Happy Monday & Sew Along & Scrappy Mystery & This and That

Hello Friends, Happy Monday and Happy Week to you!  I hope you are all well!  I will try to cover a few items today. :)

#1.  This is of utmost importance — I want to know who amongst you still has her Christmas tree up! :)  I found out over the weekend on Instagram there are quite a few still who are keeping their Christmas trees up to enjoy them longer.  With that, I will no longer feel self-conscious about keeping ours up for two weeks at least after Christmas!!! Truth be known, Miss Baby is still blasting Christmas carols and music at home.  And I sewed up these charm squares over the weekend.  So, Christmas is here to stay, I think!


#2. Spring on Bleecker Street Sew-Along!  If you have expressed an interest in following with the sew-along, you will have received an email from me with a bit of logistics on how we will be doing things – all in an informal way!  Please know that you are able to join in the fun anytime!  It will be great if you just shoot me an email expressing your intention to join in the fun! :0)


You may download the pattern instructions and templates here.

I will be using the Bleecker Street fabrics from Quilting Treasures for this project!  I am totally in love with these fabrics!!!!  You may use fabrics of your choice for the project.  However, if you want to replicate the original quilt,  I know of places listed below that are selling the kits/fabrics.  For the embroidery, I will be using colors from my Aurifil’s Marmalade Meadows collection.  Click here to read about the collection if you haven’t known about it.  I would imagine any Aurifil dealer will be able to order the floss for you.  Please know that I will be showcasing more ways to use up the floss in a couple of months.

* The quilt and floss kits are available from http://thimblemouseandspouse.com.  I think Lynn is still waiting for the fabrics and floss to arrive.

* Quilt kits from http://www.northerncomfortquilts.com/sales-and-specials

* Fabrics from Quiltropolis.

* Quilt kits from Hancocks of Paducah.



Tentatively, I will be posting my first section on Feb 15th.  And then you will have a month between Feb 15th and March 15th to complete your section. :)

#3.  SCRAPPY MYSTERY Quilt-Along!  I asked, and you responded.  So, scrappy it is!  This will start in June or July 2017.  I am still working out the details, and will have more to share when I have more solid information.

#4.  Miss Baby’s Stitching Progress.  Some of you have written to ask about Miss Baby’s stitching progress.  Here is the last progress picture I took of her work.  Pattern is by Jardin Prive.  You may purchase the chart here. The latest completed house is the one right next to the letter “m”.  She actually messed up on counting her squares. Instead of correcting her mistake, she “improvise” to make her house work!  I am not quite sure how I feel about that yet… on one hand, I want her to follow the rules because I am pretty much a “dot my i’s, and cross my t’s kind of person.  But on the other hand, I thought she did a great job improvising!  Hahaha.  The original house has 3 windows, and Miss Baby’s version has 2 windows.  And of course, Miss Baby has totally ignored all the “suggested colors”, and picked out all her colors.

I have to say Miss Baby has made great strides in the last 6 months in that she has learned to thread her own needles, and finish her stitches etc.  She is now a totally independent stitcher.  For a while there, I had to cut the threads, thread the needle, show here where to stitch, and then help her bury her thread tails etc.  Now, she asks if I could get her a gold needle!  Well, I didn’t… I told her she would have to earn her own money to buy that as regular needles do just fine. :-)

I say all that to encourage mothers and grandmothers out there who are teaching their young ones in the art of needle and thread that it is possible to start them really young!  I started Miss Baby when she was about 5.  And it’s been really gratifying to see her progress and develop in her skills.


That’s all for now, Dear Friends!  It’s past 10pm, and I still have a quilt to bind that needs to be shipped in the morning. :)  There goes my life whirling around again!  Hugs to you all, and I do hope you have a lovely week.

31 thoughts on “Happy Monday & Sew Along & Scrappy Mystery & This and That

  1. Miss Baby does remarkable work–just like her mother! In regard to improvising, I think it shows great creativity. By the way, I, too, learned to hand sew when I was 5. I never liked hand sewing until about 6 years ago when I was working on my daughter’s wedding gown. Now I find it relaxing and therapeutic.

  2. I love it when you share Ms. Baby’s stitching progress!

    I don’t have my tree still up, but am still using one of my Christmas quilts and our lights are still up on the outside of the boat :)

  3. i always tell my students…. DIRECTIONS are SUGGESTIONS! colors are optional and always interchangeable! knowing how to “fix” a mistake is just thinking creatively!! more creative to work around a mistake than ripping it out and doing it “right.”

  4. Don’t feel bad….I just took my tree down last weekend. It was easy because I never had time to put anything on it except an angel on top and silver garland….no balls! Our clock is still playing Christmas carols on the hour. Miss Baby is making great strides in her hand stitching. You must be so proud of her to ‘improvise’ on an error. It looks great!

  5. you mentioned to email you if we were going to follow Bleeker Street. Here is my email.   Love your quilts but especially the quilting.

    LaVonne Hansen / DaLado Storage Home: 1125 West Shore Drive       Hutchinson, MN 55350       (612)868-6990 (cell)       (320)234-6633 (home)       lavonne.hansen@mchsi.com

  6. Wow I had no idea the Bleeker quilt was a free pattern, and I totally missed that there would be a sew along. Yes I’m interested! Mind if I blog about your quilt along?

  7. Love Miss Baby’s stitching! Good for her on improvisation. Does she do on violin as well? Only ask because it’s a real struggle for me to improvise on violin. Piano, no problem. Followed the rules in violin, not so much on piano. So it’s good to dot the i’s and cross the t’s, but be flexible enough to allow for improv, especially when it’s good! Hugs.

