miss Baby learning to read! I think his new jackets looks quite spiffy :)

    I’m looking forward to seeing more of your work with this beautiful fabric line, Wendy.

  16. I love the story about Miss Baby and Softie – especially the part about reading while she practices her violin! This is such a pretty line and the threads look amazing. I agree that subtle shading in the quilting can enhance the whole quilt. I’ve used a very pale blue, and it almost made the quilting shimmer.

  17. Oh my, such a sweet and lovely quilt. It is definitely a “Wendy” quilt with the “signature” swirl. Love the fabrics…….. love the gorgeous quilting. The subtle pink is, oh so, pretty on the white. I need a tissue to wipe my drool…….😊

  18. What an adorable quilt, I cannot wait to see what you do with Softie in the future. Knowing your creative nature I am sure it will be fantastic!

    • I forgot to mention, I want to know how your daughter reads and practices her violin at the same time. I have never mastered that combination and I have been playing since the dark ages.;-)

  19. Such darling prints and beautiful colors in the new First Blush collection! I’m so glad to learn of the tales by Enid Blyton, and will look forward to any future patterns like Softie’s Posies!!

  20. Beautiful fabric and I’ve just started to push myself to use difference shades of thread in my quilting. Great giveaway.

  21. Good Afternoon Wendy! You have created such an absolute beautiful quilt. I do hope that in a short time you will share the applique pattern. Your quilting skills enhance the quilt so beautifully. As with every one of your quilts, I applaud you. Thank you so much for sharing and inspiring me in my quilting journey! Have a fantastic creative day!

  22. Oh, love that squirrel and all the thinking/creating that went with making him come alive…and your quilting is divine…I’m in awe of your talents!

  23. I think it’s fair to say, I love your work, Wendy! I would like a quilt like that, and I’m 72! Well, if I were to win the fabric or the thread, I’m sure I’d have to try to make something similar. Adorable.

  24. Wendy, to say your Softie project is adorable is a total understatement! I love it! And I thank you for telling us about the books, I’m definitely going to look these up for my granddaughter. She will love them and she is also a beginning reader.

  25. The quilting is absolutely gorgeous on your very pretty quilt. The “pink” thread adds such a lovely touch…I was so moved by Miss Baby and her love of reading. You’ve given her a wonderful gift that can never be taken away from her. The Windham fabrics are so pretty but the Aurifil collection is just too sweet. Thank you for a chance to win.

  26. That is the sweetest little quilt! The gift is reading is a wonderful thing. I remember loving my weekly trips to the library throughout my childhood.

  27. Love the story about “Softie”!! Sooo cool!! And so is his new jacket!! You made an Awesome lil’ Quilt to keep his memory forever!! I have never heard of these books…and we are readers round here too! Must look them up.. :)

    Thank you for chance to win your Give-a-way too! :D

  28. I never read these books, but I’m going to find them now for our little granddaughter! Love the colors and your quilts are gorgeous as always! Thanks for the chance to win!

  29. I hope you do make him part of a larger project that then becomes available as a pattern. I really like the connection to books, too. He is so cute!

  30. I loved your story about the books…my favorites were the Anne of Green Gables books-still have my old complete set! But as a first grade teacher, there were so many children’s books I fell in love with! The little squirrel applique is so darling and whimsical! Thanks for the chance to win this fantastic give away!

  31. Just love your creativity Wendy. You do such amazing work. These fabrics and threads are so pretty and would be a joy to win. Thank you for the chance.

  32. Love your little quilt. the fabric line, First Blush, is gorgeous. I like your choice of pastel thread for quilting. thank you for sharing.

  33. Such a pretty mini quilt – the fabric colours are wonderful – so bright and cheery. I really like the coloured thread quilting too. Beautiful.
    perry94022 at hotmail dot com

  34. This is the cutest little critter and quilt. Love the appliquéd flowers and well, everything! And the pale pink quilting is perfect – I’ll need to share that idea with the ladies who do the longarm work on my quilts.

  35. I love your little story quilt. I am an avid reader and have been for nearly 60 years, but somehow I have never read those books. I will be looking for them in our library the next time I go. Actually, I think I’ll put them on reserve today! I could speak forever about your quilting, but I so like the idea of using story quilts like these and the popular tell me a story blocks I’ve seen. Letting little children “read” from the pictures they see encourages imagination and problem solving, stimulates creativity, and all of those good things that we try as adults to recaputure to the same extent we knew them as children. I look forward to seeing whatever develops with Softie and his adventures.

