New Fabrics Preview

Hello Friends,

It’s been quiet at my end.  I am still catching up with housework etc.  I do have plans to delve into my next quilt using these bold and beautiful floral fabrics after the family is in bed tonight…


I have been drooling over these fabrics, and am super excited that I get a chance to work with them!

Now tell me, do you like your florals bold and beautiful, or soft and sweet, or both depending on your mood?

Thanks for stopping by.  I’ve gotta run – I can’t believe it’s time to think about what to serve for dinner tonight.  Time for me to dig through what I have in the fridge!

21 thoughts on “New Fabrics Preview

  1. I like the smaller print fabrics. But I’ve learned it depends on how the prints are used, sometimes they are not as flashy as when you see them on a bolt or large piece of fabric. So alot depends on how they are used

  2. That red/black combo is smashing! Quite a few of my recent purchases have been made with thought of using them with Kona med. gray. That is a totally “foreign” color to me up until a few months ago! Can’t figure out the attraction! A while back that fabric wouldn’t warrant a second glance from me, but now…….I love it!!

  3. I usually lean towards the bold and beautiful but there is a place for both. definitely love those red and black and white prints. can’t wait to see what you will do with them

  4. I definitely prefer bold and beautiful :*) Big bright and bountiful! Can’t wait to see what you make with those yummy fabrics! At the rate you work, you’ll probably be sewing down the binding at about midnight =^..^=

  5. I love the bold, big, and beautiful in the red, white, and black. I really think it depends on the colours and where it is going. I have a Victorian Living room. My colours are coming from my sofa and area rug. I have hardware floors and wood on the sofa. So I think I would like a chocolate back ground with large cream and beige foliage intermingle with some rust borders. So, yes I like bold, big, and beautiful.
    I hope you are all recuperating and feeling much better.

  6. I tend to favor “soft and sweet” for my self and my daughter and “bold and colorful” for my granddaughter. She’s into purple right now.

  7. Can’t wait to see the magic you work with this fabric. There’s a red, black and white quilt in my future but I haven’t decided on a pattern yet. I’m all excited now!

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