“Quilting Curvy Feathers” in MACHINE QUILTING UNLIMITED (March/April 2013)

MQU March 2013 cover

Hello Friends!  Before I even saw my copy, some of you had written to me with kind words about my “Quilting Curvy Feathers” article in the latest March/April 2013 issue of Machine Quilting Unlimited!  I really appreciate the positive feedback on the article.


This is my first time ever being published in Machine Quilting Unlimited.  If you are unfamiliar with that magazine, it is an amazing publication that features works of HUGE HUGE names in machine quilting.  [I am a HUGE fan of Sandra Leichner!] Click here to subscribe.


As I often share with you, I am just a wee fish in the vast ocean of quilting, and oftentimes swimming upstream. I am learning and experimenting like everyone else, with LOTS more to learn and experiment.  To have something featured in Machine Quilting Unlimited seems unreal to me, even after seeing the article in print.


I say all that to encourage you to take the plunge to machine quilt — you might really enjoy yourself along the way and end up one of the HUGE HUGE names I talked about!  I also want to take the opportunity to thank you all for being my friends, sharing with me my machine quilting journey – albeit a rather wee journey!  Quilt on, my quilting friends — and hugs to you all, even if you don’t quilt.


My 2013 lineup thus far besides “Quilting Curvy Feathers” – click on links for more information:

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The Quilter (December 2012/January 2013): Not Too Square

Quilt Trends (Winter 2013, Cover Quilt): Tango

Quilter’s World (February 2013): New Life

Quilter’s World (April 2013): Monkey Around

Quilter’s World QUICK & EASY QUILTS (Spring 2013): In & Out

Quilter’s World QUICK & EASY QUILTS (Spring 2013): Garden Maze

Annie’s Love Those Precuts Book (January 2013):  Apple of My Eye

Fons and Porter’s Love of Quilting (March/April 2013):  Now I know my ABC’s

Quilts and More (Spring 2013):  2 Wishes, to be posted

Quilts and More (Spring 2013):  Watercolor Sketches, to be posted

The Quilter (April/May 2013):  In the Meadow, to be posted

Quilting Treasures Free Pattern (January 2013): Mediterranean Dream

Quilting Treasures Free Pattern (February 2013): Butterfly Kisses

Benartex Free Pattern (March 2013): Pumpkin Patch/Autumn Fauna


20 thoughts on ““Quilting Curvy Feathers” in MACHINE QUILTING UNLIMITED (March/April 2013)

  1. Congratulations. How wonderful to have an article published in this wonderful magazine. And, exciting for us to have an opportunity to learn how to make your beautiful feathers.

    BTW – I too am a big fan of Sandra. First met her at Asilomar and she is truly a wonderful lady and talented quilter. Did you see her Tea With Me quilt and hear the story?


  2. Love that mag, too!! I have been waiting for your appearance there!!!!! Will be picking up my copy on Thurs. The snow is falling (figure we’re up to about 8″ and it’s not due to taper off til after noon!). Heading to the sewing room to finish the prep for an upcoming workshop I’m doing:-)
    Rejoicing with you on the latest acknowledgement of your wonderful skills! Blessings and hugs, Doreen

    • The really great news is that trying this approach does not hinder you from investing in the other. I would like to say good blog! Where in the world do you even discover this stuff? I love the helpful info you provide in your articles.

  3. Congratulations to my talented friend
    ! Currently I am machine quilting a quilt that I made for my daughter, and the straight lines are very basic. Maybe someday I will attempt to Feather-Quilt. HUGS!

  4. Your work is beautiful!! I consider you a big name in my book. I’ve never seen this magazine anywhere. Would you recommend it for just a beginner free motion quilter?

    • Hi Janet,

      Awww – you are sweet. You should be able to find the magazine at Barnes and Noble or other bookstores. To answer your question, I think it really depends on what you are looking for as a beginner. Some don’t like to see anything too complicated when they are just starting out, but some like myself LOVE to surround myself with masterworks to remind myself to always aim higher in my quilting. I would recommend it, but I think it’s up to individual tastes. You might try out just a newsstand issue and see if that’s something you would like to subscribe.

      Thanks for stopping by. Wendy

  5. Wendy, I consider it a true pleasure to have you as a friend! Yours was the first blog I started to follow and I have learned so much. I can’t wait to get to the bookstore and purchase this magazine. Congratulations on your article.

  6. You’re a “Rock Star” quilter in my book!! I feel honored to be able to call you a friend, and hope to have the pleasure of meeting you in person some day.

  7. Wee fish, my foot! Your work is every bit as clever and beautiful as any I’ve seen :*) I’m glad to see that your lovely work is being recognized and published so everyone can get to know you better! Congrats on getting the article – I’ll try to find it here in our local BAM.

  8. Wendy, I think that you are the “wee gold fish.” The one whose quilting shines. Thanks for sharing with all of us.

  9. Congrats Wendy, you deserve it you are a fabulous teacher. I must get these magazines, are they geared for Domestic machine quilters like us, or more to the long arm ladies?

  10. Congratulations on getting published in MQU! I’ve subscribed to it for a few years and I am glad to see that now all the quilters whose work I admire have been featured in there. I am also glad that with you being in the magazine, this can further promote that great quilting can be done on DSMs.

  11. Wendy, you are amazing. I have long admired your work. I bought Machine Quilting Unlimited after seeing your blog about your article. Nice piece. Thank you so much for all your helpful tips. You are so generous to share your expertise. You are much appreciated. Hope to take your online quilting class soon. I think you have the best online blog out there and I look forward to every new edition of Thread Talk. Please keep them coming. Thanks again.

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