  36. I love this quilt! I also love the story of Miss Baby enjoying this series of books and reading them for herself. I will have to find this series to read.

  37. Pretty! I love your little quilt. Your quilting is beautiful, especially using the different colors of thread. Thank you for the chance to win beautiful fabrics and thread.

  38. Love your story about “Softie.” And it is wonderful that you have a voracious young reader in your family!

  39. Your design is so sweet & your use of broiderie perse is perfect! I’m looking forward to seeing what else you do with this. Thanks for the chance to win a great give-away, too!

  40. So beautiful! I don’t think I would ever wash it! Thanks for sharing the story. I love colorful fabric and beautiful quitting.

  41. Mr. Softie looks very handsome in his red checked coat with the red pocket for his acorns.

    Miss Baby can read and practice her violin at the same time?!?!?!? What a talented young lady. I always wished I could knit and read at the same time, but it doesn’t work for me.

  42. Thank you so much for this post! I have a six year old granddaughter and we both like to read and sew. I was not familiar with Enid Blyton, but I’m going to head over to Amazon in a minute and see if I an find a book. And I love your idea of reading a chapter to her and then asking her to read it. I also love your darling quilt. I’m putting something like that on our agenda too! Thanks again. This will bring a lot of joy!

  43. Softie is adorable. I need to find these books. As a former teacher, I love great children’s books, and hadn’t heard of these. I do have great nieces and nephews, so that may be gifts for them. Thanks for the inspiration. Your quilting is awesome, as usual, and the design is perfect for his story.

  44. Wonderful quilt, cute appliqué, beautiful fabrics and quilting!
    Thank you for sharing the story – Enid Blyton was my favorite too!

  45. Your quilt is beautiful, and the story behind it, makes it just magical. I loved the book myself as a child, and also became an avid reader x Thank you for the trip down memory lane! x

  46. What an adorable pattern and the quilting is beautiful, too. Kudos to you for sharing your love of reading with your daughter. Thank you for recommending the book series to us.

  47. Love the fabric and the squirrel – we have so many squirrels in my back yard (they drive my dogs crazy!). The colors and beautiful – especially the pink thread in the quilting. Love Aurifil thread.

  48. Thanks so much for sharing Wendy and as always……your design and quilting is beautiful!

  49. Such a lovely story and the cutest squirrel surrounded by stunning quilting. A fun quilt for kids to cuddle with as they read. Thanks for giveaway.

  50. Your stitching is exquisite . . . both hand and fmq. Thanks for the opportunity to win. This fabric is beautiful.
    kakingsbury at verizon dot net

  51. the little quilt looks lovely. I don’t have enough confidence not to match colours when quilting buy your subtle approach is giving me ideas.

  52. Love, love, love it that Miss Baby has become a self-motivated reader! If one can read, one can accomplish almost anything!!!! (lynnstck[at]

  53. Wendy, I too love Enid Blynton reads. First Blush just epitomizes those soft characters:) Thank you for sharing your love of reading and fabric, quilting and applique.

  54. Oh my! Your quilt with sweet Softie is a fairy tale in itself! The quilting and pink thread on white is so dreamy with the First Blush fabrics. It all just makes me smile and takes me back to childhood when all my stuffed animal friends had a real life!

  55. Oh I’m in love! Softie is so adorable! Everything about your little quilt is amazing!

    Thanks for a chance to win.


  56. This is the one of the cutest quilts I have seen in a long time. I love adding animals to my projects. This fabric line is perfect for this.

  57. This is ADORABLE. Just absolutely ADORABLE. I started doing appliqué about a year ago and LOVE IT. I can’t figure out why it intimidated me so before. I so enjoy it and it really opens up a new world of quilting possibilities. I just love your contribution to the blog hop. Thanks for sharing.

  58. What a cute quilt! And I love the story of the little squirrel. The quilting is perfect with the falling flowers floating around.

  59. This a stunning little quilt – cute squirrel and awesome quilting! Thank you for the giveaway!

    paulamb at shaw dot ca

  60. Softie is very sweet and looks great in his new red jacket! Your quilting is fabulous as always!

  61. I love the pastel quilting on the white background. Your work is beautiful and inspiring. Thank you for participating in this generous giveaway.

  62. Adorable quilt; I love the “falling autumn blossoms!” I love the fabric and I know my daughter would love it as well. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

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