Pumpkin Patch Table Runner in House of White Birches’ LOG CABINS TODAY

Pumpkin Patch is the last of my four projects featured in Log Cabins Today, published by House of White Birches. [Just to clarify, Log Cabins Today is a book available for purchase that is published by House of White Birches. The book features 32 projects with complete patterns and instructions. I have received emails expressing confusion on the matter. I do apologize if I hadn’t expressed myself clearly in my previous Log Cabins Today posts. Click here to order your copy of the book.]

Pumpkin blocks made of modified log cabin blocks come in three sizes in this table runner project. The rail fence blocks are added and placed at a convenient spot on the runner for you to place your knick knacks etc so as to not prevent the pumpkin blocks from showing off!

Quilting is a mixture of free-handed and modified stencil motifs.

I used a variegated fall colored thread (Aurifil Mako Cotton 50) to quilt the runner over Hobbs Tuscany Silk batting. Fabrics consist of swatches from Everything but the Kitchen Sink, Crazy for Dots and Stripes, Jinny Beyer Palette and Pindot collections, all by RJR.

I hereby conclude my Log Cabins Today posts. I hope you have enjoyed looking at my interpretations of the log cabins for the modern and fun quilters. Now, curious mind wants to know if you have a favorite out of the four I have shown you this week. To view previous Log Cabins Today quilts, click here, here, and here. If you would be so kind, I would also like to know the reason for your favorite.

That’s all for now. Thanks for stopping by. I have a busy rest of the week waiting for me. So I am going to fly for now. Take care!

32 thoughts on “Pumpkin Patch Table Runner in House of White Birches’ LOG CABINS TODAY

  1. I can almost smell the autumn leaves and feel the pumpkin’s surface… this table runner certainly conveys FALL. Lovely job and interesting quilting pattern.

  2. I voted for Autumn Hues. It’s traditional, yet seemed dimensional, yet fun! But that Bllissful in the Clouds – boy – it was tough decision between the two! Thanks for sharing your beautiful work!

  3. The more I see of what is in this book, the more I want to order it! Have been thinking about a Halloween/Thanksgiving wall hanging and tablerunner that would go together. Maybe this my inspiration! Have never been too crazy about decorating just for Halloween but would rather do something that fit both holidays.

  4. My favorite is the pumpkin runner. Being the primitive lover I’d have used darker fabrics or tea dyed the colors you used. Your quilting beautiful as usual.

  5. Very cute and fallish!

    It’s hard to choose between Autumn hues, because I like the colors, or Blissful in the Clouds because it is so creative and inventive, but I voted for the latter. They’re all great, though.

  6. Each one is nice in it own way, Wendy! The apple one is great; one of my favorite themes! I think the Autumn Hues caught my eye for its design, though, It would be fun in about any color ~

  7. I had a hard time choosing between Apple of My Eye and Blissful in the Clouds. OK, I’ll admit, I loved the Pumpkin Patch too. Autumn Hues was not orderly enough to be a fave for me,b ut I still admire your color selection, points & quilting!!

    In the corner of the pumpkins, you have a little Y-shaped swirly….do you do just that, tie off & move to another section, or do you stitch in the ditch to the next section or what? Inquiring minds want to know how it’s done! Thanks for sharing all your lovelies!

  8. I voted for Autumn Hues, but I love them all equally well. I’m going to have to buy this book. I’m not suppose to buyyyyyy anymore books.

    Grin…..I’m in trouble again.

  9. Each one of your beautiful log-cabins has a character of its own. The quilting on each of the quilts are really lovely ….the favrorit is too hard to pick..

  10. Love them all, Wendy! Apple of my Eye is my favorite – I just really like the colors and composition. I think I love the quilting on Blissful the best though!

  11. I love the bright funkyness of Autumn Hues – although they don’t look at all like autumn colours on my computer monitor! and the asymmetrical setting looks great.

  12. This is a toughie. I like all of them. I think my favorite is the apple quilt, but I love the fabrics in your second quilt.

  13. Wendy,
    We here a House of White Birches a.k.a. Quilter’s World love your projects and are always very pleased to publish them. Keep up the great designs. You are a very talented designer/quilter. Carolyn S. Vagts, editor.

  14. Hi Wendy, It is really had to pick a favorite but I do like the Apple one–probably because of the colors, I love red. But I love the polka dots in Pumpkin too……..ooh so hard to choose…Like which of your kids is the favorite–can’t do it.
    Your quilting is so awesome in all four it just makes me drool.

  15. I voted for your apple quilt, I think I could use it for late Spring though Fall and maybe even Winter. They are all pretty. The pumpkin table runner would be my 2nd choice. I love all of your quilting, you make it look easy. Have a great weekend. ;-)

  16. Wendy,

    It was hard to pick only one, but I picked this as my favorite because I love the colors and your quilting is just gorgeous on this one. The apple of my eye was a close second, though. What beautiful and creative ways to use log cabins — all of the quilts are amazing.

    xo -E

    P.S. Don’t worry about replying to my comment or visiting me. I know how precious time is.

  17. I just love the colors in this particular quilt. All of the quilts are beautiful and it was hard to choose. I picked Ivory Spring cause I’m more partial to these colors. Thanks fir sharing.

  18. Drawn in by the FB post of the pumpkin tablerunner, very cute, but due to the whimsey, color and movement the Kite takes my vote as FAVorite. Really liked the apple as well (3rd choice). Thanks for highlighting your contribution that looks like a great book. The addition of your telling how and what quilted with was a pleasant bonus.

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