Dish-aholic Part 6: Brown Beauty

I took some time off from quilting this afternoon to play with some breakables:

I started the Spode Woodland mixed with Delamere collection years ago (when the pieces were still crafted in England) for my husband because autumn is his favorite season. I think the game bird motif and the floral border make the perfect marriage combining the masculine and feminine tastes:

Well, some of the usual suspects refused to be left out…

Now that playtime is over (time to get back to quilting), how about some tea before you leave for the other show-and-tell? It rained here yesterday, and it’s been cold today. A hot tea would do me good before I head back to the sewing dungeon…

Don’t be bashful – I have plenty more cups and mugs in the cupboard! If Earl Grey doesn’t sound good, I have other blends too. :)

As for my favorite piece in the collection – it will have to be a toss-up between the teapot (because of the acorn-shaped knob on the lid) and the cornucopia:

Thanks for stopping by – it was nice having you. Have a marvelous weekend, everyone!

40 thoughts on “Dish-aholic Part 6: Brown Beauty

  1. You really have lovely pieces. I know your white figurines are staples on your table. Everything is so gorgeous!
    My entry will be published at 3:35 am, at the time of my son’s birth 22 yrs ago. The Show and Tell is under the first part of the post.

  2. I know I have seen bits and pieces of this collection before but I had never seen your beautiful charger. I love setting the table for a “dressed up” occasion and using my chargers. Sadly, mine are very simple but I love yours. I don’t believe I have ever seen anything quite like it.

    Maybe I need to get out more!

  3. That is one amazing and wonderfully decorated tabletop! I just love the eclectic look…it makes a fabulous focal point and could also turn into a conversation piece if you know what I mean. Love all of it…the style, the patterns, the colors!!!

    My Show n Tell is now posted…come on over if you can! I’d love to have you visit with me this fine Friday!!! Happy weekend to you too.

  4. I love how you have blended the two! It looks great! I especially like the chargers you have under the plates! I’m not a tea person (unless it is Iced Apricot Tea) but I’ll bring the coffee and be over in a bit! Tee-hee! It’s finally cooling off down here in Texas and doing some sewing sound wonderful! Too bad I don’t have the time just yet!

    Last week I shared about my Grandma’s trunk, the “before restoration” photos. I got it back and I have posted its transformation on today’s S&T.

  5. You MUST be my long-lost twin! *grin* Your love & taste in place settings is soooooo like mine. And add to that your incredible love for the fine detail work in quilting……well, we must be related somehow!

    And this must be what they call ‘the happy dance’—yes, yes you may link me and my cardinal ‘love’ wall-hanging! Now I have to go off & finish that dance in my kitchen…..

    Enjoy your Earl Grey.

  6. Wendy….I thought I would never meet anyone with more dishes than my sister…here you are! Your table is very fall lovely! it must put a big smile on your husbands face, how wonderful is that?

    I stopped by yesterday but ran out of time to catch up so here I am hanging out this morning :).

    Have a wonderful Friday and weekend Wendy,
    Kathi :)

  7. That boy and girl should be present at every holiday!!! What a lovely display! Those browns are perfect for Autumn aren’t they? Have fun sewing-and thanks for sharing your beauty today!

  8. Totally Autumn! I especially love the floral arrangement in the cornucopia. The pheasant feathers are the perfect compliment.

  9. I love this pattern! Where did you get the gorgeous chargers! I really like them! They would go well with my set (Friendly Village by Johnson Bros.) Please share the source!

    I love your vase in the same pattern. Gorgeous!

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