FREE PATTERN: Movement in Squares

Hello Friends!  I hope you are well.  I have another free pattern to share.  My Movement in Squares, designed for Benartex’s Op Art Reflections fabric collection, is quite different from my usual style, but it actually reflects my love for structure and order.


As much as I love all things soft and feminine, my home decor style actually tends toward the masculine.  I love the cottage, vintage and shabby chic look, but for some strange reason, I can’t replicate that look in my decorating style.  Everything in my displays has to exhibit some kind of symmetry and order – as you can see below.  A beloved cousin even told me “lighten up” once… ha!


See what I mean?  In any case, you will be surprised to find that the linkage effect in Movement in Squares is not that hard to achieve.  The quilt top is quite easily constructed in sections.


My absolute favorite part about this quilt is the background fabric used.  I was experimenting using colors other than white or gray as background fabric, and Benartex has this beautiful blush sage swatch that just works perfectly!  Click here to view the fabrics in the Blush range.




Click here to view all the fabric swatches in Benartex’s Op Art Reflections.

Click here to download pattern instructions.

I hope Movement in Squares, though a bit different, gives you some fresh quilting ideas.  Thanks for stopping by!  Hugs to you all!


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49 thoughts on “FREE PATTERN: Movement in Squares

  1. This is a wonderful quilt!!! I really love interlocking square quilts, this one will be on my to-do list :) I really like the background fabric too, Blush, what a lovely name.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  2. This quilt seems to be calling my name! It’s got a nice contemporary edge without being too “modern”. If I ever get past these Christmas projects, I’m giving it a try. Thanks for the pattern!

  3. Love, love, LOVE this quilt, Wendy! It would be perfect for a guy (or two) in my life. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing talents with the rest of us. Those yardage and cutting instructions are fabulous.

  4. So interesting to see this pattern!! I purchased a pattern (on my trip) called “Outside the Box” that has a somewhat similar interlocking picture frame idea that I’m going to make for GS #2’s high school graduation in the Spring. Yours would have worked equally well….timing is everything! LOL! I find these angular patterns so visually fascinating!! Beautiful work once again! Hugs, SSAB

  5. Just a query re pattern instructions for Movement in Squares – instructions for AH1 BH1 and CH1 blocks says strips are 2-1/2″ but further on for CH1 – says strips are 2″ – wanted to confirm this difference is correct. Date: Tue, 5 Nov 2013 21:17:27 +0000 To:

  6. That china cupboard with all the blue is wonderful. The quilt is great too. It does look so complicated until you break it down. That is a fabulous background fabric.

  7. I like the china cupboard! There is absolutely nothing wrong with symmetry! As an exercise, you could re-arrange the china into an asymmetrical pattern and see if you could live with it! If not, who cares?
    The quilt design is interesting.

  8. Love this, Wendy! Wonderful pattern and colors, and you do NOT need to lighten up. Trad is your style so stick to your guns.



  9. Have just started following your lovely and very generous blog. I’ve downloaded the pattern for Movement in Squares, I’ve been searching for my next major project and this is it. Can’t wait, just need by background fabric.

  10. Love the Movement In Squares since I first saw it. Thanks for sharing the pattern. I’ll get started on it very soon.

  11. Is the pattern for Movement in Squares still available? The links to click for the pattern would not work for me. I love the pattern and would like to make it soon.

  12. I just made Movement in Squares for my Grandson’s graduation quilt. Was really surprised at how easy it went together since I anticipated it being more complicated. I made all of the squares in shades of green, the dark squares in black with green leafy vines and the background is a pale sage green. Sharp looking quilt for a guy. Thank you Wendy for sharing this pattern with us. I know I will make it again.

  13. I am interested in making this for my Son’s wedding. He loved the design. Can I still purchase the fabric especially the blush? Where can I find it to purchase the fabrics. help.

  14. I know it’s been several years since this posting, but I love this quilt pattern.When I went to the link it didn’t work and when I searched on Benartex, I could not find the pattern. Would you possibly have the pattern that you could send me or tell me where I might find it? Thanks.

  15. Hi Wendy,
    I just found you and love your blog! I have subscribed.
    Many of the links you shared on your past postings do not work. Is there a way to get the links to work?
    There are a few patterns I would love to have! Especially the rooster place mats!
    Thank you so much!

  16. Looks like the F block is all background color on the picture. Is this incorrect? I would think it should have the F fabric all around the edges just like the C block. Even calls for less fabric for F. 1/8th yd? Is there an updated corrected pattern for this quilt?

  17. Love the quilt & your fabric selections. Sadly I’m not able to access the pattern. In fact I can’t access any of the pattern on this post. Any hints or tips?’

  18. Have been looking for a “teen guy” quilt for Project Linus. Think I hit the jackpot!!! Can’t waint to shop my stash and start sewing. This pattern is definately a show stopper, as we say!

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