Year in Review #3: Fons and Porter

We are now moving onto my Fons and Porter quilts.  Same as before, click on the individual links for more pictures of individual quilts.

1.  Summertime (Easy Quilts, Summer 2011)

2.  Joseph’s Pinwheels (Love of Quilting, June 2011, Love of Quilting TV Show episode 1806)

3.  Bunny Foo Foo (Kids Quilt, Summer 2011)

4. Rainbow Ketupat (Scrap Quilts, Fall 2011)

5.  Starry Pursuit (Easy Quilts, Winter 2011)


Thanks for playing along, Everyone!  You are the greatest!!! :)  Have a super day!


12 thoughts on “Year in Review #3: Fons and Porter

  1. My dear lady, how can you expect us to vote? You have been extremely industrious this year. Your work is fabulous and I can not pick one in each category. Happy 2012, Wendy. May your family enjoy love and good health this coming year.

  2. How can that Summertime quilt have been “easy” with all those tiny little circles to applique? Was there a special trick I don’t know about?

    These are all beautiful; so hard to pick a favorite. I really like Summertime because of how the little applique circles repeat the polka dot fabric patterns. The bunnies are adorable, too!

  3. I have only recently ‘found’ your blog… I am learning free motion quilting and I think this will be a great source of inspiration… your quilts are all lovely, lovely… it is very hard to vote

  4. From Fons&P, the Rainbow Ketaput is my favorite followed by Little Bunny Foo Foo which is absolutely precious.
    I am amazed at all the quilts you’ve had published in the various magazines. I can hardly wait to see what you create in the new year.

  5. Lovely quilts yet again. Hard to pick just one as my favorite. Loved the chocolate Easter bunnies on the baby quilt. Reminds me of Bunny Hill’s “Baltimore Bunnies”. But I did vote for Ketupat as it had a most interesting story behind its creation and the woven blues thru the wonderful rainbow colors really brought out the baskets.
    Know you will be gone for several days…have a safe trip.
    donna j

  6. I just found your blog this year & I’ve been pretty impressed with your skill & productivity. Double so when considering you have a small child. But seeing these collections bring to focus how productive you actually have been this year takes my breath away! Well done!

  7. Love them all – I found your blog this year and your work inspires me to continue practising free motion quilting. Thank you so much for your tutorials. I hold your work as the bar to reach! Someday…

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