Happy Monday, and a GIVEAWAY!

Happy Monday, Friends.  I hope you are well.  I am still adjusting to my new normal…. and working lots!  If I have been scarce, please forgive me – it’s entirely me, and not you!

I am really excited about Windham’s Maribel fabrics shipping to shops!!!  Click here to view the fabrics.

I designed two quilts patterns using this line that are available for sale (hopefully) at your local quilt shop.  If not, you might ask them to contact Windham for details.  Alternatively, you may contact The Patchwork Co to purchase the patterns.

Our Block

High Res_Design 2b_71.5 x 71.5

Smokey & Friends (in honor of Windham’s mascot Smokey the Cat).  Click here if you haven’t read about Smokey being Miss Baby’s “pet by proxy”. :o)

High Res_1b_56 x 64_lap

Here are the blocks I have made for the quilt — it will be a present for Miss Baby.


Giveaway:  To celebrate the launch, Windham Fabrics has generously sponsored another giveaway of a FQ bundle of Maribel fabrics to a US address!  Leave a comment on this thread between now and next Tuesday and answer the question: cat, dog, or neither.  Winner will be announced next week!


Thanks for playing along.  I hope you have a lovely week!!!  Hugs to you all.

183 thoughts on “Happy Monday, and a GIVEAWAY!

  1. Although in the past I’ve had a dog and a cat, I have neither now. I do prefer cats though. Thanks for the chance to win.

  2. Cute blocks! I’ve had 7 dogs in my life. But now we are retired when our girls leave us we won’t adopt another…too much work! We may need to become cat people!

  3. Cat…dog… I’m an animal lover so either is great. Currently have 2 rescue GSD, so guess I’d go with dog if I had to choose. The fabric is super cute and I bet Miss Baby will love her quilt :) Thank you and Windham for the give away!

  4. I can’t remember how many times I’ve been a “momcat”, presently to three furballs. And I have been a “momdog” too, but she has been RIP for ……. 23 yrs now? I could probably still find some dog hairs in my stash that belong to her.

    Miss Baby will enjoy whatever project you have in mind for the blocks. I have made that pattern before too. They are even more fun set in an “Attic Window”. You know, that is the only way my windowsills get dusted!

  5. I LOVE the cat quilt. Currently I have three dogs who I love to pieces. I also adore cats and in the past had up to 8 at one time. My cat of a lifetime, Riley passed away 10 years ago. He was a Snowshoe That I got at the pound. He was my comfort kitty and have still not been able to get another in his place.

  6. Oh this is so sweet. I love Windham Fabrics very much.
    I love dogs and cats. I have two cornish rex kitties and they love that kitty quilt.
    I love the house quilt too.
    adorable fabric!!!!!

  7. Grew up with a dog but 25 years moving with the military did not have any pet. Daughter had two long-time cats until recently. GD would love the kitty quilt as she remembers Fred.

  8. Definitely a cat person. I enjoy dogs but would not want to live with one. Great fabric bundle, love love the colors.

  9. I prefer a dog. I’ve only had one, my first ever pet, and she died a couple years ago. I won’t have another pet. However, I do have two grand-doggies that fill the void quite nicely.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win!
    kakingsbury at verizon dot net

  10. I love the fabric! Because of the crazy day job that I currently have, I don’t have pets. In the past, I’ve had both cats and dogs. I would have both again, if I could!

  11. Hi Wendy, Have had dogs and cats, both, and more than one each at a time! Now we have a crazy cat that likes to bite. I would love to make the cat quilt. Thanks for the giveaway.

  12. OMG – one of our local shops (which I love)!! I will have to look for the pattern next trip (before the snow flies). Cat(s)

  13. Definitely “cat!” In fact, Jumpurr has a special cushion by my computer where he reclines while I’m “computing.” (Photo attached.) Sometimes he even tries to help me out by walking across the keyboard, but his typing leaves much to be desired…

    Sylvia Strange


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  14. I love them both but have to answer “neither” since my dear hubs is quite allergic to both. Love, love, love the fabrics! And the patterns!

  15. Please don’t enter me in your giveaway. Beautiful quilts and fabric. I’m with Miss Baby “Pet by Proxy” approach. While I love all sorts of pets, the Pet by Proxy approach is just the best way to go for my schedule. I am inspired to make your gorgeous cat quilt. I’m sure Miss Baby will love the quilt you are making her.


  16. I love both. Dogs provide a welcome home after work and cats provide a calm snuggle time. I have one dog and two cats.

  17. We have 3 rescue dogs! Bliss is a 10 yr old corgi mix, Ginger is a Papillon/Pom mix and Preston is Tibetan Spaniel. They are all such precious dogs with very distinct personalities! Thanks for the chance!!!

  18. Thank your for the giveaway chance. Sadly, I’m in the neither category. I like other people’s pets just fine, but never wanted one of my own.

  19. Cats … independent well-behaved (well, they are the masters, you know) cats. I love the fabric and the patterns. Having trouble finding the patterns on The Patchwork Place … but I won’t give up.

  20. Dog. But, I am not entirely sure what the question was. I love fat quarters and this new fabric looks very tasty. I will love adding it to my stash when you pick me. 😍

  21. CAT!!! :D We have barn cats here..and they all think I am their Momma! giggle.. follow me everywhere! (can’t have one in house..Husband is allergic somethin’ fierce!)

