Which part(s) of the brain….

…. (Quilter’s Brain) with which you best identify?  Mine are probably “I’ve been sitting here HOW long?” and “gotta finish that binding”! :)

quilters brain

I found this on Aurifil’s Facebook Page this morning… gave me chuckles!


11 thoughts on “Which part(s) of the brain….

  1. I can relate to all of them at any time! I need to get off my computer and into my sewing room… ideas are spinning in my head… UFOs await…
    Someone made that who thinks like me–at least that’s encouraging to know I’m not out there alone!

  2. Hi Wendy, Happy Tuesday
    I love this graphic. I will print it out and hang it in my sewing office that is right next to my cooking office
    How are you?
    I have been busy.
    Mom and dad keep me busy.
    My oldest daughter just had her baby yesterday. A girl. She is the cutest most adorable little thing. Oh my.
    So, yes, I have been reading each of your posts. I have been printing your patterns,
    I am just flying.
    I have made some quilt tops, but I have not quilted anything, as the quiltophobia is still firmly entrenched haha
    I love you Wendy dear♥️

  3. Sew many ideas, sew little time
    I’ll keep that scrap. I could use it in my “grand” applique quilt I will make someday.

    Unfortunately, they are all true at one time or another.

  4. Chuckles and more chuckles…… Oh my golly how all phrases are appropriate at some time. With that….. I better get with it, up to my sewing room I go……..whish……..

  5. I’ve often been told I’ve a one track mind…quilting, so this is a very accurate view of what mine might look like. However mine might be a little more cluttered with all the new quilt design ideas that pop in at the most inconvenient times. So many ideas so little time.

  6. Mine is definitely “I’ll keep that scrap” I have boxes and tubs of bits. Some are too small to really do much with but I hate throwing stuff out.
    There should be another section: “I will NOT start something new”
    I managed to persuade my long suffering OH onto Granville Island, Vancouver on our recent holiday. He spotted a quilt he liked and I ended buying the quilt kit!!!! It weighed a ton and had to go in hand luggage! We are home now and I am itching to start it. Had a wonderful time spotting quilt shops in the most unlikely places – usually tiny towns in the middle of nowhere. I love your country for quilt shops – I could have spent hours in them!

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