Light and Quilting!

Hello Friends, I hope you are well.  My Calico Trail quilt (read about the quilt here) tagged along when I took a few other quilts for a photo shoot session recently.  I shall let the pictures do the most of the talking… about how the 7am sunlight reflected the quilting on Calico Trail.







The entire quilt is constructed and quilted with Aurifil Mako 50 cotton thread.  Batting used is Hobbs Tuscany Silk batt.  Fabrics are from Quilting Treasures‘s Petals and Matrix collections.

Light is amazing, is it not?

Thanks for stopping by, Dear Friends.  It’s been a happening week, and I am trying to keep my head above the water! Tootles for now.

24 thoughts on “Light and Quilting!

  1. Wendy… your quilt is so very pretty… but the most amazing and lovely thing is the quilting! To think you do it all on a regular machine. I’m always very impressed. Take time to smell the roses!

  2. Amazing how a different light can change the entire “look” of the quilt. The quilting really shines. It is amazing. Beautifully done!!

  3. The light only enhances your outstanding quilting on a lovely quilt!! It shows the stitching much better than artificial lightning!

  4. Wendy, what a beautiful quilt. I love the way the “pops” of blue add sparkle to it! And, as always, the quilting is gorgeous.

  5. Wendy, breathtaking to say the least, feather quilting is exquisite. Pattern/fabrics have the traditional look I love but a hint of modern also. I just want to stare at it, absolutely beautiful!!!

  6. One of my faves for sure and that “7 a.m.” sunlight needs to be “bottled”…’s the best!!!! Dusk gives the shadows but, usually, there’s too much of the sunset colors along with the diminishing light. My days are packed and a half, too!!! The next few weeks will be non-stop hyper-speed!!!! But good!!! Hugs comin’ at ya………………………….

  7. OH I LOVE this one. I love the colors and the whole thing.
    What a pretty patchy design.
    Happy Thursday Wendy.

  8. There is nothing like the morning light when Earth is waking up and everything is touched with gold. Your quilt sparkles as your amazing quilting is showcased in the soft light. Calico Trail is a delightful quilt.

  9. Awh!!! She is a beauty Wendy. I love your quilting and finally got to buy two of your classes. I have admired your quilting for several years. Thanks for sharing.

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