Yeap, Lollipop Spring is the last of my three quilts featured in Jump-Start Your Quilting, edited by Jeanne Stauffer and published by House of White Birches.

This is actually a tablerunner project with “lollipop” flowers appliqued on both ends of the runner.

It is a busy happy quilt.  It is busy because the different busy fabrics I had used for this tablerunner project.  It is happy because one couldn’t help but smile at the bright and cheerfulness of these fabrics.

The fabrics are from Moda‘s Tweet Tweet Collection.  Quilting is done with Aurifil Mako 50 thread, and batting is Hobbs Tuscany Silk.

Some of you have recently asked about Miss Baby.  Incidentally, we have started “school” at our house.  “School” constitutes every bit of five (!) minutes of working on a couple of worksheets after breakfast. :)  But Miss Baby is quite proud of the accomplishments from her 5 minutes of schooling!

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope my projects in “Jump-start Your Quilting” will help jump-start your spring projects, whether they be quilting or cleaning. ;)

22 thoughts on “Lollipop Spring in JUMP-START YOUR QUILTING

  1. Lovely quilt Wendy – always admire your work – ….never ispires my cleaning :) AND that Miss Baby is just so special!
    I am still trying to master my applique – I will get there because of your help!!

  2. Oh Wendy,

    Miss Baby is so precious. I just know that she will be designing and making beautiful and drinking tea from REAL
    china cups in no time at all.

    As usual, I LOVE everything project you do. I wish I was 20 years younger with more time and energy.

  3. Absolutely delightful! I can just see that in May on my Grandmother’s antique buffet! Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. The prettiest student on earth – I may be biased – But who cares when her auntie melts even with a short “hi” on the phone!

  5. Oh my gosh! I LOVE that table topper/runner. It is something I wanted to make for everyone last Christmas but never found the time to get any done. This looks like one I might have to do if I can manage to purchase this book.

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