FREE PATTERN: Pumpkin Patch

Hello Friends, I seriously felt like this week has flown by.  I was shocked when my husband informed me it’s Friday today!!!  I got quite a bit done this week, but felt like I didn’t get enough done.  So, I probably would have an all-nighter or two in my near future just to get everything caught up.  But that’s alright.  I like getting things checked off my list. :)  I wonder how many of you out there are list-makers?

To end our week of chatting, I thought I would share with you another free pattern called “Pumpkin Patch.”  This pattern is design using Benartex‘s Autumn Fauna line, to be released very soon.  Watch for these fabrics – they are yummy!  I was working toward an autumn quilt that feels a little more contemporary.  The use of white in the quilt also gives an airy feel.

Design 3c_High Res_ Binding

I know autumn seems a long way for us in the northern Hemisphere, but I thought this design might delight my southern Hemisphere friends! :)  Click here to download the pattern.

With that, I shall say adios for now!  I will catch up with you later!  Hugs.


16 thoughts on “FREE PATTERN: Pumpkin Patch

  1. I am stepping out of my mould — love the contemporary look of this quilt. And since I became a Creative Memories consultant almost 13 years ago, I have grown to love the fall colours, and would have even had fall colours for my wedding reception — but that was 37 years ago in May. Thank you for the free download.

  2. Love this pattern!! I could see the background in an off white. Funny you should be thinking Fall, I have been working on a cross stitch recently that is pumpkins. Have a great weekend!!

  3. Love the fabric, and the pattern. I’m not much a Halloween person but love decorating with fall colors from late Sept thru Thanksgiving

  4. I love the diagonal sections! I seem to always try to find a way to add either stripes or polka dots to my quilts. I’m sure that’s why I like the your Ladybug quilt so much…I have a serious collection of polka dot fabrics! Even a lot of my batiks tend to have dots. Not sure what that says about me…maybe a bit “dotty”!

    • I am really hoping you write more very soon. You kind of remind me of my uncle. I’m sitting in a bean bag while reading this blog and this is the most comfortable I’ve ever been. This is excellent, a real game changer for sure! You’ve really changed my way of thinking on more than a few things that I’ve taken for granted for all my adult life. {Have you tried contact different content creators that know about this subject ?|I want to encourage you to definitely continue your great work because you’re very talented.|I have really been looking at lots of red wine reviews because I am trying to figure out which one I should buy.|You are totally right on with this.|You might have just saved me a lot of hassle just now.|I was looking into a press release the other day but I still This website resembles my old one.

  5. Thank you very much for the free pattern. I like the sections with stripes and why I am not a halloween person, i think I try to make this string pieced.
    Greeting Guilitta

  6. The autumn colors are really beautiful. I have just completed 4 tablerunners that tend toward the Fall colors, also. I went for these fabrics cuz they are warm, glowing and full of flowers in burnt orange, golds and rich brown—–the opposite of what is outside at the current moment!! It’s hard to read my fave blogs from “down under” describing their “dog days of summer”!!!!!! And, yes, I am a HUGE list maker!!! I don’t cross things off the list so much as just need it to remember what needs to get done!!!! The mind is a terrible thing to lose!!! LOL! Hugs, D

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  12. I am desperately trying to find a design to use as a wall hanging. I have a few gorgeous browns and oranges. I think this just might be perfect. Or at least until you show us another one. I keep changing my mind. How do you get so many quilts made? I just can’t seem to get started.

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