Year in Review #4: House of White Birches

I was super happy when I was called upon to contribute in two House of White Birches books, namely Jump-start Your Quilting (April 2011), and Today’s Log Cabins (September 2011).

From Jump-start Your Quilting:

1.  French Bouquet

2.  Lollipop Spring

3.  Spring Nesting

From Today’s Log Cabins:

1.  Apple of My Eye

2.  Autumn Hues

3.  Blissful in the Clouds

4.  Pumpkin Patch Table Runner


Thanks for visiting!  It’s always lovely to have you visit.

13 thoughts on “Year in Review #4: House of White Birches

  1. Lovely trunk show yet again! I just loved so many of the patterns, but chose the French Bouquet. Applique holds a special place in my heart.
    have a lovely weekend and a happy and Blessed new year to you and yours.
    donna j in kansas

  2. I love the French Bouquet for it’s beauty, but the apple for it’s simplicity. But you have a winner in all of them!
    Happy New Year to you and your sweet family, Wendy ~

  3. My favorite(s) are, French Bouquet, Spring Nesting and Apple of my eye, in that order. You just might be the most prolific quilter I’ve ever heard of. How do you manage to create so many beautiful quilts? Amazing!!!

  4. Wow — this one was REALLY hard to pick a favorite. I love all of them! For Lollipop Spring, did you do the blanket stitch applique by hand or by machine? What kind of thread did you use for the blanket stitches? They are absolutely PERFECT. I really like Spring Nesting, too, and wondered whether you put your walking foot on for quilting straight lines or if you do ALL of your quilting FM?

    Happy New Year!

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