    Your Cats Pattern is AWESOME!!! Would love to make one!! & LOOOOVE the bundle too!! Thank you for chance to win your Give-a-way!! :D!!

  22. Neither! I don’t love either one! And I especially don’t love owners who don’t keep their dogs on a leash when out walking them! And please pick up the poop!

  23. I’ve had a dog, cats, gerbils, fish, mice, turtles and a chipmunk(cat rescue) I currently have a bird (Comet), and 2 cats (Thomas and Willow). Guess I just like animals and of course fabric…

  24. I grew up with cats, so they were always the pet of choice for me. About 10 years ago I started having problems with allergies, and was told I needed to be in a cat-free home. :-( Definitely would love to have some again….

  25. I have a beautiful cat. She inspects and approves all of my creativity. Thank you so much for all of the projects they are lovely.

  26. We have had both but nothing at the moment. Now that we’re getting ready to move into a country house, we for SURE will have cats. And whatever animal decides to adopt us. Thank you for offering this giveaway!

  27. Lovely fabric. Would love to win, We have no pets but when I go over to my daughter’s place I can get my fill of pets. She has a french bulldog by the name of Carl and a cat by the name of Susie who by the way has a mind of her own. After many swats across the nose Carl still hasn’t quite figured out Susie just not interested in playing.

  28. I’ve always been a dog person but we have two cats now that I love. We live on a farm and they have to stay outside because I’m allergic but they’re so sweet!

  29. Love my cat, Jessie James, but he lives outside. Cannot stand cat hair in the house and on my skirts and slacks. Also love my three outside dogs. One finds snakes and the Jack Russell kills them. The youngest dog is a gangling “teenager” and is the only dog we have ever had that will come every single time she is called.

  30. I’m so happy Miss Baby has a pen-pal cat, lol. That’s so cute. I do happen to be a dog person, though. I’m allergic to cats, so can’t really be around them. But dogs and horses are my favorites. Hope you’re doing well.

  31. Gorgeous fabrics, cute patterns. I especially like the one with the cats…I guess because I prefer cats to dogs….just ask the 3 that live with me….

  32. I don’t have a pet as they aren’t allowed at my apt. complex. If I could have a pet I would want both. I think I’d start with a dog and then get a cat.

  33. I have both and love both. Maybe I love my dog a little bit more.
    I love the COLORS of this collection….would be extatic to win them.

  34. I have both a dog and a cat, but the cat is my baby. She is sitting on my lap as I wtite this. I love Smokey and friends. Love your new fabric line and would love to win it,

  35. I prefer cats to dogs – i have a scar from a dog bite that explains that – but am not a cat servant.
    A friend told me that cats have servants not owners.

    And I can enter because for almost all of October i have a US address! i am so excited!

  36. Unfortunately, neither — no pets allowed here. If I could, though, I would definitely own a Sheltie (Shetland Sheepdog) . . . . sigh!

  37. I love them both. I had always had cats before moving to the farm. Now we have three dogs of slightly questionable and highly questionable lineage. All have come to the farm and adopted us. For some reason people become tired of their pets and rather than find homes for them, they bring them out in the country and dump them. Their thinking is–farmers always need another dog. Our sweet mutts have become family. One sleeps pressed against me like my cats used to do. One is afraid of thunder and is a 50-pound lap dog in storms. The other is a fun little guy who shamelessly begs for traeats and will sit, shake and high five for them. Their veterinary care certainly cuts into my thread and fabric budget, but… oh well… these goomers are now my babies.

  38. I love all animals except roaches and snakes. But I really love having a dog. My Freckles is so clever and he knows how to work mommy and daddy. Good thing I like toddlers, because that is what I have for awhile. God bless all the two and four legged animals!(people, too!)

    Wendy, I love your patterns and may have to purchase. I have double digits in my number of patterns that haven’t been sewn, but I love ’em and have every intention of completing them….what’s two more, eh? The fabric is yummy!

  39. Beautiful fabrics! I wish there had been a 4th choice….cats, dogs, neither or BOTH! If I had to choose it would have to be cats as I have had as many as 19 at one time. My husband and I rescue cats—not really by choice but as we live on a dead end farm road, folks drops their unwanted kitties (usually a pregnant female) here. I then have them spayed and they usually live to a ripe old age. I also have a precious kitty, Blitz, in the house…he’s an Alaskan Snowcat….and one beagle outside along with only 3 outside kitties now.

  40. cats and dogs. i have 3 little ankle biters, and 2 cats. (one cat weighs about 20 lbs) that’s more than what any of my dogs weigh!. All of my pets are rescues, just not sure if I rescued them, or they rescued me..lol
    cats are the best I think though, but only by a slight margin!

  41. I like both cats and dogs — but since I don’t have a fenced yard I don’t have a dog right
    now. My two cats live in house and are my sewing room assistants. They were rescued
    from a bad situation and have become gentle and sweet — good company for me.

  42. Years ago: Cats (two until they passed), now neither. But all the quilt space companions I see have me thinking I might one day adopt one again.

  43. We have had dogs in the past, but right now we don’t have any pets. I think they are both fun and cute for quilts though!

  44. We have given a home to many rescued dogs and cats in the past. At one time we had two dogs and three cats. Two dogs may not sounds like a lot, but when one is a Newfoundland and the other part German Shepard, the house can get pretty small. Right now I have a Dalmatian and my daughter a boxer lab mix, no cats, as neither dog is a fan. So right now, I’m a dog person.

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