What is your “Sewing” Name?

Mine is Whimsical Seam Ripper.  Well, I do have to rip out my seams quite a bit, now I know why!

I found this fun little chart for you to match the first letter of your first and last name:

1393518_10151926156050630_1471903965_n[Image grabbed from Quilting Treasures’ Facebook Page]

So, tell us your name, would you — even if you don’t sew?  And, if you sewing designer name fits your personality.

Happy Monday everyone!  May you all have a great week!

56 thoughts on “What is your “Sewing” Name?

  1. I would say you are a whimsical dressmaker. (Lasy letter od last name) Do you sew dor Miss Baby?
    I am a gifted dressmaker although I do not make dresses since I have started to quilt…

  2. Well, Mine is Careful Haberdasher. Well, I don’t own a shop but with the fabric and scraps I have I guess I could have run a small one out of my house.HAHAHA! Sure thing.

  3. Fun, fun!! Mine is “Gifted Gatherer”- Pretty much sums me up for I have gathered a lot of fabric, quilting books and stitching patterns. Haha

  4. Well this is scary. Mine is sassy fabric hoarder. My mom used to accuse me of being sassy (my choice would have been assertive) and I am definitely a fabric hoarder. LOL

  5. This is spooky for me too. Mine is Lazy Patch Worker. So true. I like piecing the least so I always want to speed piece, not use pins or be careful enough. In other words: lazy patchworker!

  6. I don’t know if I would like being known as the “Klutzy Welter”.It is kind of funny though.
    I only quilt, no dressmaking for me.

  7. Rambunctious seam ripper- bwahaha – I have cut fabric so many times with a seamripper I now pick out with a needle and scissors. Now I know why!

  8. I named my longarm Abigail Nicole but my work horse Bernina 440’s name never came to me so I think she gets Passionate Patchworker. It fits very well!

  9. I am Buxom Gatherer and buxom does fit! HaHa! And gather, hmmm? Well I do gather as many fabric and assorted stash all about me that I can. What fun!

  10. Passionate Needle Worker! Fits, if you think along the lines of machine needles only! Definitely not passionate about hand work!

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