Mosaic: Sneak Peek #1

I have designed this quilt for those who love to piece!!  I am not a great piecer, but I know many out there are…

Curious minds want to know…. which is your favorite quilting step: piecing (or appliqueing), basting, quilting, binding?  You probably already know what my answer would be. :)  Have a lovely weekend!  I will see you on Monday!

White Bird of Paradise: Final Sneak Peek

Hello Friends,  my dusty ceiling fan is now squeaky clean!  During my cleaning frenzy, I also managed to finish my “Pressed Flowers” quilt.  It now has  a name:  White Bird of Paradise.  Dmyers said that the points remind her of the Bird of Paradise plant.  I have never heard of Bird of Paradise, but after doing some research on the internet, I am in agreement with her.  I even found the white variety that has similar color scheme to that of my quilt.

Here is my quilty interpretation of the plant (unquilted, and quilted):

I can’t show you the entire front until the quilt is officially featured, but I can show you the back. All the feathers are free-handed with no prior marking.  I did sketchy markings for the feather spines, but more often than not, I didn’t follow the markings.

I kind of did something fun.  I used different threads in the bobbin to give my back a multi-colored look just to see if my idea worked out.

If all things go well, you will see the quilt in print.  I am hoping to be able to complete a Thread Talk post on feathers for tomorrow.  Do check back and hold me accountable.  I only had about three hours of sleep last night due to work and cleaning.  I have a dessert yet to make for our company tonight.  Needless to say, I am beat…. but I am determined to respond to all your wonderful comments/emails, albeit slowly!  Love you all!

From Thimbleberries to Thimbleberries

Happy Veterans Friday, Friends!  I want to thank you all for the great responses for my Starry Pursuit quilt.  WOW!  I am just now wading through the comments and emails.

I showed you a few days ago my “Home is where the QUILT is quilt” in Quilter’s World’s December 2011 issue, made with Thimbleberries’ Harvest Homecoming fabrics.

I am getting ready to work on more Thimbleberries fabrics!! YAY! The fabrics you see here are from Thimbleberries’ Pressed Flowers collection, an upcoming collection.

I should be working on the million things on my to-do list today. But I got this brilliant idea of sorting through all the leftover fabrics from the quilts I have made this year, with Miss Baby trying to help. Enough said…. You can imagine the chaos! And to top it all off, I am supposed to be cleaning for company. What was I thinking???