  8. Hi Wendy,I’d love to take part in the Bleecker Street Quilt-A-Long.Is there a fee to be placed on your email list?Thanks a bunch.Colleen

    From: Ivory Spring To: colleen_mclaughlin@rocketmail.com Sent: Monday, January 16, 2017 11:19 PM Subject: [New post] Happy Monday & Sew Along & Scrappy Mystery & This and That #yiv4665579294 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv4665579294 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv4665579294 a.yiv4665579294primaryactionlink:link, #yiv4665579294 a.yiv4665579294primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv4665579294 a.yiv4665579294primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv4665579294 a.yiv4665579294primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv4665579294 WordPress.com | ivoryspring posted: “Hello Friends, Happy Monday and Happy Week to you!  I hope you are all well!  I will try to cover a few items today. :)#1.  This is of utmost importance — I want to know who amongst you still has her Christmas tree up! :)  I found out over the weeke” | |

  9. Can’t wait to get started on the Bleecker Street. It is beautiful. So it Miss Baby’s stitching. What a lovely keepsake. As for my Christmas tree, my sister sent me a 1 1/2 foot tree from a florist. It came with little, little lights, a garland, some decorations and instructions on planting. So right after Christmas I undressed it and my husband planted it in our backyard. I can see my “Christmas” tree everyday from my back window. I pray it survives.

  10. Thank you so much for the generous free pattern of Bleecker Street quilt, can’t wait to start it. Do I need a separate email sign up to join your Sew-Along?

  11. Amazing what Miss Baby is so beautifully stitching! So proud of her. I, too, began my stitching adventure when I was 4-5ish. I remember x-stitching a stamped piece of “Little Miss Muffet” and “Little Boy Blue.” Wonder what became of that ancient treasure? Christmas has mostly disappeared from my home, but I have a few remnants of snowmen and cardinals blending into Valentine reds. Rainy day here, great to get for staying inside and sewing😊✂️☔️. Looking forward to the Bleeker Street sew-along!!

  12. Our tree stays up until it becomes a fire hazard, but my favorite time to enjoy the season is after Christmas. I still have several of my nativity sets up along with some of my Christmas decorations.

    I love the stitching of Miss Baby. She did a great job of improvising as I would never be able to tell which one it is. She is learning to be her own person in her stitching. Gold needle…..gotta LOVE it!

  13. Miss Baby’s work is beautiful. I would not discourage her from improvising right now. She may get frustrated. She is still learning how to follow the directions and will eventually become meticulous in her stitching.

  14. I always leave the tree up until January 6, as that is for me the 12 days of Christmas. The outside decorations will have to stay as we have had ice, cold and sleet and the swag has turned into an ice cube!
    Love Miss Baby’s stitching. I think it cute and funny that she improvises. It is good to start young at crafts. I learned to knit when I was about 8 from a sweet lady that lived across the street.
    I would love to join the quilt along!

  15. We usually take out tree down around New Year’s Day, but this year our family was on an outing that weekend, so we took it down the following Saturday. I still listened to Christmas carols for a week or two after, though! Miss Baby has done so well with her stitching. I tend to like to do things just like the instructions say (though I do substitute colors sometimes), but I have improvised rather than ripped out stitches sometimes when it would take up too much time and be too depressing to take out a great deal, and the improvisation isn’t noticeable.

  16. Love this quilt and will be stitching along come time. How much talent for a wee one – super job on Miss baby’s stitchery – the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree.

  17. mine is still up. i’ll take it down this weekend.
    is it too late to join in on the Bleecker street quilt a long? i admired last years quilt a long but was too intimidated. I see the lovely bird on the limb again and i dont think i can resist again, i hope there is room for me
    thanks in advance

  18. I am guilty!! My tree is empty, but it is still standing tall in the living room. I would love to join the sew-along. I think the pattern is adorable. I will do my best to keep up–but–my tree is a good indication of how fast I get to things I want to do. Some of the applique will be new to me, so it will be a fun learning experience.

  19. Dear Wendy,

    I really love all the ideas you have on your blog as I came across it today. I would like to be a part of your Bleecker Street Sew-Along. What a great combination of patchwork as well as applique. I have wanted to do something like this for a while. The pinwheels make such outer border as well as all the different patchwork throughout. I tried looking for your email. I hope this will get me the information needed.

    Debbie Huber

  20. Spring on Bleecher Street looks like a fun pattern. You always do such a wonderful job of explaining the steps your taking. I know I can not join in on the Stitch-a-long at this time, but I will definitely be following along. I have downloaded the pattern and hope that you’ll include me in any special emails regarding the QAL. Thank you for being a great teacher.

  21. I forgot to add that “yes” I do have the Christmas tree still up. I love it and it’s the last thing to be taken down and put away. I’ve begun with some of the other rooms this week but it’ll be quite a few days before I’ll start the dismantling of the tree. Oh dear, dismantling, that sounds awful. :( If all is put away by Valentine’s Day, I think I’m doing just fine. lol

  22. thinking maybe I could have a go at Beecker Street though still not learnt how to do applique, please include me in any updates on it. No I do not have a Christmas tree any more but do have a couple of Christmas embroideries and a hardanger angel but they came down at the beginning of january

  23. an amazing stitched picture-well done to your teaching and the student. I have taught young people and its great to see them doing well with their fabric journey.
    We keep our tree up till Epiphany as that is when my parents taught us to and as Christians we take the lead that decorations come down on 12th night.

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