A view of what’s on the back…

Dear Friends,

I hope my post finds you well.  I am frantically working, and trying to keep all my plates spinning!  I am quilting the un-named “Pressed Flowers” quilt — this is how the quilt back is looking at the moment.  I am using the opportunity to practice my free-motion quilting unmarked feathers, and some finer aspects associated with feather quilting.  Will share about that.

I still have to clean/dust a ceiling fan that desperately needs cleaning before our company comes!  I had forgotten all about cleaning it this last summer.  URGH!  Anyone wants to come by and clean the fan for me?  I will pay you generously with some yummy fabrics. :)  Okay, I’d better get while I have the duster.  Till tomorrow!

28 thoughts on “A view of what’s on the back…

  1. The back is beautiful. Love feathers! I hate to clean ceiling fans too.
    You think you have it all and then you turn it on and watch that one dust bunny go sailing. Grrr.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Hi Wendy, as someone who is trying to master feathers, I could study yours forever.!! They are so perfect – did you not even mark the spine ?

    Looking forward to you sharing more.!!! Have a great day ( once you clean the fan, that is !)

  3. Feathers, my favorite quilting motif. Lovely! I like how they swirl together and then around itself.
    Send photos of your decorated house for Thanksgiving. I imagine your table is going to be lovely, too, with all your pretty china and centerpieces.

  4. I just love seeing your quilting! You amaze me. I can only hope that with tons more practice I can be accomplished with my machine quilting. I just look at my own quilting and go, “blech”.
    You are such an inspiration. And I can’t believe you do this without a longarm.

  5. The quilting is so beautiful! Those fans sure do collect the dust don’t they? It seems like my bedroom fan constantly needs dusting (or maybe I just don’t dust it nearly enough – LOL!)

  6. If the back is so pretty, the front must be gorgeous!

    Ceiling fans are easy to forget dusting — one year I turned mine on after it had been off for a long time, and it rained dust all over the room. Not fun!

  7. Oh, Wendy — I’ll send my former cleaning service over to clean that fan for you! HAH! Better a dusty fan that is still attached to the ceiling! Ceiling fan dust annoys me anyway. I feel that it should just blow off by itself when you crank it up to high speed, and it annoys me that this does not work.

    Your feathers are sublime, you know.

    Back to piecing my Drunkard’s Path blocks for me!

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