“Three-in-One” – The Quilter (May 2009) – please scroll down for new posts!


Just in — The May Issue of The Quilter!! It is an extra exciting issue for me – as three of my quilts are featured in the issue! I would love to know which is your favorite!!

Cozy Patch:



Simple Pleasures:



Bluebird Ballad:



And a little blurb about me by the editor:


I will do closeup pictures of Simple Pleasures and Bluebird Ballad next week. I have already posted about “Cozy Patch” last week.

Meanwhile, I am going to work on finishing another quilt — and then, I still have to get things ready for dinner! Have a great weekend, everyone!

Updated 3/2/09: Click here to see closeups of “Bluebird Ballad”.

Updated 3/9/09: Click here to see closeups of “Simple Pleasures”.

22 thoughts on ““Three-in-One” – The Quilter (May 2009) – please scroll down for new posts!

  1. This is very difficult! I love the paisley in Cozy Patch, I simply adore the colors and pansies in Simple Pleasures, and I have an affinity for birds. Oh Dear oh Dear oh, which do I choose? I can’t! They are all perfect!

  2. wowie, these quilts look so wonderfull! I wish I could get a hand on those patterns and make them myself! You are one cool designergirl you! congrats on the 3-in-1-magazine publication!

    hugs from the Netherlands
    Winda aka DutchQuilter aka (*ü*)

    ps, how is “babe” doing?

  3. Very difficult because all three are beautiful. I think I’ve got to go with Bluebird Ballad as my favorite, oh but then there’s simple pleasures..

  4. WOW! 3 in 1?!? Congrats!! Is it because all of your quilts are soooo skillfully done that they couldn’t pick one to put into the issue?

    Which is my fav? Well, let’s see: at first glance, I liked the look of Cozy Patch the best. Maybe it has something to do w/ the pinkness of it, haha. But then, I really like the arrangement of the birds in Bluebird Ballad. And, I really like the octagons in Simple Pleasures. So, basically, I like them all! haha

  5. Three quilts in a magazine. I didn’t know you were a pro. I always wondered how a persongets their quilt in a magazine. I like the one with the bluebirds!

  6. Bluebird Ballad is probably my favorite but all three are lovely – I like how there are a variety of different blocks in that one (I enjoy asymmetry once in awhile as long as it’s not too much)

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  8. Congratulations! How very exciting. I’d have to pick Simple Pleasures as my favorite, as I seem to be drawn to anything purple. But they are all so beautiful. I’m a brand new quilter, experimenting with making projects from fabric I already have on hand, and am finding it’s a blast. Thanks for the beautiful inspiration :)

  9. Wow! Absolutely gorgeous – all three of them! My favorite is the first one with the pinks. I like the pattern and I liked the materials you chose. Do you design all your own patterns? I quilted some several years ago, but I was a true beginner. My husband wants me to make him a quilt to keep in his trailer at the hunting camp, so I am looking for materials to begin that. Thanks for the cool post and congratulations on being featured in the magazine!

    There is always room in The Shadow of the Cross. Feel free to visit anytime.

  10. Hi, Wendy! Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such a lovely comment! Congratulations on having 3 quilts all in the same issue! My favorite is Cozy Patch. I’m such a tomboy, but I love girly quilts!

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