Miriam’s FAVORITE Quilter

… and I can definitely understand why.

Hello Friends, I am absolutely delighted that Miriam is here to share with us the quilting story of her 96 year mother (who most definitely STILL quilts!), Mildred Waring of Kansas.

Baby Quilt 2010 a

It’s NEVER, EVER too late!  It’s amazing for me to hear Mrs. Waring didn’t even started quilting in full force until she was 70 years old.  She had made some quilt blocks in school back in the 30’s.  That speaks to me of Mrs. Waring’s love of life – her energy and zest for life – and more importantly her determination to start and complete projects.  And as you can see from the article Miriam wrote of her mother in 2001, Mrs. Waring has completed MANY quilt projects.  What an inspiration!!!  Mrs. Waring’s story (written by Miriam) was featured in an article in the March 2001 issue of Quilt World – kudos to Miriam for honoring her mother in such a special way.

I am most impressed with how Mrs. Waring organizes her fabrics, mentioned in the article.  She has piles of fabrics labeled with the names of the recipients of the quilts she makes with the fabrics!

Miriam wrote, “In looking at the photos in the article, I think Mom was one of the first “modern improv” quilters. She does all of her sewing on a 1948 Singer 15-91 machine she purchased “on time” when we lived in San Francisco. It has made many quilts, clothing from play to evening to tailored.”

Quilt World article Mom

A quilter who blesses! Miriam writes of her mother, “She makes aprons (baby, toddler, children and adult sizes) and neck pillows. The neck pillows number in the hundreds now. She gives them to my niece’s husband, a Presbyterian pastor. He gives them out as he makes nursing home, hospital and shut-in visitations. She considers it her ministry now that she is unable to get out of the house any more.”

A quilter who keeps quilting!  Mrs. Waring recently finished a dog/puppy quilt from Billie Lauder’s “There’s A Dog On My Quilt”, for a great-great-grand nephew who would be making his grand entrance anytime now this month!

Mom w dog quilt

Mrs. Waring hand quilts all her quilts!!!!  You know, anyone who hand quilts is my hero…. Mrs. W. is definitely my hero.

Dog quilt 1

Thank you, Miriam, for being willing to share your mother’s very inspiring quilting story!  Thank you, Dear Friends, for stopping by.  I hope you have a most blessed Thursday!!


p.s. Miriam is a gem herself because she treasures the rich quilting heritage within her own family..  She remembers being given some early quilt calicoes (mentioned here) after a house fire.  She rebuilt her stash, notions and tools within five years after that!

11 thoughts on “Miriam’s FAVORITE Quilter

  1. Miriam is my sweet friend of several years. I met her just after fire destroyed her home and everything but the jammies on her back. I hear reports of Mildred’s current project and am even one of the lucky recipients of two of her neck pillows! Miriam, herself, is an exquisite and prolific quilter and is teaching her own granddaughter to quilt. A joy to know both of these two women! Mary Z, Gig Harbor, WA

  2. What a neat story! Once you reach your fifties, you become increasingly aware that there is more time behind than ahead. It’s inspiring to see people still active and learning new things no matter how old they get. Love that doggie quilt!

  3. Such a great story and so inspiring! She reminds me of my Gramma who got me into quilting altho she did it by hand! I love the puppy quilt she is showing,,,,, is there a name for that pattern I can get??

  4. Wonderful article and write up for your Mom, Miriam. You both are such special ladies, and I am glad to call you my friend. Keep up the beautiful work that you do, I love to hear about your mom;s work. Inspiring.

  5. What a grand story and a remarkable testimony.
    No wonder she is Miriam ‘s hero. Mrs. Wearing is now one of my role models who will remind me that one is never too old to start learning and to keep on sharing.

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