White Bird of Paradise: Final Sneak Peek

Hello Friends,  my dusty ceiling fan is now squeaky clean!  During my cleaning frenzy, I also managed to finish my “Pressed Flowers” quilt.  It now has  a name:  White Bird of Paradise.  Dmyers said that the points remind her of the Bird of Paradise plant.  I have never heard of Bird of Paradise, but after doing some research on the internet, I am in agreement with her.  I even found the white variety that has similar color scheme to that of my quilt.

Here is my quilty interpretation of the plant (unquilted, and quilted):

I can’t show you the entire front until the quilt is officially featured, but I can show you the back. All the feathers are free-handed with no prior marking.  I did sketchy markings for the feather spines, but more often than not, I didn’t follow the markings.

I kind of did something fun.  I used different threads in the bobbin to give my back a multi-colored look just to see if my idea worked out.

If all things go well, you will see the quilt in print.  I am hoping to be able to complete a Thread Talk post on feathers for tomorrow.  Do check back and hold me accountable.  I only had about three hours of sleep last night due to work and cleaning.  I have a dessert yet to make for our company tonight.  Needless to say, I am beat…. but I am determined to respond to all your wonderful comments/emails, albeit slowly!  Love you all!

31 thoughts on “White Bird of Paradise: Final Sneak Peek

  1. Oh my goodness! That is just gorgeous! And I do like the name of it too. Sure seems fitting.

    I am looking forward to your thread talk on feathers. I need to practice everything and feathers are so intimidating.

    You are so talented!

  2. Your feathers are amazing. I would love to see your sewing path. It just doesn’t look like you backtrack much at all. I love your work and appreciate your sharing it.

  3. This is simply gorgeous. I’m in awe! As a new FMQ’er, I have yet to achieve anything like a flowing feather. In your thread talk, could you also include some basic info, like just how long does it take you to quilt one of these flowing designs, your “plan of attack” when you begin a design like this, etc. Especially if you’re not doing much, if any marking of the design, talking us through how you achieve this level of perfection might just give us more ‘artistically challenged’ folks some valuable insight into making our work better. Thank you so much for all your wonderful posts!

  4. Simply stunning!!! I love the back as much as the front. I don’t know how you get everything accomplished. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work.

  5. This is so beautiful! It looks like you set yourself free to play on the back. I love the change of thread colors–it works well. I’m sure it will end up in print–it is just too wonderful not to! Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your family and have a blessed holiday.

  6. The yellow really showes up in the photographs and it makes the feathers really look gorgeous! I like it a lot but do you have to keep stopping to change the bobbin? Or do you just put in another color as one bobbin runs out? I do love the look of it, though..

  7. Wendy, I don’t want to sound like a ‘stuck’ record but I’m saying the same old same old thing again!. Your work never ceases to amaze me. I’m so paranoid in even starting and here you go outdoing yourself again and again and again. The .’White Bird of Paradise’ is lovely and I also think your backings are as lovely as the fronts. Wow!

  8. I am so in awe of your freeform feathers, and look forward to your next Feathers posting with anticipation. God has blessed you with talent, energy and a great love for your family and others — why else would you be so diligent about blogging and responding? You are blessed, and in turn you bless the rest of us. Thank you! Valerie (of dorky Haiku fame)

  9. Stunning feathers, Wendy! I can’t believe you free-handed them. Amazingly well, I will add. I like the color changes, and honestly think the quilt is prettier from the back (though admittedly, we haven’t seen the front in its entirety). I am privileged to have seen Bird of Paradise in person, in Australia, and it’s stunning. When I would walk my granddaughter to school each morning, beds of lush greenery, flowers and of all sorts of Aussie greenery were every step of the way. There would always be Bird of Paradise blooming gorgeously. Florists here pay big bucks for these beauties that simply grow in Aus backyards! For some reason, I always felt the need to photograph them; I have lot of photographs!

  10. It is just scrumptious Wendy, and what a perfect name! Your feathers look amazing, as always! But oh girl, please, 3 hours sleep? Not good! You’d better not reply to any comments until you get enough rest!

  11. Goodness gracious! This is absolutely gorgeous, Wendy. All the work you put into your quilts–I can feel that it comes from your heart. You’re extraordinary in all phases of creating your quilts.

  12. I’m new to your blog and am stunned at the incredible job you do on FMQing! And you did that when you were tired? Oh my. I’m really looking forward to your answers to some of the questions posted here. They all took the words right out of my mouth. Really looking forward to your posts on how you did the flowing feathers. Stunning! Enjoy your company.

  13. This one is so beautiful! I so look forward to your posts. When you do feathers on a whole quilt do you start in the center and work out, go down one side and back? I love feathers, love love love! Have been practising but never thought of doing them how have done in this quilt. Anyways, have a good sleep. Questions will always be waiting. D

  14. Girl,how do find the time to do all you do? That quilt front and back is simply stunning! I have seen a bird of paradise but never a white one. The name is perfect.
    What’s for dessert? Enjoy your company!

  15. Holy Schmoly, Woman! That is simply spectacular!! Back AND front!! Even prettier than an actual Bird of Paradise, which is pretty darned pretty! I’m just in awe of your work – you are truly a talented woman!! I wish I had an ounce of your skill!!! And my offer stands – I don’t mind cleaning at ALL, especially if I could get some of your feathers!

  16. Good morning, Wendy! The name fits perfectly. the feathers fit perfectly. Looks really nice on the front with the piecing. you did a great job on the free form quilting. Thanks for letting us know that you at least draw the spines…even if you don’t follow them! that helps us out here, too.
    have a good time with your company, show off Miss Baby and the quilt. Enjoy your dinner time together. Dessert is my favorite part of the meal. then go get some good sleep!
    donna j in Kansas

  17. I still can’t figure out how you do everything you do. But love the colours you chose, and the feathers are to die for. I also agree the squares really do look like the Bird of Paradise.

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